May 09 [Mon], 2011, 12:30

Problems still exist
it will never be solved properly
some things are destined to be problematic
coming up to a point being unacceptable
i understand now life is fair
when u think u have everything, there will be sth really bad
i'm quite sad deep under me, i'm sad about the facts
i try to avoid but i cant, i try to solve but i cant
i'm quite tired, i want to leave.
When can i restart my life?


April 07 [Thu], 2011, 22:21

i love my 嫲嫲 soo much!!! i love chatting with her... she's my guiding 2nd mum..... >3< thanks for everything~~!! i will be a very good girl for u!!! i love u and 爺爺 forever!!!! ♥♥♥

HI !

April 07 [Thu], 2011, 10:18

Wow.. its been too long....... since i wrote here ~_~

guess i've finally accepted that i'm growing up and things change, i change, my lifestyle changes and thoughts changes...... i used to be soo frustrated about the changes i have gone thru cuz i'm definately not the old me anymore.... anywayy i'm doing pretty well these few months, just the fact that basically i've been sick for the whole friggin winter and i hate it soo much! but other times i'm tuning myself and my thoughts up day by day and just trying to live a better life.... and now life is good... things are getting on track.... i have new aims and targets now and working towards it!

about designing...... i still love design but i'm thinking is it my final career now~ interesting heh? i used to be crazy about interior design.... now just have some thoughts thinking if i should let go or no? ha~~ so much in mind..... told u i've changed so much... anyways i'm still working hard at work and i do enjoy designing~ lets see what my thoughts will be after a yr or so haaaha o well.....

i'm stressing myself alot actually... sometimes i need to take a break for myself just let go and be me and just dont care about so many things :) add oil tracy! always add oil! u've done well already! give a pat on the back for myself :D


February 24 [Thu], 2011, 16:35

self discipline............. :(
i will remember it.
it really brought me down........ very down.....


February 20 [Sun], 2011, 23:49

Looking into your eyes....
thinking how 幸福 i am :)

You're my dearest man 孔先生!
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