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May 30 [Thu], 2013, 11:44
> Wang after more than a week of preparation, the construction of the 10th floor where the basic drawings prepared by Bu, concerted efforts of everyone finished. wWw.QUanBEN.CoM Although it is Earth, but Zhao Bojiang they design things and not the slightest bit Earthen septum. Only used up to look like Earthen construction or construction philosophy. The first is the foundation, using a rammed earth buildings plus stone, while Zhao Bojiang they are using a reinforced mortar. And Chen discuss in a moment, the original pig farm was demolished down to a dozen acres of vacant land, it becomes the best Earthen construction group. Unlike conventional circular on Earthen Zhao Bojiang they design are hexagonal. Each side has four meters long, with a total area of ​​nearly force acres, the original farms area is not enough. Also holds a lot of nearby farmland. In order Li led under the guidance of the leadership team, in order to Zhao Bojiang workers represented the hard work, the Earthen construction is basically a kind of day. Spent a lot of steel and concrete, spent a lot of manpower and resources. Then the entire area under the joint efforts of all members, a month later, a hexagonal tower erected. The entire high-rise high-meters, is divided into a total of six. The bottom layer up to the mouth m. Are all the reinforced concrete base, then the middle filled with debris from. Full with the old meters thick, than the original to see that two Earthen Gaojiazhuang not the slightest bit strong. Then up to the second floor is occupied the sixth floor. Located in the corridor did not rely on the one side, but planning in the outward side. Exterior is not only one meter thick reinforced concrete pouring from. And the hallway every one or two meters there is a one meter wide, twenty centimeters high firing ports. Three firing ports will be able to tolerate a class of people fighting. Although no cell Earthen comfort is good, but the security level higher than that of the cell is not a level. They even let Li satisfaction, nearly 30,000 square meters of total area of ​​housing, as well as the more than 0 and small enough to let them room to accommodate sacrifice people! Earthen completed, follow-up work is still perfect, like electricity, and water, and gas, and so on ICBC Li is not help you. Bid farewell to the eight-month belly bulging Ms Qin, Li once again on the wall. But this time, including Li leadership, including more than a dozen people who feel that the situation is not optimistic front,Nike Jordan Play In These 2 UK, but worsens day by day. The first is the inner city. In the past six months where. Basically every day to eliminate at least tens of thousands of zombies batch number, add up to almost piecemeal approach ten million of this figure. But just this month, Li Yizhong their holiday, every day to the inner city can attract fewer zombies, from the beginning of the tens of thousands, thousands are now slowly reduced, and the number is constantly reduction estimated a zombie soon have cited, but come. Then is the zombie attack. Thirty-five days once routinely attack did not, but the concubine on every two weeks or so there must be a large-scale zombie invasion, and unlike the original attended to. It is heaven on earth full attack. But seems to have offensive rhythm,Cheap Oakley Scalpel, Li was shocked when they received the zone. Not for anything else, this time the death toll is too much! Ever since the antibodies, although there is damage on the walls, but the walls throughout the month amounted to less than four, Li Yizhong they are more for five consecutive months. There were no injuries. But this time is different, just above battalion officers at the expense of three, the whole front of the front-line commander strong enough to sacrifice a few, as ordinary soldiers killed or injured more numerous. Like Li replaced three camps. Personnel injury rate actually reached fifth. Nearly, four soldiers forever stay in the city wall. "Three battalion commander! Loss how you would be so big!!" Li looked less a shoulder three battalion commander. Heart full of shock. "A battalion commander! You have to be careful!! Zombie this time than before from time it comes here three battalion commander seems to think something terrible:" flying in the sky, to set run. There's even a direct head was thrown on the city. Horrible! Horrible! ! A battalion commander you a lot of careful ah! ! "Then, three battalion ran trotting seems like a fleeing Li's side, while behind him wounding hundreds of almost everyone is scrambling toward the soldiers inside the base ran Without morale of the past , nor the previous ceremony, Li's heart cast a shade Gimli, look back at Guangjun Ouyang they face the same ugly, but to this point, even have to bite the bullet up front Daoshanhuohai got into. "on the city wall! . "Li's loud shout, it seems that with some decisive!! Has just embarked on the wall, Li and they were shocked one. City head everywhere black red stains. Red just recently blood, while black is already solidified blood, "one of the soldiers with a heavy heart into the bunker. And Li after all the arrangements. The team handed over Guangjun, with Ouyang, Chen came to the wall behind the group headquarters to receive regular information! ! "Head good!." "A battalion commander came!." Head of the brow with just Gao Li's bring some slightly loose, in which three battalions, one battalion Li most staff, the best weapons, fighting is also the strongest. "This is the first month of intelligence, you look at the head pointed to the table a paper bag. Li Piedmont took a few steps up." Very heavy! There's a lot of things. "This is Li's first feeling, to the intelligence and several sheets of paper at most points, however, Li Feng across Khan double heart can be felt, which in addition to a stack of paper were There are a lot of photos digits!! "Take care yourself! "" Well! ! "" Combining the most recent zombie exception. We suspect that evolved out of the zombie higher level of zombie! ! But also highly intelligent zombies. Its rapid progress, according to current estimates. It's IQ has been no less than a child of the old year! "The head, then let Li Zhen in the spot once again. More advanced zombie!! How could!! Behind the words, Li did not hear, but the head of the sentence, has been tumbling in my mind, but one is on such a metamorphosis, and out also allows people to live without!! return to their separate bunkers, Li took the envelope stuff, suddenly cold lump dart head. dozen first analysis report do not say. a display of photos in the content, so that Li honed between life and death several times people are shocked face. a picture of the whole. battlefield panorama. heaven countless big size small zombie birds, zombie crows, zombie geese, zombie Eagle "which as a whole body blood-red bird zombie fighter in general, leaving Li frightened. Blood eagle king! ! The second photo is a huge body of big cats. A bit like the last days before the tiger, but it's really about a zombie cats. Photo of zombie cats are the city's head slaughter. Two soldiers were rushed to his waist cut into two halves, behind it, the bodies of a dozen soldiers arrayed disorder of chaos, no one is wholeness! Third photo is a great city under the impact of the wall at the moment it does not, but carrying a giant hand hidden under a photograph that is thrown into the air are the giant mouth of the scene, according to the photograph on the situation, this giant mouth definitely be able to "fly" on the wall! Fifth. Sixth "Li ever more chilling, although these scenes are not in charge of their own on the walls, but the enormous destructive power, a huge mass destruction" No wonder this time there were so many soldiers sacrificed! ! "Whew!!" Li long to spit breath, then took out a cigarette from pregnant soap, point, bitter smoke, a large share of smoke spit out. "Appears more advanced zombie mother doubt! Lian, beep when set on a soldier appeared. Maybe a more clever brother class, hurt!! This time we do not pressure you have to counteract it did not?" Guangjun silence, Ouyang silence. Chen is also the silence, "appeared in the bunker while suffocating silence everyone looking at the photos, struggling to think of ways to deal with, but the brow wrinkled into a group, means a no!!" Count , and half past one would not think of a good way to, but one thing we should note that, you see, these sacrifices soldiers holding hands just only cushions the army issued rifles, like this mouth-level zombie cat, once close, it will cause huge casualties. We have a little advantage compared to other units that did not fall close combat, but basically spear sword to equip every soldier! These days these two situations as appropriate, to the soldiers say something, cold steel moment can not leave the body, in accordance with the combat squad. Together. Once a zombie head rush town, in front of the soldiers immediately throw stone type, for the rear of the soldiers blocking these zombies! ! "Then, Li fiercely poke a finger in the photo zombie cats!!" Yes! ! "With Li meeting was finished, the next few days, all of the soldiers are busy again. Taking advantage of their leisure time, a team formed a fighting formation seriously, to strive to further the battle before the arrival run-off. play a greater fighting!! while Li kept them in the transport of goods to the city's head, massive ammunition, numerous shells, a temporary rushing out of the iron armor. been under emergency sent to every soldier who coupled with body armor inside, as far as possible to strengthen protection, as Li them, and now has been put on a cell overnight shipped from the bone armor. everything is possible for the brutality of battle prepared. April. No. Li online chengtou less than a week, fierce fighting began, but this section is not in their walls, but in the phase recommended seventy-eight kilometers an additional wall!! Li Guangjun, who also stood on stage holding binoculars looking dry, firmly fixed not far from the battle!! little zombie attack, fewer than one hundred thousand of the scale, but the concentration of high- Li zombie is not only a moment, it was discovered three giant, huge tracts of the human mouth zombie. mouth and countless zombie animals, including two mortar levels of zombie tiger, pork, beef and countless zombie and a dozen zombies big cat. well as flying in the sky with a few of thousands of zombie birds!! including blood levels of three eagle king zombie birds!! so elite zombie army. facing a period of two kilometers or so! most introduction of the eye is sprayed train hundreds of vehicles, nearly two hundred long spit the fire whip, woven into the wall over a Huowang!! From time to time there are zombies all over the flame birds falling down But still there are many birds of slipping through the net, broke Huowang, flew outside the city walls are struggling to deal with the zombie army soldiers. smaller zombie crow, zombie geese. linking man arrested on more than a few wounds many soldiers who are still at war dripping drops of fiber, Wan side from time to time there is a helmet with a Red Cross medic up to give him a needle. then draw a cross on the helmet, said it had injected antibodies antibody is a virus, injection overdose can lead to death only face the soldiers before being caught accidentally.'ll quit fighting screams, but the price may be lost binocular that even in a vegetative state!! If you encounter larger size zombie eagles, are fighting directly was arrested on the sky, and then thrown into the city under. Siwuquanshi, "a zombie big cat, braving a hail of bullets to climb the walls. Two soldiers from the wall nearest howling, the big cat zombie gunpoint. But the thick-skinned meat thick, fast speed zombie big cat just jumped lightly to escape most of the bullets. Then four claws Qi Hui, two soldiers limbs were down in a pool of blood. Next is next to the more soldiers risked their lives until someone clinging tightly zombie big cats, the remaining soldiers to Luanqiang killed, or take rocket bombers dead! Head of casualties in the city still have the greatest volley fly up the giant mouth! ! Whether human zombie or zombie animals. Absolute thick-skinned thick meat they were indistinct a giant calculated using the frequency of each head flung city, something at all. Midair hit by rockets, better said. Omissions twelve city fell head first is a bunch of stoned injured soldiers. Next is crazy rush! ! Encountered soldiers wounded or dead! ! Ordinary bullets beat to death, only the rocket projectile to eliminate these big guys, but they are the place where the soldiers are often the most concentrated. Each time a giant fly chengtou mouth was shot. There are at least a dozen soldiers with funerary! ! ! Wade had big hair and their heavy artillery. Now misfiring. Two heavy artillery onto the beam before we put a gun and wounded one was, it was two are, and countless zombie misses on a bird. Not only thrown up a giant, two, mostly according to this position, the sky is not terrible zombie birds flutter up. More critical is that there can not be fired rockets, in case he missed a first serve. Accumulation of heavy artillery shells enough to put this wall razed to the ground! ! In the end, two heavy artillery had to withdraw from battle! ! Gunfire! Guns! Roar! Explosion! Zombie roar, soldier screams, coupled with sky flames! Endless zombie birds! Let each. Concern soldiers are scared endless! ! The morale of the city's head fell forward unknowingly! ! "Opposite corpse too cunning!! Zombies are no longer fall into the impact of the wall, but the use of advanced zombie, to point out the surface, is to open the wall, but also can effectively eliminate our effectives! Horrible! Hope it is not the opposite Senior zombie intentionally, so it's IQ even higher!! "holding the hand of a motionless telescope, but Li's heart was turned to the sea like a river churning up. If the battle this fall on our faces on the walls, how to do? ? Li dared to think, do not want to want to do, but you have to think! ! No access to heavy artillery and missile forces have been under capacity to make life or death unless the relationship to the base, or else will not allow even a missile launch! ! City head has been sprayed accounted for most of the train where the rest of the place can only carry less than fifty tanks, so little fire support. Not enough! With only the microwave rockets, grenades, soldiers shelled flesh and blood ran well to withstand zombie attack! ! Two kilometers of walls casualties continue, from time to time there are seriously injured soldiers removed to, and then following up the soldiers in the supplement. Limited space on the walls,Oakleys Lifestyle Sunglasses, only to add fuel to adopt tactics. And zombie attack Barbara Young meters, less than a distance, next to the wall is very difficult to want to support! ! ! From the point of fighting old am more than one hit point afternoon. Li Yizhong, they do not mind eating. Been staring every move on the battlefield. Dead bird flew away until the last one over the wall! ! "Whew!!" Rubbed his aching arm. Li walked down the fat Lookout, there's fighting over. Do not want to know, that the most central camp fighting absolute casualties. Li Yizhong This will also understand why there battalion sacrifice. Simply withdraw not down ah! ! "The situation has deteriorated to a very serious level, combined with today's battle, we must step up preparations!! Very likely the next battle, just across from us!!" Evening of Li did not say, just say so a to declare the meeting! LI Guang-jun, who did not say, really faint one lamp on this piece of paper kept wiping paddled! Today many of the battle to teach values ​​to their attention! They want to quickly come up with a. A way to deal with! And not only is Li them, the entire first line of the walls all the officers and men in a tight analysis of the battle, the battle among the lessons of experience, followed by a new round of targeted scraping is practiced. Thus, the tension began preparing for each men's faces are stretched too tightly, it seems that even the sky is dark reveal a taste of an impending everyone shamelessly continue to seek a pass, and then there are three votes on the catch up with the first science fiction monthly list of the old name. Let the "struggle" also appears in the sci-fi home monthly standings we find more convenient than books? Hehe. Not allowed to say I quibble, pass a lot of used! ! ! ~! ┏ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┓ ┃ ∷ ∷ net book book ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ W ∷ W ∷ W. S ∷ H ∷ U ∷ S ∷ H ∷ U ∷ W. C ∷ N ∷ ┃ ┃ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ∷ ┃ ┗ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ┛ <
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