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September 05 [Thu], 2013, 17:29
The 224th chapter of Alan Alan; death is now mainly deal with Ye Feng's side, thought as long as the hateful Chinese people kill, Li Sixia also not capture an enemy easily thing, blue gem got: Paul, get out of the Chinese people, or under the police come to trouble! Paul nodded, and the leaf maple launched an offensive. The bullets to leaf maple here come, Ye Feng hurriedly pulled Li Sixia to the side to hide to go, at the same time as a few gun to Paul's men, saw several men fell on the floor, Paul not at funk, then use the vehicle to concealment, leaf maple side slowly move to. Xiao Qi is also noticed near there several masked men, its position is very subtle, can wait for each other, put the sniper, Paul certainly will be completely ignored the baby, now only have the close with great care, and then shoot Ye Feng, will Li Sixia hand inside the blue jewel rob Mountaineer Jacket Men UK come over, after the return to the United States happiness life. Ye Feng now also found seven location good, made a sign to the minor, let his stay in place, she nodded, then leaf maple with Li Sixia to not far away, it Resolute Parka Women Canada Goose is a hot air out of the fight, but Ye Feng is playing a hide. Alan with a group of masked men and wine intoxicate together, Chu Yun et al. The siege, but leaf maple called Chu Yun and others formed a circle, so that the defensive and offensive, otherwise it is difficult to cope with double the people now Whistler Parka UK converging attack, Chu Yun and others by car to rely on, hand note hidden, on the other hand shot upset masked men. George also feel strange, why do the Chinese people so tough ah, now so many people, did not get under each other, but the other party is not simple ah, regardless, rushed: brothers, we rushed! With George's order, masked men have rushed. Chu Yun some change to clip, rushing the masked man direct shot, car window glass has been broken, the car is a lose one's beyond recognition, but now also can hide a body, Chu cloud and motioned Chen Xiang rushed out from the other side, from his side out. Even the attack a wine intoxicating, people have stopped, at this time, saw the opposite car ends out of two men, holding a hand inside the guy, was shot, not dodge the masked man was killed, George not from get desperation, Shedd, these Chinese people is cunning. Although George so hard to scold, but they also have to face the reality, because Chu cloud side of the fire is not small, but have no shelter to hide, but once again back, with the help of the van barrier, it can be assured that down, but now is the formation of a deadlock situation. Many bodyguards also injured, we have to borrow the stalls, from your own clothes tore the cloth wrapped, Alan very cunning, Alan is now going to hold here, Paul there with Li Sixia, but also to let Tom past support, should soon be able to take Sixia Lee. Chu Yun, is it right? Because we are too powerful, and now those people are not! Chen Xiang one face satisfied at Chu cloud: Oh, there is really no way ah, ah, long!
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