Why say more clearly Jordan Kobe Bryant shot alone

September 10 [Tue], 2013, 13:09
Data do not lie. Internet search function has been nike free run 3 australia so strong that even if you're just a ball blind, can also be very easy to find Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan's personal statistics. You can see that Jordan averaged shots than Kobe more than one iota of course, Jordan's career, regardless of the regular season or playoffs, season scoring average has never been less than 20 points; played more than 20 games of the season, regular season total score of 1000 points has never been lower, playoff total score has never been less than 550 points. The rookie season, Bryant, averaging only 7.6 points, a total score of only 539 points last season, even not as good as Bynum sophomore, does not seem to compare qualifications and Jordan. The first two playoff record without a starter Bryant, at that time is at best a marginal player, because his teammates still can not get full trust, access to natural few shots. However, even buy nike free run removing his rookie season statistics Bryant, averaging less than Jordan shot is still a lot of course, the second and third season, Kobe Bryant, although there have been a lot of progress, but the season, scoring has not yet reached 20. This stage Bryant Odom perhaps more should be compared, not Jordan. But even then deduct these two seasons, Bryant's shot still averaging less than Michael Jordan, of course, even though Pippen hit rate than non-ordinary people, even Bryant humbled, but in the end there is some discrepancy with Jordan; although Luo Friedman's hit rate is more horrible than Jordan, but his career scoring average is only one season Kankan reached double digits, we really have no reason to let the regular season never averaged more than 20 points below the playoff field In addition to his rookie season, averaging 29.3 points over 30 points lower than never Jordan put more shots give them the chance. The peak period of O'Neill called the scoring machine, Bryant shot at this stage relatively few opportunities to get it completely said in the past. However, even when the Lakers three consecutive data is also negligible, Bryant's field goal attempts are still slightly lower than Jordan, of course, whether Bynum, or Odom, shooting higher than Kobe Bryant will be more These shots left his teammates seem more reasonable. However, the first two seasons Bynum just a rookie last season because of injury just Nirvana long suspension, while Odom to lead the team forward Gangster has never shown any desire, how could Bryant assured of the shots give them the chance?

Of course, Jordan averaged the most shots appeared early in his career last season, although at that time, Jordan has people feel shocked, but it bluntly, at that time, Jordan was just a rookie, there is reason to Jordan in the original cooler When he was young mistakes, there is reason to believe that, precisely because of the failure of that stage experience, allowing Jordan to realize the true win of the road, so mature, so by virtue of mature performance to win the respect of more people . While Bryant averaged the most shots in the season after the departure of Shaquille O'Neal, there is reason to leave because of unclear O'Neal true insider, that this phase of Bryant attempted to prove himself more score in no way inferior to the peak period of O'Neill, to prove himself enough to fill the vacuum left O'Neill. However, Jordan's field goal attempts than Kobe Bryant, ultimately this is the inescapable fact of course, simply use the Jordan more shots than Kobe to prove Bryant independence, or with a lot of people per unit of time than scoring Kobe alone to counter Bryant evaluation, there may be suspected simplify complex issues, like the Fenshifangcheng simplified as Zhengshi to solve, the resulting answer is probably just an extraneous roots. However, by way of comparison, at least allows us to conclude that: aside team record, set aside the performance of his teammates, a simple comparison of data is indeed remarkable to be very mentally PS: Kobe alone no independence? Has entered the preseason mode for the Lakers, O'Neal left for the Lakers boss Bryant has become, perhaps very important - after all, only the team leader to better improve themselves and faster into the right track in order to lead the team to create a more much success. But for fans, this is just nothing to bicker fun, no need to have to reach a consensus.
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