Ye Ming mouth with a sneer

December 11 [Tue], 2012, 16:19
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultPS :seek membership click ,are burst ,brothers ,Chong ah !!!-- -- -- -- -- asshole ! Ye Ming gritted his teeth ,he is killed ,but he will never do such a thing be utterly devoid of conscience ,you know, this is Zhang Ye son !Ye Ming took Dong Qiuyu way down the stairs ,to the living room ,Zhang Ye and others are still standing, when Dong Qiuyu saw the child in her arms with time, Zhang Ye made a face, thinks bad .
Ye Ming poker face came to Zhangno ,a fist in his face ,listen only slammed ,Zhangno was directly down on the ground ,even the front teeth of a falling .But Ye Ming did not stop, he went forward ,kicked to kick on Zhang Ye stomach ,just kick him out of the two or three meters ,but also not hate ,a punch and a punch ,kick and then kick ,Zhang Ye from awake to coma ,and from the unconscious to conscious ,it difference not killed .
Zhang Ye just watched this scene ,they are still not react, Ye Ming already gave Zhang Ye more than 10 fist ,watching a wild sad look ,they don know what to do .Especially Zhang Ye wife ,Zhang Ye was bleeding miserable appearance ,his upper body panic with ragged clothes to cover up ,did not dare to make a sound ,for fear that Ye Ming target is her .
Ye Ming, enough ! Just then ,Dong Qiuyu suddenly openings ,her indifference : let ,put him to death ,but also lose a life ,not worthy of . ! Ye Ming knows that ,he started with ,finally he kicked Zhang Ye ,kicked him to spit up blood, which up until the end of .
Two people go ,who also not dare to stop ,but just then ,a siren rang suddenly from a distance ,but also more and more close ,not a little while, stopped in front of a Yejia villa .
The door opened ,into a crowd of police ,of which a short face ,body fat ,middle-aged man with air came in ,he saw at a glance that lay aside ,as if he died in Zhang Ye ,he stared at him, stepped back, staring Ye Ming and Dong said : the rain ,put his head in his hands ,take five steps back ! The middle-aged man ,Zhang Ye is just called a captain ,he used to visit a Yejia ,certainly know Zhang Ye UGG Kensington Boots,the only unfamiliar ,is Ye Ming and Dong Qiuyu ,so he soon recognized .
See a piece of the captain Kids North Face Down,Zhang Ye wife immediately ran over, regardless of who had leaked the spring ,holding a captain arm ,cried : Captain ,you finally came ,you can be our home Zhang Ye Lord !You see, Zhang Ye had been killed ,but we can ! Zhang Ye wife Shuangfeng is plump ,Zhang captain was her hold ,feeling the arm from a soft, suddenly there was a smile ,the heart thinks: Sao fox ,previously played for so many times ,is so tempting ,it is no wonder that Zhang Yehui so be possessed by ghosts ,appears to have time ,to find a place to play .
A captain who was rubbing Zhang Ye wife double breasted ,surface is pures colors: quickly sent the wounded to the hospital ,two of them give me up ,and brought to a police station where ,I will personally interrogated ! Is ! Immediately two small police officer came forward ,when Dong Qiuyu, all of them with one, apparently for Dong Qiuyu beautiful face and surprised ,but to the surprise surprise ,what to do or what to do ,so their two straight ,with a baton ,a catch to the leaf inscription ,a a catch to Dong Qiuyu .
Dong Qiuyu was anxious to face ,see Ye Ming, Ye Ming was only slightly shook his head ,smiled and said : ,not something . If other people ,Ye Ming also won ,but the police are not the same, he may not kill them all ,although the strength, but is eventually some trouble .
Along with the two small police embarked on a police car ,in the closed doors the moment ,Ye Ming just in time to see ,the captain reached the door ,before anyone noticed, severely scratched a wild wife on a mountain ,and Zhang Ye wife is really a tart ,not only did not resist, also in Zhang captain threw leer, Ye Ming looking disgusted .
It is with adultery ! Ye Ming used the arm touched Dong Qiuyu ,hey hey laugh : look good ! Dong Qiuyu sneered : I seen her with another man to the hotel ,did not think of her with the fatso would have an affair ,also did not know that Zhang Ye the fool really took a fancy to her what point .
Yes ,I do think she is not you ,without you to look beautiful ,to build a more than you far ,how Zhang Ye became obsessed with her ? Ye Ming frowns . Because I didn she so coquettish .
Dong Tao .Ye Ming startled, then hey smiled: positive solution, positive solution, ha ha !It seems that this year ,beautiful woman not light ,but also show ah ! Dong Qiuyu white Ye Ming a look ,but smile ,but shows that she is still very happy .
This out ? Ye Ming asked suddenly .Dong Qiuyu hesitated, then nodded: Ye Ming, today really thank you ,to tell you the truth ,if not for your presence ,I really do not have the courage to fight them, but have no courage to say those words .
And it is said to have played, so many people Mens Canada Goose Outlet,I will be lose . Don ,who let you be my landlord ! Ye Ming smile . Now we just have to go to the police, did not know that Zhang Ye had died ,if killed, it will be in trouble ! Dong Qiuyu worried about road .
Ye Ming laughed gently, said : rest assured ,I start or few, a wild just fainted ,I ,how could kill him ,wouldn asking for trouble ? That is good . Dong Qiuyu gently nod .No way, the police quickly to the police ,Zhang captain after getting off ,order people about by arrogant way : they gave me in the two interrogation room ,I want a trial ! Ye Ming mouth with a sneer ,a captain walked around, with only a captain can hear the words said : Zhang captain ,put away your little ,if you dare to touch this woman ,I guarantee you will regret it .
A threat? Zhang captain eyes a stare ,obese body immediately faltered, kid ,I come out to mix time ,you still don it !Don drove the car so good they defy laws human and divine ,I tell you ,now China is a society of rule of law ,even if you are emperor ,breaking the law ,as well as to squat in prison ! Ye Ming laughed gently, walking and said: and you know it .
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