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July 28 [Mon], 2014, 10:48
they inspected the route, cheap swimwear online they passed places are carefully planned, in the eyes of ordinary people, the leaders of heroism, in this very moment still dare to go to the first line, but they which know, to a political show, cheap swimwear online how many people are there in silence to pay? However, Xia Boda had to admit, even political show, is also necessary, at this time Li Changyu came here, can at least stable part of people's minds, Nancy hospital for fighting in the first line cheap swimwear online of the medical workers can also play a role to pacify good. The reasons for the backwardness of Queen Xia Boda is, he does not want to criticize you later, Li Changyu dare, I dare to go. Li Changyu returned to his car, tired on the seat closed.Silently pranayama,

although he has not been infected, it does not necessarily mean he has the immunity, inside after interest run a Sunday, cheap swimwear online sure that his body has no strange, spread slowly opened his eyes, at this time Li Changyu made a telephone call. Li Changyu just downstairs passion propaganda, publicity is take a shower, although not witnessed, it is Li Changyu he could hear clearly, Zhang laughs: "Secretary Li, plucky ah, this time you even dare to come here." Li Changyu sighed: "when it comes to bravery, who can you put on a par with ah!" Zhang Yangdao: "I'm not what bravery color, I was forced to a, Duval and I have direct contact, belonging to the object must be isolated." Li Changyu said: "you must try to think cheap swimwear online of a way to!" Zhang Yangdao: "I think, but I have never seen this kind of disease, can do now is to alleviate the condition, rely on their own immunity through the dangerous period." Li Changyu said: "a serious panic has appeared in public, this mood spread down, will seriously affect people's production and life, I believe you will find a way." Zhang said: "Secretary Li, don't you say so, I now is a clay Buddha crossing risk one's head, I would like to save mankind, but I didn't find a way." Li Changyu heard him say so, also aware