get all shook down from high altitude

October 23 [Tue], 2012, 11:01
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultFlying devil beast in from the ground a few kilometers altitude rapid flight ,speed is more and more quickly ,and Lyra family elders Royal Flying too in the front, protect them well, while also preventing flying beast suddenly mad, get all shook down from high altitude ,although this happened more, but this time to go but there are many days Guoqin family genius ,is the master of the house the future pillars of the Lyra ,never any accident .
Sitting on the flight back dust devil beast sword ,look more complex ,be overcome by one of the brain think yourself to be Hua Yunzong forced a runaway scenario ,then ,is often the primary control flying beast sent away on city .
Then ,full of grace temperament with a loving mother Biyun days ,looks as pretty as a flower disposition is lively and optimistic sister Changyang moon ,burly is frank and honest brother Changyang house Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Sale, as well as the authoritative temperament of the master of the house Changyang PA ,a concerned sword dust kiss could not help to emerge in the sword dust brain ,in which there was his inclusion in Changyang Prefecture in living memory .
Hua Yunzong. Sword dust tight pinch fists ,he was forced to leave the kingdom by Hua Yunzong Gershen ,but Hua Yunzong Gershen Wang domestic forces brilliant sect ,for two sky st division class top strong, and the rest of the class a lot ,let Gershen Kingdom Royal to their full the fear, not can counteract the prefecture of Changyang .
China Yunzong ,when I came back, my sword dust justice day, all these years I have been forced to alone wandering ,this account ,I will take with you not . The dust in the eyes of the cold awn sword becomes more and more fierce, but he was also a very sensible, though he is now a land of Saint division class master ,with purple and green blade & Soul power, the hierophant stage few people can pose a threat to him ,but when facing the sky The Hierophant ,the sword dust almost there is no hands .
The division of the earth every realm ,like rocky gap ,the equivalent of a day in an underground, simply can not make up for .The sky st division class strong in vivo holy power has huge to a frightening degree, can support their body long time in thousands of meters high fast air flight ,and the power flow like water ,life and growth in nature ,unless the occurrence of intense war ,otherwise the sky The Hierophant in vivo holy power will never empty .
Sword of several people riding flying dust devil beast in air at high speed flight ,violent wind blows from ears ,brought up as a thundering roar ,the great influence of the public hearing .
On the road ,the people have continued to ride the flying monsters and Lyra family teams ,these people are beads ,Wang domestic forces ,each team has a sky st division class strong personal protection ,the people and the Lyra family too elders know each other, a meeting very good greeting each other, and then merge together to continue the journey .
Not all the city to mercenaries who have the devil beast can take a ride on the ground flight ,there are many riding beast mounts on the team, large-scale, each team has at least 100 ,in ground kicked up clouds of yellow dust ,forming a number of miles yellow dragon .
Half day after all ,has left the Zhuya Kingdom territory, then through a day of flight Canada Goose Palliser Sale,finally came to the door with space Kingdom ,this is a man named Zhou kingdom . My father said ,Zhou kingdom once had had a paragraph of brilliant period the northface,actual strength powerful enough to the mainland and Tianyuan put on a par with ,and the space of the door was the strength of strong ,master left, but since the name of asylum from the master of big week after opening ,the Kingdom gradually fall down ,now has become a small kingdom was unknown to the public .
Look back continuously beneath a bustling city ,flute aside and explained .Sword dust heart is a sigh ,a top strong deterrent is really brilliant ,did not think of a powerful kingdom was ,once lost, leading the existence ,it will gradually move toward decline .
Zhou Kingdom although had fallen down ,but the territory is still not small Northface Women's 3 In 1 Jackets Sale,flying beast was flying a long time ,finally close the week the imperial kingdom .Now this area has gradually starting to warm up ,the air flying beast is also increasing ,the light is the Royal Flying sky st division class top strong sword dust saw more than a decade ,in addition ,there are a number of sky The Hierophant is a direct ride in flight back to the magic bestial mounts ,discovery .
These people are in this area is in a different kingdom in some forces, are going through the week Kingdom space gate to the city .Lyra family team in too the elders has been under the leadership of fly to Zhou Kingdom outside the palace to drop down ,and then immediately is wearing a Kay generals met to face ,a warm and Lyra family was Presbyterian greeting, then Lyra family and they are arranged in a palace villa in the rest of .
The goalkeeper in the two days after the date of open space ,the two day you will be firm and secure here ,not run around ,here is the big week Kingdom palace ,if make out what trouble you ,my family .
Lyra family elders to people voice said ,then leave here .Look at the sword Sunday cold dust at a glance ,grunted coldly ,turned to his room to go, although he wanted to punish the sword dust ,but there is a big week Kingdom palace ,he dare not .
Flute to sword dust in front of body, with some cloud said: the sword of dust ,on Sunday he also went to mercenary event, later you in case he must be careful . Sword dust slightly nodded, no talk .
This two day is quite calm ,Lyra family stay in the big week Royal arrangement that independent small courtyard, not a step away ,for fear of provoking what trouble ,although Zhou Kingdom these gradually decline ,but a starved camel is bigger than a horse ,now the big week Kingdom still makes many surrounding countries very afraid .
Two days later, Lyra family too elders appear suddenly ,with everyone out there, a way through countless brilliant palaces ,pavilions, terraces and open halls ,culminating in a clearing stay .
Here already gathered a large group of people, looking forward of densely packed, at least 1000 people ,the area around the bursting at the seams .Sword dust to look up slightly ,he can clearly see in front of a transparent cover is connected with the energy of ground cover ,a semicircle shape, enveloped within a radius of 100 meters distance ,and all around in the cover up around the stop .
barrier is that Zhou kingdom that ,master left, very large are ,for so many years .Nobody can break ... It is said that before the big week Kingdom occurred during the war ,there was a king who sneaked into the big week kingdom to come against the barrier ,tried to take the spatial gate ,it is a pity that he can make it in full barrier shake ,do not break UGG Classic Short Dylyn Boots,finally helpless receded .
Big week kingdom once the asylum master too powerful ,already stood on the mainland Tianyuan peak ,he set the enchantment is it unusual king can capture . Hear the big week Kingdom ,master strength had reached the peak of his disappearance ,seems to be for the last breakthrough ,but now he has hundreds of years without news ,it seems a breakthrough in the last level failed .
Big week kingdom in the dazzling ,masters is not in this world ,but alas ,alas ,that a very strong left . The old man looked around some complex staring straight ahead the transparent barrier is commenting in succession, many people send exclamations ,also there are many elderly people at the barrier have eyes full of respect .
Even in his strong play .This enchantment ,knowing that week kingdom that master how strong the asylum . Listen to those around a word ,sword dust whispered murmured .Suddenly ,suddenly a static field ,originally murmured some people even at the same time has stopped the mouth ,then, saw five wears a white robe ,hale and hearty man slowly falling down from the sky ,it looked as if the world is the day of the deities ,more than the world .
The five old man divides into five directions to stay in that layer of ward air ,to form a five star array surrounded the transparent barrier .Then ,one old man toward around arch submissively, said: dear ,did not think of the fifty years ,today we meet again ,next, will be five of us use arcane temporarily closed ward ,you can use the space of the gates to the mercenary City ,while the use of space in the door way must be the heart is clear, we do not talk nonsense .
Subsequently, five old man also be cast arcane ,temporarily closed ward .The crowd began to slowly move forward up front ,with strong energy fluctuations continuously came ,a person through space gate are transmitted to the left here .
Soon Lyra family a group of people, and then, only to see the space sword dust door touch ,the spatial gate is a Moyo three meters high aperture ,aperture surrounding space in the fierce and twisted, volatile, extremely unstable ,and the aperture is the scene of hundreds of thousands of miles away ,very magical .
While the space under the door is an abstruse and complex array ,a five order magic nucleus is secured around ,supporting the array space formed by the door .It is just a portal ,through the use of space, the distance between the compressed into one step ,thereby reaching across thousands of miles of ability .
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