Ouyang these people feel shocked

October 16 [Wed], 2013, 10:54
Could that seniors Arrow of God! Let the Word of skin Xiuwen came here with him all bodies are fixed in mid-air, you know, Ouyang is the true legend of the spirit world, into the true spirit of this community from the beginning all the way to continue to break various rules geek. But no matter how that legends are about Ouyang all younger at heart. But the legend is always a legend, which for thousands of years, but there has never been one to be born with the same Ouyang devil. Many genius, whether it is a small world or spiritual world which was not true a few geniuses, even if it is not that what is known as a genius or even a hundred thousand years no genius but also out of some, but so far not a single person can match Ouyang. Ouyang this bumpy road that appears true spirit world these people know. And the most frightening thing is that this guy was born in the small world, but he was the first time on the battlefield is a marksman. And is this marksman in countless people laugh at the hands of those selected under the thorn demon owl bow, so that the bow and followed him all the way to grow, Viagra for a holy soldier! San soldier stabbed owl, that psychic holy soldiers can all the time changing shape, had stabbed owl Once upon a bow flew all the way from the days of the South-west to find the main Women's North Face Hyvent thing is to pass the uproar, which itself took the holy flame soul can be said soldiers hearts of countless people super weapon. Although there are thorns owl bow bow, but everyone knows, because there exist bent barb, barbed owl bow even get up to use as a machete is also possible, with the soul and the holy flame almost unstoppable force soldiers , gill arch is the real owl human weapon! Ouyang did not answer, but when the skin Xiuwen sound sets, the Ouyang never came out into the room, and when Ouyang Shi arise caused a continuous suction of the sound. Ouyang is the soul of fire red, it is because the soul are totally Ouyang flame formed by the soul, this time almost all the body Ouyang soul formed entity constructed from flame. But even Ouyang his soul completely materialized, he can not resist the same family as the soul of the rules of heaven and earth, after all, is not the soul of his own family but a genuine human beings, when a human body disappeared, unless he is coming into supreme, otherwise it will have to be bound by rules heaven and earth. Soul Body! Seeing this, even if it is leather Xiuwen are senseless. If just know this is Ouyang, then see Ouyang opened upon a time they did not feel any channel weird, now see is the soul of the state Ouyang they know, they are still small saw Ouyang, they have completely Arrow of God can not understand the realm. You know, practitioners, in addition to the soul group, no other race, you want to play the power, and they have to use their bodies for the media, if the loss of the body, the strength even be able to play, only three or four into nothing. In three or four into force can be directly upon a time in a small passage leading to the world ripped? And look at the situation now is not to return to Once upon Ouyang, what does he do? At this point many people are wondering. Ouyang swept those who stay aloft for spiritual things really do not want to go Ouyang interference did not want to go to pipe up. He did not so much energy, a king let him bruised and battered, and he also with heaven four mad than speed Nick! You go, I want to pull down Faerie Once upon a time the gas for me to re-look Mami, now my strength did not reply, but also the soul of the state can play three or four into force, a poor control may ruin the party small world! Ouyang said it is an understatement, but all listen to the people, once again, crazy. Ouyang said the destruction of the little world they are really not listening, what they hear is Ouyang Once upon escorts from the gas into the small fairy world for their own re-look Mami! What is this concept? The body to the soul Mami look for themselves, even if it is generally a strong helper also the success rate of only seven, but now Ouyang need any help, even aside from the power side of the escorts Once upon a re-look for yourself Mami , which is simply that they absolutely can not imagine these people one thing they absolutely can not imagine what kind of control. Faerie escorts of the gas, it sounds like this is just a word, but the presence of the person which is not a touch to the will, they have to understand what it means Feixianguan. Similarly they also know that whenever someone emergence Feixianguan when the channel will be opened upon a time, while the channel is open when there will come SG, SG will protect the lives of the true spirit of community, not to punch the gas rampaging Faerie destroy the world on this side, and now Nick? Ouyang directly crushed SG, escorts Faerie of gas into the spirit world but also fragile than the real hundredfold small world, this is the man can do it? A group of people are stiff Dai Li in the sky, they feel really weak burst. Before all of a not feel powerful, even among some of these people called the genius of a thousand years had fancied that she could one day surpass Ouyang this legend. Available today, when they actually saw this when they came to understand the legend, the legend is the legend. It can only be human population according to legend, is as if the presence of untrue, you want to go beyond itself, is almost impossible. Once Canada Goose Foxe Bomber upon a time in order to get through the soul, which requires just how powerful force? One looks very young but they have the strong will of the tripartite blankly himself. Off Mo from, you still insist on the idea of ​​it before? Xiuwen leather man looked at the speaker, he knows that it is actually off Mo from a super genius, from practice to the present but four or five hundred years has already reached a tripartite will, if nothing else, within a hundred years will be able to fly eclosion cents. So all along have claimed him off Mo from the future to go beyond Ouyang. But today, really see Ouyang appeared, he was able to understand the genius he compared with Ouyang really nothing. Ouyang not a genius, from the initial Ouyang know. His talent is like the first time as the evaluated Ling Tian, ​​just than those who are not able to practice better Bale. May Ouyang has always believed that talent is not everything, if everyone from birth will determine the height of his future success, and that efforts in this world what is the use? So Ouyang has been trying to move forward, has been continuous progress, just let him have today's achievements. Ouyang out a path of his own, and his practice mode with the ordinary people, let him get up early to practice when it focuses on a killing word, in order to kill the enemy in exchange for their own growth, and Ouyang to do is live every time down, and then keep their original mind, not intended to kill to control their heart. He succeeded, by virtue of this capacity he Once upon a time all the way to the immediate concern. Then the situation reversed, desperation, Ouyang's legal road to jihad. If ordinary people got this jihad of the law is impossible to practice, is the largest collection as a baby Bale. May be different Ouyang Ouyang heart incomparable real condensate, Canada Goose Mountaineer Jacket this state of mind before he is relying on to an almost incredible speed repair has become the law of jihad, followed by a step by step to improve their state of mind let yourself reached such heights. Although I am spiritual, but no cultivation of the mind can be in this world of the law ah! Ouyang often lamented that case, if he is not jihad repair of the law, but a state of mind as the war completely power law, then his accomplishments definitely be more than the present. Is shut up in a bluster! Off Mo from the eyes of a deep loss, people from his riding practitioners in the world, he knew from the legend of Arrow of God that day, Arrow of God is his goal in life is to pursue his footsteps, but he is so talented is almost learn something and become, allowing him to develop a hint of arrogance. But today it? Today saw the powerful Ouyang after he realized he did not deserve to compare with this legend. Forty-five practice to three years will ...... Guan Mo from once the pride of the moment has been completely shattered, and he knows that he probably can not go beyond this life Ouyang it. Ouyang certainly do not know what happened here, and even know what he did not care. Ouyang never afraid someone beyond themselves, he was just an accident, and said plainly, but those who own this through the open plug come. That level had known bug plug absorbs the power of the blood is Ouyang successful everything. Of course, even if all of this does not rule out Ouyang own fundamental and its own efforts, without effort, then everything really are crap. Ouyang these people feel shocked, he could do nothing but silently in their hearts tells: not your genius is not enough, it is a brother of the plug-in to force too much ...... Ouyang swept the crowd after they no longer say anything, but is turned and walked back into the room, back to the room at the moment Ouyang, the sky suddenly was thunder and lightning, and then saw a tattered channel heaven, followed by massive awe-inspiring forces in an almost magical way toward heaven Ouyang area where it boom of the past. The presence of these people see this power arises, no doubt this will not be as strong forces, in their view, if they are in at this time there, it probably will force them to look on the spike where all the strong . No wonder Ouyang will say they are not careful it will destroy this world, it seems that this sentence does not flicker, this is true. The strength of feeling that fall from the sky, many people have a feeling either get out of it, but they are also very curious, they will be curious Ouyang way to combat this kind of power? This force is very strong, strong enough to instantly destroy a world, and if Ouyang to brute force against it, the end result is probably the world is destroyed it! Just at the time when everyone is curious about, they saw almost incredible scene ......
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