because came with him

September 24 [Tue], 2013, 15:56
Plumbaginaceae; a twist a head to see the left only, one Leng, then ecstasy, but standing out not to come in front of a transparent walls, anxious face. Beyonce waved his hand, the wall disappeared. "Lanxue" master "!" Blue snow excitement to see Beyonce was silent. Left only to his chin, originally she is mad at Beyonce, after all, you can't shake like men and women do, now came not entirely without feeling. "Say, you two that be together morning and night in a room, is it right? What happened?" No. "This is the two room!" Blue snow at the same time as Beyonce replied. Beyonce bit his lip, "you don't bear with her go, if you don't like it here". Keep thinking about getting out of the cage came before, now I do not know why, but some hesitation. Left only amount Fu, "I only ask one, the two of you on the other side there is no good? Is to be in that". No answer came, Beyonce said "has no meaning, Grandpa gave me the betrothed to the three Prince" dragon family Plumbaginaceae suddenly looked up, nu way "is the flower heart lady-killer? He is wasting a Timberland Splitrock lot of women, your father how can you marry a girl like that, you should agree with!!!" Beyonce's eyes were red, "how can I do, and you don't love me, I am three princess, marriage can not be independently, how can I do!!!" Blue snow white face red, "it can't marry such a man, I, I North Face Denali Hoodie Clearance didn't say I don't like...." behind the sound like a mosquito in general. Beyonce a, incredible looked at him. In the two silent at. Left only to his chin, this two people, play ah ~ ~ "then you put the blue snow trapped in here, is afraid you get people or the dragon people hurt him?" Before left only but have heard Beyonce that I can't protect him much longer. Beyonce nodded, "I know that exports came for me when get rid of the dragon three prince in his, the dragon three Prince wanted to kill him. My people don't support me... "Is not born.. because came with him, not strength. "Yes, I understood, blue ice, this is your wrong, a man to play. Love is love, don't love just don't like, and three princesses and one room for you, as a man should be responsible for it, go. Follow me out, I help you "". Beyonce and North speechless, is the two room is! Hall. All a solemn, while Bi Tianhai, Bi Tianyun kneeling on the ground, seafood Bi Tian Huang at the top of the table, the light looked at two people, also stood next to Biao xuan. The red light to looking at Feng et al. "You two of the soldiers, made two big mistakes, one is not conformity march. Fight when we have sea clan forces in disorder, two is not combined with other four palace under the unified, so everyone is their courage. Don't give me find all kinds of reasons, failure is a failure!" "The end of sin!" Two neat half kneeling on the ground. "Make you keep red reef waters, a hundred years!" Canada Goose Trillium Parka Bi Tianhai with Bi Tianyun two people couldn't argue, immediately nod to accept the punishment. While the left only took Beyonce with blue snow came in. Bi Ao Xuan see this face, hurried to Beyonce wink, didn't see Bi Tianhuang still angry,;
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