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> () Martial Law Chapter 57 Although the survey out this behind, but the hearts of publicity is not easy, because this person is not simple ah. wWw, QuANBEn, Com (Rui Rui Kun Kun little) so assertive in the deep fear of the city a few people have this one person, and this person is still the top-ranking, although this person is not deep, nor often sea. . hahawx. net course, now standing behind Sun Zhanjiang Wang, and he knows that, in addition to Sun Zhanjiang,Cheap Oakley Hijinx, Wang's background certainly is not simple, or else do not let money home son bow, but the man still Qian Que Shibi somewhat intractable. However, since this thing Wang explained down, do not hide it touches publicity, after all, he is just along the way, which left wrist pull things he could not possibly cāo the heart. Wang received publicity when the news is taken aback, did not think it actually has a relationship group and Yuan Yuan, Shen Li light behind the collapse of the company is actually the Yuan Yuan Tan, president of Asahi Group. Say it is someone else, Wang also disregard so much to help direct the light wherever he goes Shen Li to come back, but now appears to be dying. Although Dr. Wang Tai Tam Yuk not for colds, but Yuan Yuan Group's heritage in there, he can not say that Da Lielie do not care, at least to let Yuan Yuan Group has beaten is not an overnight thing. This fact, and he has a TAN Xu many similarities, not primarily institutional human, which a lot less restraint and reckless, followed by a strong network of relationships, also stood behind a lot of chiefs giant, which led TAN Xu let A lot of people think twice, that if, like him, standing behind regulating the family, the Lin family home and even water. In fact, since ancient times, most people are not afraid nor official business, but collusion, Tan Xu is one such alternative, with Yuan Yuan RMB deep inside group and abundant capital, while people with a fear of relationships, This is very complicated. For pure officials, only your background is large enough, it can put pressure on him, you can give him trouble for, though it sounds funny, but the fact that, as a simple businessman, you can suppress him, or finding fault, He then forced bankruptcy, although relatively inhumane, but this is the truth,Cheap Christian Louboutin Pointed Toe, but once the two together is not so simple. Some rubbed his swollen temple, Wang shook his head helplessly, it seems that it is only temporary shallow Ge, and Yuan Yuan Group, he will sooner or later to pack, but not now. But since promised Shen Tong, Wang also can not just walk away, whatever the outcome, and Chen Liguang daughter to talk, say, net worth is now a poor and white, you really want to turning a blind eye, he promised, a few women do not agree with the time between a woman's feelings are hard to get along, but sometimes it is very easy to cultivate, no doubt Shen Tong is a lovable girl, Lam Suet research and water rain Meng Shen Tong now, but when the sister of view, although few people spend more time has only two weeks from start to finish. Shen Li upset light touches on the matter, after all, the company has closed down a year, in the heard said Yuan Yuan Wang Group do a ghost, he just smiled, feeling of a Tan Xu gas. Shen Li had to do is light in the deep tech industry, most electronics to produce the core structure is used in cell phones and computers and other fields. Just when Yuan Yuan Group is also studying this area, but at that time the company although light Shen Li Yuan Yuan Group size smaller than, but it is to have an advantage. Shen Li light is relying on this started, so this aspect of information and data to grasp a more comprehensive, coupled with a group of around together and he started professionals, so the overall progress to Yuan Yuan Group, a leading edge. Valued at Tan Xu Shen Li-guang company's technical strength and prospects for development, so once sent over to negotiate, hoping to acquire Shen Li light of the company. Yuan Yuan Group is one of a number of large enterprises nationwide, even in the international arena on the row number, and normally this acquisition is not too much, but Shen Li used to light their own masters, not willing to depend on others, even Yuan Yuan syndicates out of the conditions are relatively good, but still he declined. Although declined Yuan Yuan Group acquisition, but also from his company planted the seeds. And Chen Liguang business together friends Cao Hai tempted, privately and Yuan Yuan Group reached an agreement, so an account, a home, two aspects of a rigorous program, so Shen Li light in a short period of time become destitute . It stands to reason that such a thing is not supposed to let Cao Cao Hai know, though, said Cao was his son, but after all it is not what a glorious thing, people know better. But when Cao has been like this kid Shen Tong, although some dandy, but there are still a lot of light Shen Li reverence, after all, the light in his mind not only his father Shen Li boss, but his future Yue Fei. So happened that Cao sea action, this guy even still righteous rhetoric and Cao Hai quarrel, quarrel result is naturally Cao Hai clean breast of the matter, cajole Cao, net worth nothing that time, Shen Tong is not his After a foregone conclusion and so on ...... things naturally Needless to say, finally became CAO Haida purpose, but Cao did not win endless beauty heart, but people hate, anger at the hospital so that the hearts and minds, and put force but was not called for his son Zhang Fan seize the inning. "Wang since the matter involves Yuan Yuan Group temporarily not to do anything, but Cao Hai accomplice should not miss this bar." After listening to Wang and Chen Liguang dialogue, on the edge of the water frowned rain Meng said. Ordinarily Tan family relationships and their water is good, but the rain water and Chenjie Yu Meng good relationship, listening to the water a few days ago Yuxiang said Tan Xu and Chen Jieyu divorce news for Tan Xu also abhorred up, together with this thing, but she was not a cent TAN Xu good impression. "Then it is up to you to cāo make it, I have nothing against the company that sort of thing is not OK." Wang smiled, bar end it passed directly Meng rain water, if simple pack Cao Hai, he did with impunity, while the rain water sprouting a people out of the set. "Well, it will leave it to me." Meng rain water actually does not matter, they are few women around all day with most of the time in Wang are vases and ornaments, rare to make her point force, But these things she could wish for. See the water out of the rain Meng call Wang smile and shook his head, this girl, she'd be afraid people have ignored the fact that he let the water surface, but because of the rain eruption does no one in the deep veins. Although it has been recognized and Sun Zhanjiang and Liaogui Cheng, but Sun Zhanjiang once he has trouble, bad trouble again, Liaogui Cheng's identity is not suitable for this, so let the water rain Meng to toss well. Water, rain water is indeed Meng family, this efficiency is not low, the next day out of the results, Cao Hai was jǐng police bureau who took huge Cao Shen Li Hai Group naturally became light industry. Of course, the reason why agile, out of the water potential of a large family, the naturally Cao sea 手脚不干净 not avoid his Cao Hai Group is almost original Shen Li Guang Group of funds, but the company's latest research gave Yuan Yuan Group. Has two reasons, Cao Hai was almost absolutely does have the ability to resist, directly investigated an overturned, to reveal everything. Since all this light was originally Shen Li, Shen Li returned again now have nothing to say rather than light, but for Yuan Yuan CAO Hai Group does not help him at this time was very furious, but also want a bite Yuan Yuan Group. Tan Xu is what people naturally do not take into account that fish shrimp him, so that rain water sprouting shot, directly on the sea gave up the CAO, even in the Cao Hai blamed, but also gave Cao Hai a feet, the Cao Hai ends up completely bottomless abyss. For such things, Wang is naturally look busy, enjoying the shot of the benefits, watching Shen Li light advantage. Wait until all things have vanished, but also left deep shi Wang, Shen Li Li Yan, who deliberately light and put a table, to Wang practice. Where the city is still deep Bihaiqingtian. And they were all considered this a beaming, Liaogui Cheng soaring around the corner, SHEN Li light re-energized, even Zhanxue Min also happily, because without him, Dongping District Hospital president's seat has become a foregone conclusion that he even has been aloof Li Yan has reaped great deal these days,Oakley Squared Outlet, Wang did not do other things, but all day long, and Li Yan exchanges medicine, China sent a pulse heritage be filled up by Wang. "This one is for me though this meal practice, as it is for you celebration." On the table, holding glasses smiling Wang said, suddenly touches some regret that he did not think his trip this time, even the deep There was such a chain reaction. "This is the king brother beg for envelopes it, to his credit, but this time the maximum ah." Liaogui Cheng Xiaohe said heard a few people laugh, put that glass gulp. In fact, not that Liaogui Cheng joke, Wang this trip is not deep and no gain, first of the Sun Zhanjiang one pledges it though do not know when to implement, but he must be to get involved in deep sea, and Chinese medicine can not confined In the south, the country is his goal. Followed by Li Yan, Li Yan these days he gave the Chinese faction complement heritage, many of Hua will not pass the secret purse granted, not gratuitous, after China sent a pulse must be his right hand man , later in the deep sea like a college city, China sent a pulse of people who will be his greatest help. From Unfinished out, already at more than nine, can eat this meal was very fun, back to the hotel, Wang few people also sleep early the next morning, they will leave the deep sea, Flights ...... get to the southern city of course, there are still a lot of trouble deep need Wangzhi Shan later, Wang has been estimated that a few patients recover that is a two-month period, to the time he has to come deep , of course, nature is going on Hong Kong Island, the last time the East China Sea disaster touches him on Hong Kong Island and the city had some deep personal connections and infrastructure. Familiar words well, a blessing in disguise, blessing in disguise, now estimated to also shut in there hair and Han Shan Tian Xi's son, the fire captain warships bombarded Wang Wang both know this is to a large harvest curse God without the eye. <
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