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> Be carried to the sidelines, Bryant is doing emergency outside the grounds. wWW the! QUAnbeN COm Lonnie expression associated until Kobe Bryant is about to be sent to hospital for further examination, he finally spoke. "Oh, for ten years, you still have not learned how to play with the mind!" Bryant hearing him say, a time seems to forget the pain in the feet, and gave him a "You little to say where sarcastic, who would have thought he would Ottomans below, Do I want to hurt?. "It seems that you are not do not mind, but turned around and did not even mind Lonnie, casually refers to a cheerleader, and asked:" Do you think What is the most should pay attention to the game with Bowen? cheerleader named surprised a moment, then blurted: "be careful next Blackfoot. "Lonnie nodded, pondering watched Kobe, shrugged and said:" You see, even the lady know, you are saying that you did not think he would Ottomans in the following, you do not mind, what is ? "Bryant was the Lonnie Yede some do not know how to answer. In fact, Bryant how will not think of Bowen under the habit of Blackfoot, he is just the meaning of that sentence is the moment before he was injured, because too many things to consider, including the protection of the daisy, so only a moment did not pay attention to the foot of danger. Just Lonnie caught the disease of their own language, the originally gas ring true Bryant is flushed speechless. "Well, you do not have to explain anything, anyway hurt hurt, said Lonnie then more useless Although angry, but it is also reasonable, last out of the brotherhood, Lonnie or comfort Bryant one, "you go at ease. I will avenge you just phrase and words of comfort in Bryant sounds quite harsh, almost no gas fainted. Bryant was carried away, Bynum came over with weak to say: "Lonnie Bryant have hurt you so angry at him, does not seem right?" Andrew, which you do not understand, I said these are just the order to divert the attention of Bryant's one to let him temporarily ignore the pain of a foot injury, and secondly, they make up an order for him to be able to forget what happened just the field, good peace of mind and recuperate Lonnie paused "And I have those words did wrong, right? You know the face of Bruce artillery text, not giving advice anti, he did not mind what is? "In front of you, sounded quite reasonable. Just that Bruce is too sinister, is simply hard to detect, and the game was so intense, Bryant one o'clock is not careful with his word, we can not say he did not mind it? "Well, hard to detect and then do not prevent. Have you ever heard a word? Attack is the best defense. And if we know that Bruce is insidious, difficult to guard against, and it would not let yourself fall into a passive. If you are a wise man, should decisively choose to take the initiative "to take the initiative?" Bynum look of amazement, "Lonnie, you will not intend to learn from him, and also point out what little tricks, waste him?" Who told concubine automatically attack, is playing tricks? forget you can not exactly explain, you wait and see, to see if he dare to me under the black hand or Blackfoot ". Lonnie eyes flashed a trace of naked, the vaguely folder with an evil spirits. Game re-start and Lonnie also Phil again come in the field. But not until Phil repeatedly warned Lonnie must remain calm, and not to impulse, otherwise it will immediately change his fate. Lonnie Xipixiaolian promised Phil requirements, it seems that Bryant injured the thing, he does not mind how. Di Ken Strong scored 2 points for the Spurs play basket ball handed the Lakers side, and control the ball, of course,Air Jordan 12, is re-debut Lonnie. Lonnie heart is not like the surface looks so calm, although he usually fooling around with Kobe Bryant, the brothers seemed very harmonious, but their feelings are very deep. Bryant gun Man hurt is not the first time, but this is the first time Lonnie personally seen such a close distance, his anger at the moment, is also the ever strong. Just verbal ridicule Bryant, said Bryant's attention is to be transferred, in fact, more important, Lonnie want to distract their own, he was afraid he could not keep the anger in my heart, really make what impulsive move it pro-pain enemies fast. Lonnie spoke ball op frontcourt, and stood in front of him is the executioner gun text. Lonnie can not help but slightly narrowed his eyes, conceal murderous in focus, but also in the hearts of constantly remind ourselves, must be calm, to deal with this guy is not hard to do with head! "Rookie, now finally turn your small our account, is not this also calculate artillery text tone Senleng, he said the account, of course, was with the regular season, designed by Lonnie sent off to do . "is not it? I also think we have a good math. Lonnie spoke, his face with a trace of strange smile look is somewhat strange. "Listen to what you mean, you seem to want to help Bryant to succeed? "Bowen also exposed trace of Xiexiao." Emerging? No, I can not have that interest Lonnie shook his head, seemingly cynical to say: ... then you could get him to engage in the end, and at the same time without being caught by the referee, then congregation knife lions are capable. Bryant will be injured, and can only say that he "technology. Less competent, why should I help him succeed it?" Interesting, I suddenly found you this kid sometimes quite pleasing you just what? you want to tell me What kind of account? "You may also have heard, my ambition is to be an actor, although now no alternative but went to Zhao to bread where, but the show is still my favorite." Long Benny paused, then said: "But you just turned in front of me, with a kind of mediocre acting to deceive the referee, I think you insult, a gob of Performing Arts, so I have to care about you care about good . "" Boy, you is not brain less sober ah? appears to need me to help you knock knock out. "is not it? I was waiting for. I Lonnie dribble forward foot step conspire front of the gun Wen said: "I'm not Kobe Bryant, playing perhaps I'm not as good as he play games so underhand, but say even ten Bryant tied opponent. Friendly reminder, not to mention the Blackfoot, as long as you lay a finger on me a hair, then you're waiting for my revenge. Of course, your garbage is not worthy of my hands, and I think Tim, Tony and Manu, they should want to go to the hospital to accompany Bryant. Lonnie Then, in front of the gun will simply ignore the text, high jump directly from beyond the arc, the ball "throw" out of the floor when not hide, did not even look to the ground. The apparently little Bowen's Blackfoot heart. "Bang." The ball banging on the basket, then pop up the sideline. The ball did not even think to Lonnie thrown, his eyes beginning to end are not left Bowen's eyes. Lonnie's meaning is clear: the kind you room to move, to try, as long as they could not get me to end up,Nike Air Max LTD, you bless Di Dabie injured Ken and Parker fate. Artillery text just did not do any interference action, let alone some shady means. For one thing, he did not expect Lonnie suddenly shot, the moment is less than some of the reactions. To Lonnie words indeed very lethal, although not to be scared, but how many hearts hesitated. The Spurs backcourt kickoff, Lonnie did not rush back on defense, but still stand in the front of Bowen, a blink of eyes staring at each other. Rookie, you're threatening me? Bowen cold channel. "Yes, is a threat, but a naked threat. Of course, if you do not believe it, but give it a try. Such as pinch me a top I look, and see what the results of "Well, I will put you directly get fate, like Kobe!" Bowen in the eyes fiercely absolutely shattered. "? Line, as long as you can do it!" Lonnie finished, turned and returned to their own half. Brief confrontation between the two, really let the sidelines of Phil pinched the cold sweat, fear of Lonnie what will make a cool move. His age is not lived in vain, although Bryant injured Houlang Ni still gloating next, but Phil can still feel the anger of Lonnie, Lonnie afterwards the reaction, following somewhat different from ordinary people just. But this is the Lonnie style, is not it? Fortunately, in the end what did not occur, But Lonnie's ability to regulate and control their emotions, but once again Phil felt the accident. This kid really is a tolerant, have the potential to become a the super "killer". The Spurs offensive player field Lakers are configured, Lonnie should be a bit defensive Ginobili fishes, but he still stood glued to gun the text in front of other people as the air. Lonnie While the Lakers team the most junior, but obviously did not take him as a rookie, when Evans saw Lonnie reason to ignore one side Ginobili, he did not say what on their own top-up. By Duncan, the Spurs still pulled near the free-throw line for his teammates to do the pick and roll, Parker flash into the restricted area before the face of Bynum timely complement anti no good shots immediately return the ball to follow up behind Ginobili, latter filling Yaodao qualities of. Left twisting right twisted look eerily rushed to the basket in time before Turiaf cover, quickly shot layup and scored 2 points. In fact, Turiaf even anti-complement in place, the estimates also were unable to cover Ginobili's layup because this guy layup posture is too bizarre, the whole person is far looks like a fold became a two-stage . Just the basket right side of his lower body still, but shot position around to the left. This strange situation, people looked have to wonder whether Ginobili upper and lower body together. Ginobili's offensive is undoubtedly quite wonderful, but Lonnie not even glanced at a glance, his time around Bowen, attention is always on the old guy who is not a moment to relax. Get the ball again, Lonnie can not suppress blood boil, and he knew that the next step was his counterattack time. Uncle? ,Oakley Beckon Sunglasses. I Erye it! <
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