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October 14 [Mon], 2013, 18:50
Thank Portrait in yxq, on a micro, purple fruit trees and kelsany pink cast votes! Thank sunflower889 a reward Sachet! ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ Xuwan Qing heavy nodded, just holding hands or refused Xuan also relax, as if it was her all rely on. Zhao Yilan also recovered from the shock, she was silent smile, sit and wait to watch this scene farce, Zhao suddenly feel the need to stay in the house for six months, in fact, it is quite interesting. Soon, Holly put the doctor got up, she turned to find Tranquility Church Sun pearl. Also, Tranquility Hall opened in a place not far from the Temple of Peace, it is of course looking for her. Xuwan Qing saw Sun Pearl would like to see a camel savior rushed past, and asking her how to do. Pearl appease a few good Xuwan Qing Sun, so I drove viewed Wang Liying lot, ultimately concluded: Impact excessive lead to excessive bleeding, signs of Canada Goose Men's Heli Arctic Parka a miscarriage, but the specific child can not keep still another said. In short there is one thing that is the birth of this child is either down or give up, in short, drag incredible. Everyone breathe a lag, heart in his throat. Zhao also soft demand is clamoring Sun Pearl save Wang Liying, she was too scared, not only because she accidentally fell down harmful Wang Liying, more importantly, if Wang Liying unborn child did not, she would no longer eligible to stay any Zhao House! Came to Zhao House for so long, from the initial exclusion and conflict has slowly learned to accept her, and then want to return to the past has also been tough times ahead when. She is the eldest born Zhao also soft life, born to enjoy the splendor, born to be sought after, she definitely can not depend on others inferior few days! Look Wang Liying Sun Pearl intake fell to the ground like little more than vent, grab the ginseng tablets called her in the mouth, followed by a simple treatment for a moment, she continued to prevent bleeding, and finally called the accompanying maidservants who quickly came to hold Wang Liying Medical Center. Xuwan Qing and also Xuan, who was also quick with the past. And Zhaoshi Qiu. Wang Liying from fall Men's North Face Ski Clearance Sale to just witnessed the moment, he has been in a trance-like state, the brain is a blank, as if everything around has nothing to do with him, just want to lock yourself in your own world, no longer willing to face the reality of those who bear . "Daddy ......" Zhao also soft this wants to go. Watching Zhaoshi Qiu froze in place, but also scared a move not daring to move. She was afraid, very afraid, your mother this time she fell all to blame, if your mother's brother really retain his belly how to do this? Daddy will not put her out of Zhao House? I thought here. Her whole body trembling, legs longer not move a step. Zhaoshi Qiu still unexamined, pointing to the surrounding people turn a blind eye. Just leave the place looked a pedestrian. Long before they marched up with the pace of nothingness. ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ Tranquility Church anxiety disorder after hospital at the moment, along with shrill cries of screaming, maidservants who came out carrying a brass basin and pots of blood poured out, everyone's toes, but did not neglect. Xuan also watching the familiar Women Canada Goose Constable sight, I think of the recent Hong oldest maternal aunt miscarriage thing. Mouzhong last point of order guilt and compassion will condense. She did have done, what good regret it! If Wang Liying This is really a miscarriage, and even their own lives are not guaranteed it can only be said to be her own making! Good not stay east of the village. Toss out anything? ! Xuwan Qing looking anxiously waiting outside, a few want to go to Xuan are also stopped. Joke! Wang Liying The oldest maternal aunt with fragrant miscarriage can be different, if she really out of any accident. Zhibu Ding will be added to the mother's charges are stronger body, in order to avoid the scourge, it would get her farther away. "Xuan children, do you tremble? This woman Sibu Si to thee?" Suddenly, a burst of light laughter ears, also called Xuan shook with a Ji Ling. She turned around, frowning stare Zhao Yilan a "cousin are you doing?" "You can install it!" Zhao Yilan rolled his eyes, then pulled Xuan also corner, leaned in her ear, quietly said: "Xuan children, others may not know, but I know that a woman will fall down, it is by your victims. "Xuan is also a stiff body, Mouzhong flash of panic, but she soon calmed down, facing Zhao Yilan sneer, light: "The evidence? everything should speak of evidence." just so confusing, not to mention Zhao also soft cry of panic down, everyone's attention is focused on Zhao also soft body, who noticed her? Furthermore, she was just to go leaning Ruizhu, step shake fall is unintentional, who doubt her? Overreact to blame blame Wang Liying, she failed to push Ruizhu, they will not happen. Zhao Yilan Staveley, boring and said: "Tell me what you pretend to be? Always I do not like that woman the way, is the kind of woman that Ono's daughter, right? Deal with such people is to not be polite, I would have to give called them two Victors, and also wait until this time shot? And either you're lucky, under the watchful eyes, and if found, you're dead! "Xuan is also true that I do not know just do your own brain a fever how dangerous things out, but that time she just wanted Wang Liying been learned, and what consequences did not want to even think that, as long as Wang Liying miscarriage, dead, even by his father hated her life does not matter. "I did not, cousin, you think too much. Just as you can see, I'm just a good thought called Ruizhu escorted her down, her own escape, and finally another sister Sophie rushed to Za Za whirring, this killed her fall, how are my victims? "also Xuan Zhao Yilan avoid gossip explore sight, casually said. "Come on Come on, do not tell you, really boring!" Zhao Yilan see what words could not set, then snappily turned away. Was thinking, anyway, she would also like the government to stay six months in Zhao will always come up with some interesting things out! Xuan also looked at her gloating look, frowned in disgust. The Zhao Yilan, nor is it fool, that she may want her to see the world a little tight, and then if she made any immoral things, they were her sisters have even exhausted! And this life she and Murong Xuan relationship can last lifetime is not so good, Zhao Yilan genuinely climb into bed, she can not be sure that Murong Xuan firecracker temper will not get all the capital yell all know. At this time, the door suddenly opened, dressed in white pearl Sun came out. Xuan also see her on the mouth off strange thing to wear white gloves and hands, then lightly: "excessive bleeding, worse still, can protect a child with adults, you choose it!" She said too cool or even cold, everyone stood there. Including also Xuan. "What is the only guarantee one?!" Has been silent for Zhaoshi Qiu suddenly mad, rushed to the front of Sun Pearl, desperately shouted: "You have to protect their mother peace! I command you have to protect their mother peace!" Sun Pearl faint glanced at him, light laugh: "Zhao adults, I do not rely on you to eat, what makes you qualified ordered me?" Then, the sound suddenly cool down, "There is time to make a choice soon as angry complaining, Some mother Zaichi likely than all! "Zhaoshi Qiu whole body shivering, almost to unstable. Xuwan Qing tightly bite lips, quite a while before hissed out the words, "preserve, protect children ......" She would not finish, Zhao Shiqiu we rush she shouted: "You have so want her dead? Xuwan Qing! keep you in the end what the mind?! "Xuwan Qing senseless by his roar, looked at him strangely. Also Xuan tightness endless, was about to open for Xuwan Qing speak, we heard the Sun Pearl laugh loudly, quipped: "Zhao adults, you will even Ms. Zhao Masi, the result is still such a big man will encounter things the woman yelling? You really make me open this and other ordinary people find seeing. "" You! "Zhaoshi Qiu angry red eyes. However, Sun Pearl did not look at him to see only the front Xuwan Qing said: "Ms. Zhao, I advise you not to wade this muddy water, or go home with the girls, this salt Za other things, It is not suitable for unmarried young lady did not touch. "Xuwan Qing biting his lips, hold back the tears welling, silently nodded his head, thought, or on Zhaoshi Qiu said:" World Autumn, no matter how you think I am, I always want to keep the child! keep your kids! "For the eyes of the Xuwan Qing stubborn outdone, Zhaoshi Qiu stiffly away face, then coldly:" adults and children should keep! Medical Center can not hack this, it would be for a. "" World Autumn! "is not only Xuwan Qing, Chen could not help even called out. For a Medical Center? Now got the time, when fear is to be more likely than children and adults! Although this is Chen had hoped, but still the choice for the Zhaoshi Qiu was shocked. Sun Pearl but there is no so-called look, just nodded his head, on the Zhaoshi Qiu said: "Well, no problem. Whom you can immediately led away, but I want to explain in advance that the money paid by mistake, or take or pay." He then turned to the side of her maid said: "Breit, with Zhao adults go check out this lost income per labor costs as herbs fee must be settled." Breit indifferent nod, and no feelings: "The understand. "" No! "Zhao also soft crying rushed forward, screaming and said:" No No No! you save my mother, save my mother! beg you, I beg you to save my mother! " Sun Pearl light: "Little girl, just as you can see, not what I do not want to." "Daddy!" Zhao also soft comprehend, directed Zhaoshi Qiu immediately knelt down, and constantly bowed and said: "Daddy! I beg you save your mother now! genuinely Medical Center for a home, your mother and brother will be dead! beg you save your mother now! "also sit and watch Zhao Xuan also soft cry Ganchangcunduan look, my heart can not tell the taste. ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ Yesterday I was a child, book reviews district swollen no movement ...... give me a pair of wings, so I quietly flew away, crying! ~
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