March 28 [Fri], 2008, 21:37

I haven't done much today, but I've been playing bass for about 2 hours, and I learned 2 new songs, yatta!

I've been making so much progress lately, my speed has increased, and I can play certain tablature that I couldn't play before. I feel really good about it!

I can't wait until next band practice now so I can play bass on the big bass amp, it sounds so good (^-^)

I want to be as good as カノン, or even better!! It's so weird, I've wanted for so long to meet him and now I have, it's like I've accomplished something that I thought would never happen, and it feels so good. I wonder what it'd feel like if the band ever got signed?

Even if people don't like our music, I want it to be so that they can't say we're not talented. Not many people notice the bassist, but I want to change that. I want to be one of the best so that people will recognise it, and I want to inspire people too.

I hope all this hard work I'm putting in will pay off soon. Although, when I go back to college I won't have much time to practice as I need to concentrate on my Psychology coursework ;__;

But when I go back there's only about 6-8 weeks left then I have my exams and then I'm free and I'm so excited! So I'm just going to get on with things and not moan about having to get up at 7am! If i go to bed early, getting up early won't be a problem huh?

Okay I need to go tidy my room now because I want to wake up to a nice tidy room and get a bath tomorrow and chillax all day and practice bass and maybe do some revision so it's less to do when it comes to my exams in June.



March 27 [Thu], 2008, 23:00
I'm back from London!
It was so amazing!

I went to see アンティック珈琲店 and it was the best live I've ever been too! I got to meet them all too afterwards and the day after, it's something I'm never going to forget. I would post the pictures but I don't like me on them (>_<)

They were all so friendly and nice, it still doesn't feel like it happened. カノン is my idol when it comes to bass!

So today I just relaxed since it had been a hectic few days, and I decided to practice bass! And I learned a new song! I also learned the intro to two other songs and I'm really happy that I made some progress today with it, カノン has gave me something to aim for, I wish I could have an effect on people in the same way in which he has an effect on me!

Next stop... 雅! if I don't have exams when he comes to england ;___;

I'm so tired I think I might sleep early...

oyasumi nasai~


March 25 [Tue], 2008, 16:00

Hey everyone!

It's been such a horrible day >.<
I'm going to see An Café tomorrow and I've been trying to get ready... But then I couldn't find the tickets! I was going crazy I thought I'd have to pay all my friends back like £100! But I found them in the end hehe. I have ticket number 7, which is weird because it's one of my lucky numbers (^_-)

I still haven't packed, and we're going to London in a couple of hours LOL. So I won't be able to update this until Thursday or something... But hopefully I'll come back with a lot of stories haha. ♥カノン♥


March 22 [Sat], 2008, 0:02
Hey this blog is just to test out this site...

So basically, I decided to make a blog on a Japanese website because they have better layouts, and I think it's cuter with all the clocks and such on the side navigations (^_-)

Okay no one has to read this, it's just for me to post what I'm up too for those who are interested, an also like a diary that I can read later on. It's better than carrying around a load of books huh?


P.S. eeeeeep! the html is even in Japanese!
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