Was ranked second in the Qianlong

August 31 [Sat], 2013, 18:26
(;) paused for a moment, Merlin continued analysis: moon your enemy is not much, have the financial resources also just ended city scene, only the rain to wind a person. So I think, is probably Xing he plans to more than 95%, words can not say too full, the other could not be ruled out, there may be aimed at Yela brothers and Yan Yu beauty. Rain turns and possible Xing maximum. Merlin and then look to the wind moon, agree with the wind moon nodded, but the rain to thunder, wind moon couldn't think of the other enemies. Rest, Yan Yu and I are one hour North Face Gore Tex Sale after go out hunting, do you? Ye Luo said. We also have a rest, Yela brother, don't mind? Wind moon watching the leaves fall. They stretched, said: call me they can, more lively enough, there also have a care, of course I don't mind. While shopping in the ground, but this market is 10 meters from the ground, if the game player in this neighborhood will be found here are the top ten points of the master, entrance and mobilized other game player to find underground mall. Now the underground mall of the three integral leaves, Yan Yu, wind moon top ten master, even if the game player found here, dare to challenge it is hard to say. Ye Luo, Yan Yu, the two of you guys now top ten some what? Asked wind moon. Leaves and Yan Yu and shook his head, Yan Yu said: you are we encountered the first integral front ten. Morin said: this also don't know is you good luck or I, I and the moon has encountered league table three people, including you, is five. Eighth ninth often change, estimates will soon fall out, to say nothing of the. Wind moon with his pistol, this is a silver desert eagle, the wind sing on his waist hung on a desert eagle, and leaves as the pistol. Except you, I met were Sale North Face smoke yuan ranks first, ranked fourth in the she in your face, ranking fifth in the world. Was ranked second in the Qianlong in the day is estimated to be killed, fell out of the rankings, the first is ranked three men fell out, are hidden in the day, a gun under the crotch, and good man, was only the ninth row of the wings, really cupola, direct third the. Wind moon a whimper, the three men fell out, there are two ammunition hidden gunman, ranking up occupation. Since the wind moon want to open their own master fights and other information obtained, Yela and Yan Yu was very happy to hear, know yourself as well as the enemy battle. Wind Camrose Parka UK moon like stories generally low tone: smoke yuan ranks first is a metamorphosis, carrying a heavy machine guns, one type of machine gun tower ah, don't need skills, a row of the past, direct seckill. So the smoke now integral is very high, much higher than second yuan, but the smoke had a fatal flaw, ammunition consumption is too big, even super strengthen space knapsack type to reload, also won't smoke, so consumption. Yan Yuan is mostly to the top ten, but the first name to say. Said wind moon will remember and smoke deep battle scenes, and heavy machine gun fire when wind power peerless, moon!
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