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September 21 [Sat], 2013, 12:21
; Seems to pass through a layer of clouds, but also as a circle through the fog, in the sense jis strength of the appeal, cloud Xi's spiritual consciousness, space and time across the barrier, break up the confusion and the unknown, suddenly entering a different world! A mental projection of the world! Tick! Flesh intensity scan is complete, the initial anticipation, Warrior third-order! Tick! Mental frequency and virtual body lock, Luna sector projection has been created! Tick! For the convenience of walking Luna community, please re-set a name for yourself! Three audible, as if directly in the ears, but also as echo in the depths of the spirit, even if it is a cloud Xi, can not determine exactly from where the voice! Tick! Please confirm the name! Perhaps selectable language input handwriting input! Yun Xi careful look at the sound source, the tone has once again rang the same time, in front of him emerge out of a lot of alphabet, numbers, characters, letters, and even he did not know several text! These figures appeared, immediately in a breakneck speed constantly changing in front of him, just enter the Luna community, Timberland Earthkeepers Shoes spiritual awareness not had time to fully adapt to his surroundings, the sudden see these rapid changes in the text, a Some do not see real time, quickly imaginary point on the screen three times, directly point out the three digits! Please confirm that you use this name! Confirmation! Name has been generated, please select your current location Go! With this tip sounds, thousands of cities options appear in front of him! Yun Xi's eyes in this one thousand cities which glanced eventually fell on the city Starshine! East Ruoxue just inside the city. A selected city, the kind of ubiquitous tone sounded again! Destination confirmation, now for delivery! The voice sounded just a cloud Xi suddenly they feel the surrounding environment has undergone tremendous changes, originally covered with dispersed all around the white mist, a silhouette of the city in less than ten breaths, instant reorganization is completed, when His eyes looked over in all directions when he has stood in a formal aspect area large enough to have one kilometer square on! Congratulations, officially entered the Moon circles the outside world! Luna sector as soon as possible the impact of the first layer, get a star privileges! Get a star permissions to be able to enjoy the basic Reiki conversion function, while some of the privileges, will also open! I wish you a speedy success! That mysterious voice left after this sentence, suddenly no sound, it is clear that it has completed its mission by escorts! Stand in this square, cloud Xi's eyes after a brief confusion, suddenly replaced by a burst of shock. Real real ones! Touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing, completely identical to the real world in which he can feel it with your own body, you can feel the kind of down to earth practical, you can feel the wind and face the kind of clean comfortable ...... If you still can not because of the separation of mind and feel is in Starshine Academy cafeteria that the existence of a body, the body can make some fundamental control movements, cloud Xi must feel that he has fully entered a whole new world! This is the Luna community? One constructed by the spiritual energy of the world! Yun Xi force shook fists, nails into the flesh of the kind of mild pain back into my mind! Even though he knew this pain is because the Moon Womens North Face Softshell Hybird circles the spiritual world through his spiritual consciousness, implying that he had a pain in the illusion, but this pain is so real, true to almost people can not tell what the outside world difference! If a person not previously prepared mind suddenly come to Luna circles, and was killed in the Luna community, in all likelihood, may be killed in such a deep sense of the psychological implications direct them! That month Shrine, what exactly is the force! ? Temple of the Moon's third Dianzhu cold front, but also is the story behind, but still with a personal strength and wisdom to create a world so magical, leading the entire human civilization to a new chapter ...... this moment, hardly stand it no mind cloud Xi want to give birth to a live pleasure of seeing the Temple of the Moon Dianzhu idea! Of course, it is only a thought nothing! Luna circles create date, more than two hundred years, Luna sector creator - Dianzhu cold front has also been completely dead for nearly two hundred years, become a legend! Unless he has revived the supreme ability, people will be resurrected from jiu Hades, otherwise, then, to see a dead person, can only be wishful thinking! Yun Xi convergence in mind, intend carefully to understand something when this magical Moon circles, star Yao sat across from him in the college canteen East Ruoxue sector which suddenly recovered from Luna, took off his Luna circles receivers, some anxious urged: Oriental, how can you not entered the Luna community! ? Quickly come! Go directly to the Moon circles the light of the Moon, and then select 'Bringing the day building, room, we are here! Code word is 'a star privileges'! Moon Light? Yun Xi twofor, slightly hesitated at the same time, Luna circles him, eyes had fallen into the sky plaza at the center of a blue beam of light! This is enough to have the blue light beam tens of meters in diameter, towering, but not its top, whole body up and down gleamed with a pristine blue, in this blue light in front of people's hearts will get the complete purification , naturally releasing everything in life pressure, in front of it to show the most true face, the most true to yourself! Come come! With me, as well as the best in our class left Barbara sister school, but left school sister Barbara Luna has successfully been through the first layer of the elite sector participants, normally we imagine also see! You come after listening to the left on the side sister school seniors for Pang non-martial tricks to explain, these impact on your future profession first layer Luna greatly benefit! East Ruoxue finished, once again put on the Moon circles the receiver, look look, is not willing to let go for a second. Yun Xi should be a cry, stride forward towards the light of the Moon went. A light into the Moon, the omnipresent enhance the sound rang again: Please select a destination, your current permission is 0, each transmission according to different distances, ranging from the need to consume points! Your current points is 3, can only be carried out within a short distance of the city sent! This is the light of the Moon, is actually a universal Chuan Songzhen! I thought the cloud Xi was reported out of the House, room looking day! 'Bringing the day floor, room has been locked, your permission to less than one star, not forced entry, please quote the code word! A star permission! Argot approved, sent for! Just the end of the line the word cloud Xi immediately surrounding environment has undergone tremendous changes, filled with light blue light from the central square, transformed into a practice less than one hundred square meters of the small room, the whole process, even less than three seconds! At the moment, in that practice room central, is suspended in a three-dimensional screen, the screen playing a young man fighting with the World of Warcraft scene, screen front, sitting three hair fluttering woman! Trio of two cloud Xi understanding, is the East Ruoxue and Zhaowan Jun, another look some cold woman, needless to say, is that even the East Ruoxue also called Barbara a sister school to the left. See the cloud Xi appears East Ruoxue quickly stood up, introduced the Road: Left sister school, this is my brother, the East ...... because they have no free viewing position, the eyes watching too miss this huge public impact of non-seniors Luna the opportunity to take the first layer, so the temporary Barbara left Mens North Face Gore over ...... look indifferent sweep of the cloud Xi an, at Musha see him, but the strength of third order, they do not want to waste your time on him, looked over his direct go, his eyes fell on the room playing video! Yun Xi neither ignores nor ignore some regret East Ruoxue! For this, the East Ruoxue and Zhaowan Jun hearts naturally no dissatisfaction. Barbara left more than a successful break through the first layer of Luna sector itself is a Warrior five order of the strong, have had to go out star Yao City, killing over a record of Warcraft, look to the overall strength of the entire Star Yao College , are the Top ten figures, coupled with her history is not simple, she was able to go to the sister school, is already a very fortunate thing! Yun Xi sat down after pulling the East Ruoxue whispered loudly: less to look at, obediently stay to see Pang non-seniors in the end is how to get past the first layer of the Moon circles, fortunately heart has a bottom . What do not understand, but also so after asking, do not be rude in front of the left sister school! Yun Xi nodded his head, as the three of them together, eyeing the practice room suspended in the middle of the three-dimensional screen! (Book red list, please click the page in the book easily recommend! Collection!)
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