this is both the home to go

September 07 [Sat], 2013, 15:27
; the car haven't flameout, Li Cong had to get off, looked at the red decoration Lee from already feel the spicy hot pot, their business is Chuanwei hot pot, that not is spicy, spicy spicy taste that is Sichuan hot pot city propaganda language, now not only in China, in the world we also agree that such a food, foreigners would know that the lamb into this sheet tastes than a lot better, especially when the winter, hot pot city Sale Canada Goose business is really very good. Now just decoration good, but there are all ready, this shop is Ji'nan's seventh stores, is by far the largest one store in Ji'nan, on three floors, there are nearly five hundred table, can Rong Na four thousand people dining at the same time, the entire hotel staff is more than one thousand one, the restaurant occupies 9000 square meters, Sichuan hot pot should be the city's flagship store in Ji'nan. Li Congqian foot door just turned a bay, the Li Ming came in, this is how to return a responsibility, such a small place nor how should this group's construction minister come here, Li Cong with questions to a number, you know what this guy know, what they don't know this guy know what's wrong with this second, here comes this guy named know. This is Li Minglai like Lee never, Li Cong is temporarily be Mens North Face Ski Outlet prompted by a sudden impulse to come here look, Li Ming is here for since after come here every day, why nature is the captain Zhang Ling, Li Cong know later really want the past to kick this guy feet, you said this boy's happiness so not easy, when his as he and Huang Hua to worry about, then add a Tianjin miss, this is both the home to go to, that is really a beautiful concubine, what is there to do, which is to monkey with the. Li Congmei startled Li Ming followed in the past, like people that little girl no inordinate ambitions of Li Ming, just practice report, but Lee from this girl also kanleyihui, seven meters tall but some prominent, figure is good, is a man will see more one eye, especially the skin, it is a kind of water pinch, it is no wonder that his brother will be okay here, think brother, Li Congan call their own shame on you, how brother woman can see such a long time, this let others know that terrible. In fact, Li from this time out to the younger brother to the education a, oneself can have the capital? If you have a wife's words out to his feet, can own a few days ago from Beijing with a small Oh play for a while, this let not the Washington summit with Grandpa things maybe Li Jia was a lady, wealthy men play women North Face Ski is also OK, Li from here was prepared from behind sneak away, or not much, to his brother's worth a ten eight also does not matter, as long as his house without fire, to that. In Li from going out, stopped in front of a car, Li Congren out of the car s, today it seems not so good solve, turned out not to others is two to two brothers and sisters, my mother, so how to get,.
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