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September 16 [Mon], 2013, 16:09
; Watch the people outside the walls to see Zhou Ping Sapo sitting on the ground , some people do not kind began to laugh together . Zhou Ping speed when eaten such a loss, wailing is heard from the ground up fear , directed at Zhang Lan on Naoliao over his mouth sloppy swore , Ming Cheng few of them how can I let her mom suffer ah , a few big boys that skill is not in the past , the left and Mingyuan He approached a bar , Mingyuan and left one person drove Hao Zhou Ping arm to give her a big back drop . Some people usually by Zhou Ping An angry man hiding in the crowd could not help throwing good cheer , this child was showing great promise , did not see that what they domesticated children, the elderly so great age, but also to ride horse, no tutor thing. Anissa step onto the front step , eyes staring coldly Zhou Ping aunt , I advise you to think about your son today is good for the losers to discipline, and you want to fight can ah , we are most afraid of is a fight , you see to these people behind you do not , they can leave it all stood idling every day , if you want to fight with you every day that we can , but day and night all OK , do you want Xianlei we would be happy to fight , the province of my brother they eat a meal twiddling their thumbs . Ms Wong is now shamelessly , and made ​​clear that they are not afraid of a fight also willing to fight , so play the fool for Zhou Ping Lord, she felt also be able to deal with Yongzhe Zhao , formerly with the Tuen yard fight , who day by day with what spare time her noisy , too, but also a day ? So we all try to step back and not be able to take a step back with her general knowledge, plainly, if really desperate man afraid ah , big deal fish die broke . Zhou Ping has always thought that his formidable talent of it so that everyone was afraid of her , but today Ms Wong 's words are not heard , and before she encountered the situation , sitting on the ground began to cry day Ma Lei , his mouth that terrible it is a connected one , Zhang Lan heard are straight frown. Great aunt , you scold a try and see if I will not seal your mouth , I hate the person who mouth with Fengang . Brother, you look for a rag to her mouth stuffed me , you know your uncle uncle Captain and the security officer who lived there , the trouble you go to the people to please come today, this thing does not give us that sub- Mao Yin ugly out, I still not finished. Zhang Lan for their own daughter , then Mens North Face Apex Bionic very little to refute . She knew this child had an idea , knowing retreat , it is also standing beside the girl helped strong momentum. There is a large crowd of people are not afraid of trouble according to Ms Wong said that to find people to go, Zhou Ping, her mother heard the girl beaten this time to drive over to see their daughter sitting on the floor of the scene. The old lady do not distinguish who is right. He rushed over towards Zhang Lan . Yu Hao left and left it was not eating cooked rice , have practiced for so long , and fall upon a crazy old lady was quite easy. Two brothers spent Jin Qiao hands pulled directly madness to attack her mother Zhang Lan Zhou Ping . Zhang Lan Zhou lady pointing directed at what things you count . Dare to old Zhang sites to run wild , dare to bully my daughter , see I do not tear you a ** . Wang Qian and Wang Xuan hearing this , the sisters rushed up together , according to the old lady is two , ah bitten by the sisters of Zhou lady also attend curse, clutching his arm hurried hopping pain . Geng Lotus back to hear the girl 's relatives criticize their own words before his face went very good . Bayan is a big slap in the face , curved strokes brother , let me tell you that we can not you come home wildly . My daughter is that you can not teach, you want nothing to hurry away eggs , otherwise we will go Breaking pull clear who is to come to . I have forbearance Hello years. Aging mother *** today do not want to put up , a kind of curse words you gave me to try . Outside are upset head , and Zhang Wan there lying on the kang is get up in the body, it does not seem his waist , and today these things are his mess , several children but also for his talent in his early . Qu recruit younger brother was with Lotus that slap to hit Mongolia , a few people for so many years I did not dare to beat her , to see her mother suffer Zhou Ping , the gas a better offer from the ground up, directed Geng Lotus on Naoliao over, and Ming-Cheng Mingyuan grabbed her two brothers died , so she can not move for a time , can not play the old lady , Zhou Ping, the two brothers began to punch hard , and Anissa ran directly carry her a kitchen knife came over , brother, both of you let go , I see her basking today that we dared to try . Two brothers to see her sister again knife out, and then release the clamp on the hand of Zhou Ping , see Anissa took out a kitchen knife , Zhou Ping is not convinced , you little bastard try to move me , I have also Do not believe the people dared to touch his aging mother . Then continue to move with Lotus captured , Ms Wong told she did not polite , carrying knives to split up , but fortunately it is winter , Zhou Ping, wearing a jacket, Ms Wong also force the hands of a good master , chopper is the jacket in cotton to cut open , but did not hurt people . Curved strokes brother saw a small girl really brandished a knife to cut , there is no severity , scared shouted a girl ah ran, this girl crazy. Wang Qian Zhou Ping was slashed , it also began to become weak legs , no one would dare do that to her before, so a call to listen to their own age , and ran began to run out , and that pace is staggering , and Anissa this Dong Daozi back are , how can I let her so easily ran away , carrying a kitchen knife in the back barefoot and shout while chasing . Ming Cheng and Mingyuan precaution followed also ran out and left Yu Hao and left them at the side of two people guarding her daughter , Geng Lotus when it is remembered that the old man did not show up it 's own . Lan child , your dad do, how not seen your dad 's shadow. Zhang Lan in front of everyone and the whole matter will be re speaking again, mom , my dad's waist is probably a problem , now lying on the kang can not move it . Someone in the crowd began to yell , and you have a look Ha, this is the song move out of the good brother domesticated grandson ah, a teenager who also rode his grandfather did in Malaysia , this is people doing things right, Father How old are that old waist which can withstand a half-dozen boys so frustrating ah , really owe less discipline ah , with his mother is a virtue that is not what a good dry food. Zhang Bao hear north face sale someone in the crowd called him , immediately stood up and directed the crowd yells , and everyone shook his head , this is a something , four hundred fifty-six do not know ah. Zhou Ping Wang Qian holding a kitchen knife was filled with the thrust yet, there to watch the door stood watching , first time to see Zhou Ping , when there are so embarrassed . Girl ah refueling, thrust up her good lesson and let the dog thing nobody 's eyes , this time also taught her taste terrible . Shining knife in the sunlight issued under chilling coldness , Zhou Ping Wang Qian looked back that was held in the hand knife , scared goodness bang on the increase the pace. Until you see the captain and a security officer with the militia came to the side , she saw the savior be considered as a general fury , Director , ah, you help me , you had better do not come to our house any death . Some bored security officer pulled him tear up the sleeves of his hands , tugging back and forth you like doing , something that matters . See the back carrying a knife chase of Qian, security officer kind of illusion , such a beautiful child knife Woman wind Brian Van really kind of Fuzhou Ping estimates such people to make the best use of this approach . Security officer turned around and asked a one week Ping, what did you do today and outrageous things to provoke the people little doll holding a knife to chase you, you see a small child you are bullied, you have no point of conscience , to we give shots , I think if you do not review your mistakes , next time you start it from criticism , let the atmosphere of this village house but also the good cure of the time. Even Zhou Ping is fearless , but the government is still afraid of her staff , she denounced her fear of being afraid of being beaten . Hurry, put on a miserable director ah, today 's not bad , but this thing I ah , our family children are beaten , and I can not say two ah , you look behind that was our family's niece it, you look at this posture that my eyes which still elders ah. I heard the other one is the daughter of Zhang Lan , smile more up , no wonder ah little girl long so good it is with her ​​mother. Zhou Ping Wang Qian saw a man pulled estimation of the people should have the status , it should be the captain and director level . Ran up panting , staring through a pair of Smart big eyes looking to come, all the older people , but looked very Mianshan . Uncle Well, you just come , and today I was looking for you 'comments yet. Anissa walking the causes and consequences of what happened today, every one of them to the two men spoke again , then looked up at the two people's facial expressions are a thoughtful look . Uncle , children do not tell lies , If you do not believe you ask around here to watch the neighbors, which happened to see them all genuineness . Security officer to the surrounding crowd a simple understanding of what happened , with a general two Ms Wong said . Zhou Ping , you say what I say you are good , you are too old to spin things for young children and the neighborhood is not a Tsz have no peace , there Women's North Face Windstopper Clearance Sale you are how to educate their children , they then big kid and you still let him carrying a riding God , If you say these things out you are not afraid of people joke ah , you do not think about your son again so that education continues, even after the wife are hard to say . And your brother trick song , you, as a mother who does not educate his daughter , but indiscriminate white would beat up , your eyes there no justice no , you look good girl you teach all day long know quarrel with others trouble, our ethos Tuen yard let your mother and daughter to engage in foul , come back to these two people gave me good education about the team , later if not repent , the next an indicator gave Zhou Ping they denounced Niangliang it. The captain gave the order, directly behind the militia took Niangliang leave, hiding in the crowd back from the outside of Zhang Wei family did not know how to face their parents, took his son to go quietly . Thank wonderful red 9246 and Michiyo friends to vote for 99 pink . Text starter, welcome readers to read more Login latest chapter .
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