January 02 [Fri], 2009, 2:37
I just have completed my weary homework!! OMG! I only want to sleep well and early but it seems I cannot, always...... Anyway my hair is still wet and I want to write down things happed the day before.
It was 31stDec,2008.
I hang out with band. First of all we(3ONLY) watched a comedy in MongKok. It was really funny...... And then HB needed to buy a bag and we shopped for a long time. And I said I was hungry and we had KFC. We haven't finished. (Actually I don't mean to mention such things=.=)
OK then those 3 joined us and we took photos.
And >>KT>> sing karaoke. I was unhappy but I don't really know the reason. Silly me...... the buffet wasn't so good but I ate a lot as sometimes I didn't know what to do. Some of the songs was very touching but I don't know why, too, such as YI DANG ANGEL ...... I always think if anyone can sing (should good at) to me faithfully, I will feel really pleased ...maybe not only "pleased" ......
I didn't say so much until we all felt a little bit embarrassed. I tried to look happier.
And here I was sick! I felt powerless to stand at all and my stomach was really painful.
I tried to walk with them but I gave up finally and I told them to go and find somewhere to have fun as I didn't mean to disturb them ...... HO and HB stayed with me. I was relieved ...... so friendly they were...... they didn't have a seat but they stilled stand near me.
We counted down, in APM, six together , 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!'.
I hope that day would be the toughest day in 2009.
We come back to TC by MTR. And someone suggested to walk home...... Actually I didn't want to as I felt worse when I felt cold, but again I didn't want to disturb them so we walked. I was really really slow but they always waited for me. Thanks my friends! especially HO and HB. And 'brother' too. He always tried to tell jokes and he saw me home with them too. FG drove away with his bicycle. MA blamed me as I was too slow. HO...... silly boy, always asked if I was OK but he should know the ans right? Anyway I felt he cared about me (like everyone did) .
I felt really really hard when I nearly homed because of the weather.....they said I was GREEN...... And I thought I got fever. Anyway I homed, luckily.

Boxing day? 

December 26 [Fri], 2008, 11:38
Yesterday I woke up quite late and I had lunch with Dee and Daddy in Citygate.
Later as Dee needed to play basketball(-.-) so we went to Taste and buy some ingredients to cook tonight's dinner. When I was home I completed 90's A-maths PP, finally ...... These days I just didn't have enough time to concentrate!
It was a nice dinner. We had steaks, salmon, veggie soup, and of course we drank red wine! After dinner I watched "Cape no.7" with Daddy and I also made Jello with mixed fruit( strawberries and kiwi and blue berries and a can of tropical fruit).The film was not expectedly touching and wonderful..... I am not going to discuss it now as I would like to write down in Chinese. And...... It was really delicious and fresh and I think I am falling in love with JELLO!! Wow, I am eating now (in the morning) and I made a lot so I think I cannot finish it today.

Merry X'MAS 

December 25 [Thu], 2008, 18:32
It was a pity that Yingyi and Karen cannot come to our gathering! I think when choosing girl friends or her boyfriend, she might chose her boyfriend ...... used to feel excited as we can hang out together(5girls) but now I was just disappointed . She thought her boyfriend is the most important one and friends ...I recalled that she used to blame me as I played too close with her boyfriend ...How can she suspect me!I am her good friend ! And after that I didn't find them anymore.
That's why yesterday I had an idea that our (5ofthem) friendship is "shaking" ......

We arrived TST at... about 4P.M. and I was quite depressed as there was no K-buffet and we only sang 2hrs! What a difference? Last time I sang with Karen and it was Lunch time and we had buffet and it lasted for 4hrs......
Then Yuki left and I "walked" with Anna ...... haha! That's because we had no purpose and I am the only one interested in shopping among us. We also ate noodles but I didn't eat too much as it was too hot and I tried to use plenty of soup to soften it but it didn't work. Anyway I felt full(maybe because of the sauce).

Finally I was glad that she agreed to come home earlier(I just think we didn't know what to chat and It was quite bored and TST was sooooooooo crowded!).

Back to yat tung we bought the "melon sago dessert" (tasty) and Yuki joined us. Anna told me that she thought I was falling in love! She said that I looked so sweet when calling HO and I always smiled a lot. She used her own experience to (tried to) convince me, but I don't think so! I just feel easeful when being and talking with him ......We went through so many events so that we are good friends and that's all. I won't love him! And similarly he won't love me.

By the way, they were like devils and they remind me that I always smile when I was talking with him...... Is it only because of his humor? It is ...... I suppose...


December 24 [Wed], 2008, 10:17
I haven't used this blog for a long time...... Don't know why I visited here again , and start writing again ...... Sometimes I just want to write down my feelings but I am not going to tell anyone.
Today is Christmas Eve. I will hang out with two of my best friends and we may sing karaoke and take lots of photos. It sounds like that teenagers only have such planning and activities but anyway I just want to be with them and chat a lot and have a good time, no matter what we do.
Then I am going to prepare something ......I will go to Karen's home first.
May everyone have a wonderful time today
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