2007年04月01日(日) 23時39分
recently formed a new band with lung and his uni schoolmates..i'm the rhythm guitarist in band..still in the very beginning stage but seems we can play some good music out there...

just bought a new guitar cox the old hide style fernandes doesn't work properly...maybe becox of the line in was worn out...

:: fender 60th anniversary standard ::
:: finally i bought a fender strat ::


2007年03月03日(土) 0時58分
yooo one of my fav band - muse!! no doubt me and brad will go for the highest price tickets!! venue was asia expo..arrived with brad and priscilla around 7...the show is really....GREAT!! great atmosphere..great live performance..great songs and solo...but the sound system was suck...and the scene was amazing experience of enjoying muse live!!

:: matt was awesome on the stage!!! ::
:: nice shots by brad's friend...thx for his help!! ::


2007年02月06日(火) 1時55分
it's such an important date - my gf's birthday!! well i've planned for more then 3 weeks : starting from preparing her bday gift, booked a table for dinner, tickets to disney land...process is happy and i knew she must be amazed...yea!!

:: disneyland 2007 - tryde+mike ::
:: such a wonderful day!! ::

weather is lovely with beautiful sunshine and warm
i bought her a lovely kate spade wallet which she loves it to death
we had a great time in disneyland from 11:00am till 6:30pm
space mountain is horrible, we're scared
everything was beautiful and we took lots of pics
we had a lavish thai + viet dinner at lian@ifc
had s stroll right after dinner in central

thats the best birthday i've ever arranged!!


2007年01月01日(月) 1時08分
:: dinner@shatin :::: it gonna be a sweet year!! ::


2006年12月13日(水) 1時50分
this week is not that busy...pretty chill and normally left around 8

:: snap my babe ::
:: 2231@prince edward ::


2006年12月11日(月) 0時50分
good bye to my lovely boots...

:: it's torn... ::
:: my paul smith sneaker ::


2006年11月12日(日) 18時38分
these days i'm not feeling so well...starting from tue i got fever in the mid-nite...till today i still not yet fully recover...i still felt cold and shivering thought i'm walking under sunshine...while i felt like boiling under air con area...body temporature is fluctuating every min....aiya ma q fan...feeling is bad that it affects my daily life...cant fully concentrate on my works and enjoy my time with friends...i know my performance in office is suck on wed & sorry to my colleagues....

got up early this morning for the family "yum cha"...while i'm on the way to restaurant i was hit by a taxi...i'm not sure how come the taxi driver didnt take a glance before he move his car backword...luckily he braked his car otherwise i must "die hard"...not seriously injured but quite painful on my left albow and left knee...i was knocked on the floor and cant stand up for a few second...fuck it...though there's not wound but i felt quite painful on my knee cap...shit!!

:: 1st tvc in fcb ::
:: sensa cool ::
:: our teacher as talent again... ::


2006年10月08日(日) 16時27分
we went for body massage + leg massage in cwb on the mid-autumn holiday...soooooo relaxing that i didnt expect i can fell no pain on

enjoying my relaxing week i gonna have 2 tvc shooting...non-stop working without holiday...shit....

:: fun pic w/ mike ::
:: snap@my hompy ::


2006年10月03日(火) 0時17分
fri(29/9) company bbq at nam wah club for the mid-autumn celebration...not too bad but the creative crew were crazy for the soccer machine...hahaha so low b...then went to cwb for k...till 430 back home...

sun(1/10) bbq again...this time bbq with my relatives + my gf...we went to somewhere in yuen long...actually i dun know where's it...i guess it's somewhere near nam sung wei...view is great...afterwards we went to lau fau's my 1st time went there...somehow it's similar to tai o...traditional old place...

mon(2/10) back to quarry bay for brainstorming...luckily we got little progress...though i needa do some more research but it's better then nothing~

:: chillin' at countryside ::
:: snap by mike ::


2006年09月18日(月) 0時43分
sometimes...i just feel i shouldnt say too much...or even dun speak......

today....suddenly feel that i can lost everything within 1 second...terrible...i just feel i'm so weak and fragile......

:: my fav beer ::
:: kirin beer ::
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