the hands of law tactics

April 13 [Sat], 2013, 14:34
Buyun clear voice of a fall two hundred and fiftieth elders (b), Chu Yun sank into meditation. wWw. QUAnBEn. Although cOM served as school of the elders, the inevitable én send things affect their own practice, but served as the school of the elders have very many benefits, I will not speak én faction worship alone like a collection of materials such little things commanded disciples én. And to settle Dan, the practice has not relying penance can upgrade, in order to enhance the cultivation but requires a certain opportunity. Like to make the end of Dan the monks īn into mana Dan à, simply do not like to build the base of Dan à began on a large number of purchase, but become very precious rare, so only by virtue of their own to find, even hā fee more time, not necessarily looking to. And became a én camp elders the many én sent his disciples, and no doubt will be well-informed on the message many, if where Dan à, without having to wade can know when you can seize the opportunity get Dan à. And not Dan à, some treasures, dòn House, miraculous method alone out to repair Once upon a time, can also obtained by én send some messages, which are to be regarded as a matter of luck, if grasp repair natural can be improved. Even if there is no the Buyun clear invitation, monks settled Dan, Chu Yun is also thought added to a én camp. Now the Buyun clear then touches let his heart, because the cases of the mixing device fully comply with the conditions of his Add én send, is neither what name én handing out, not too weak én faction, he added is the presence of top, do not have to worry about their own secret is to explore,coach outlet. But while the heart, but Chuyun not rashly promised, but open asked: "I do not know the possibility of step elders carefully talk about other én send bī force mixing device cases this thing." Chu Yun did not promise anything, but Buyun clear from Chuyun then liking heart the meaning of delight on his face and said: "I refining Ancestor and Red Young generation, because the two have me and Red Young knot Dan of the monks, for decades is still firmly in charge of iron of the Shicheng and iron Shicheng surrounding geographical. "" But with a few years ago, and I refining device cases adjacent to the charge of the Los Lake City, thousands of edge cases new one name knot Dan's strong, and there are an elder settled late Dan monks, the other faction of én already have two knot the late Dan's strong, a knot of Dan strong in the mid- and an early end Dan strong, so thousands of edge cases began to slowly erode since I refining were in charge of iron shicheng surrounding geographical. "" Now, the other side has not satisfied just eroded refining were mastered geographical move on but I smelt were in charge of the iron Shicheng, so the status of my mixing device cases now have some worrying therefore, I hope Daoyou to cases when I'm mixing device elders. " absolutely Daoyou Lidi knot strength late brother Dan to as long as the Blade 000 were monks before a show, I believe, do not take what dangerous Daoyou definitely not in the thousands of edge cases monk to act rashly. "to finish, Buyun clear in the eyes of his mouth, a trace from the expect God's sè wait a Chuyun reply. If recent actions Thousand edge cases, and he has not found a suitable candidate, he is decidedly not so invite Chuyun when the elders were mixing device. Fortunately, just contact all the details of each other's point of view, the other is not what ruthless generation, otherwise he would not be so, and the other peace ā talk about it. A ruthless, super strength monks, the idea is quite in line with the Buyun clear the mind. "Since this is the case, then I promise step elders to become an elder of the mixing device cases." Listened to the Buyun Qing, Chu Yun weigh the pros and cons, I feel nothing particularly dangerous, so he decided to accede down. See Chuyun promised down, the exultation of the Buyun clear face, smiled and said: "That I'm going to call Daoyou as soon as Lee Young" step brothers "Chu Yun also shouting loudly. Then, two each to Daybreak swear a lot, Chu Yun really be considered to become the refining Sect elders. Has become the mixing device were elders, Chu Yun duo will not be in the battle continues, the Buyun clear Conspire the control matrix method purple sè of tokens appear in his hands, a lose mana, a violet shè a token strike in a circle above, then the circle is closing up. Refining cases of red at the moment of the circle to be put away, about a four or five-year-old, square-shaped face, she is very tall monk, īshè into the apse, its what alerted elders - Red per day. after bringing up the rear īshè into red Yuantian immediately see the wearing refining to cases én under disciples clothing, but it has a end Dan repair Chuyun, but see Buyun SD Chuyun duo peaceful coexistence, He also did not frivolous, but Buyun Qing asked: "step brothers, I do not know this person?" "Red Young, exactly, I was about to introduce you to the new Presbyterian cases I refining device, Lee day - elders. "the Buyun clear Duihong Yuantian said with a smile. Because the Confucianism and Taoism Jianpai sake, made under oath as refining Sect elders, but Chuyun still not ready to face the real name and the true face of the refining Sect. "Brother, you heard Buyun clear, red Yuantian can not help but surprised a moment, what he was going to say, he was Buyun clear to prevent. Prevented the red RMB days, Buyun clear the acoustic facing red Yuantian sī language a lot,Oakley Limited Sunglasses, while Chuyun looked at the side of Black Dragon column. Soon to know things through red Yuantian smiled and said Chuyun,: "Welcome Lidao You, not, the Lee brothers join me mixing device cases, after the cases of the mixing device thanks to the Lee brothers." "Red Young joking , I for én faction things, but do not have any interest, these ā to the good of the the red Young and step brothers, after all previous refining device cases but in the hands of the Red Young and step brothers is kept pretty good. "Chu Yun did not tell lies, and he did not want to be én send some big deal to delay the practice. Listen Chuyun do not the hā the hand én send things mean, the the red yuan and Buyun clear in the eyes do not by significant lù out a glimmer of hi sè, soon disappeared, but still has not escaped Chuyun that more powerful than ordinary end Dan mid strong a lot of soul. But this Chuyun naturally will not say anything. "Lee Young became my refining Sect elders, that the the Black Dragon column of information naturally need to change it." And looked Chu Yungang only looked the the Black Dragon column, Buyun clear opening said. Then, Buyun Qing began to move up. Soon, in Black Dragon column flashed a dazzling black light, information about Chuyun modification is completed. Step brothers, I do not know the Black Dragon column in the end what magic "in Buyun clear action after, Chu Yun asked:" To be honest, previously it is also because of this Black Dragon column, I was only step brothers found "Oh, Lee Young, this Black Dragon column I of refining were ancestors refining a Wondrous, by monks īn blood discern monks real repair precisely the magical effect, and in addition to this effect, is the induction monk's life and death situation. "Buyun clear first smiled, then some pity said:" As for the other efficacy, because I'm mixing device cases the sake of the many books have not been handed down, so specific that I also was not clear. "Oh, turned out to be so," Chu Yun nodded. Next, in going out after bringing up the rear, Buyun clear quickly summoned were the disciples of the mixing device, and then introduced Chuyun a new mixing device were elders. Chu Yun-awareness refining were disciples saw Chu Yun who had the same refining were disciples turned turned around to become a mixing device were elders, the reigning lù the extremely surprised expression, especially Chu Yun spending several months with the Blue Promise, the expression on his face is the most abundant. However in feel Chuyun body that only monks can end Dan exudes coercion, these refining Sect disciples naturally have put a respectful expression. Seen refining Sect disciples, Chu Yun returned to the a the Buyun clear arrangements the cultivation dòn Government. Refining Sect elders, but after to return to dòn House, Chu Yun immediately will īn Yang extinction of a large array arranged, after which he was at ease to sit cross-legged down. Feeling rich dòn House than in the courtyard of the King of Qi City also keen on some of the aura, Chuyun heart is very satisfied immediately transported from the power to. Earlier in the battle of wits and Buyun clear, although the time is not long, but his magic was consumed a lot. Chu Yun Yungong shortly after, Chu Yun suddenly felt the large array bō move the hands of a pinch Indian tactics, an acoustic ù Jane appeared in his hands. Soul exploration into one, Buyun clear sound suddenly rang. Know Buyun Qing, Chu Yun in the hands of law tactics and a pinch, then īn Yang extinction of a large array He opened a channel. So fast on the layout of a large array, Is Lee Young īn to pass matrix method fails "to enter the dòn House Buyun clear spoke. "This is only my array disk layout Bale" Chuyun no more tactical deployment of things to mention. "Austrian" Buyun inventory nodded, and then removed from the storage bag, a few pieces of the ù Jane and membership exudes sè light, said: "Chu Young These are documented my mixing device cases refining practices , the true treasure refining method and some exercises, Cheats membership and ù Jane said, "Thank you, step-by-step brothers" Watching the ù Jane and Ji, Chu Yun thanksgiving. "Lee Young is now my refining Sect elders, need not be so polite" the Buyun Qing waved said. Then,Air Jordan 3 Shoes, after and Chu Yun ā a few words, Buyun clear TIPS retire. While the other left, Chu Yun could not wait to start research from the Buyun Qing showed him the ù Jane and the membership of the Chu Yun first study of the natural is that he is most concerned about a true treasure refining method. (8r) the speeding full text starting! <
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