three to participate in the the term continent Championship

October 22 [Mon], 2012, 15:38

The body of the third chapter of the mainland Championship of: Seven Star Haoyue found this novel the fastest update a short while Nike Air Max 95 Shoes, the Easy Star Mu-ming of the momentum of the whole body as the rocket shot up in general, Easy Star Qixingjian division became Samsung Gladius, Mu Ming is even more terror from the five-star Gladius soared to Samsung sword statue pinnacle, those moments of soaring energy even Ado row spacing in three meters away. surging power of the soul, the feeling just completely different things. the feelings of a large outbreak is so out! the sword! To know than the original Easy Star three years just promoted to three stars, the Easy Star Johnson pregnant, but the order of the double day soul sword, you want to qualify for a star difficulty than ordinary soul sword difficult on a number of times, and Mu-ming serve to break the the sword statue of checkpoints, Samsung the sword statue pinnacle sword a 21-year-old Samsung sword statue became the most amazing year lottery seven elite exquisite Xie Xiaofeng just achieved in the 20-year-old at the age of five-star Gladius This is of course the gap on the talent opportunity North Face Women's Bionic Jackets Sale, but because in front of the old man in Yuan. 'Now, today's the first thing even done! three to participate in the the term continent Championship! The very ordinary sword., but do you ever think, why even so those forces still tradition for hundreds of years, and still able to survive in the forest of the continent's strong? said, mouth, and even with a smile of shallow. Resource! , which is why the major forces have been able to pass down! Mu Ming heard the old man Yuan, Jian Mei Weicu the rather suspect said. Only rely on themselves is the real sword Yamiaozhuchang perhaps in the short term to one ascends to a high degree, but the upgrade was based on the cost of squeezing potential, these people are destined never to tread on Kendo peak. set foot sword king environment, which is already enough for them! Kendo pinnacle for them, this can only be a dream, a distant dream! forced upgrade to the the sword king environment, and the generation of focus on training their clan qualification transcendence, so it goes they both can guarantee enduring, but also be able to ensure that there will be powerful masterpiece sword! within the dark eyes shining the light of wisdom, said softly. Need to cultivate so many sword, resources became the most critical things, resources, the better, then it represents the forces of the future is brighter UGG Greenfield Clearance, glowing light cyan light, The eyes of shining a clear UGGs Adirondack Tall Sale. major mainland forces a ranking event!
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