Howard Carter 20 points and two pairs of magic Celtic three-game winning streak end

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 16:54
The campaign Vince Carter scored 20 points, Howard had 16 points and 13 rebounds, and Nelson had 15 points, Lewis 14 points, Barnes 11 points. Celtics Rondo had 17 points and eight rebounds and nine assists, Ray Allen scored 14 points, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett each scored 13 points, respectively, Pierce and Ray Allen scored the opening, Perkins and Rondo layup Help Celtics 85 lead. Howard asics aaron mt uk played less than half of the two fouls being benched, Barnes hit two three-pointers, Allen and Pierce were contributed 4 points, leading the Celtics 1610. Magic played 90 score, Lewis and Gortat scored separately, Nelson scored five points. Celtic back to 83 score, Rondo was one of the four points. Lewis in the final 27 seconds to hit nike shox deliver black a ball, the first section of the Magic lead the Celtics offensive flameout 2423

Section Celtics bench Daniels outstanding performance contributed 6 points, with House's shooting, the Celtics leading by 5 points. Howard insider tipped succeed, Carter hit three-pointers, Williams layup to help the Magic in 7 minutes and 20 seconds chase into 3434 levels. Wallace and Davis scored separately, magic in the next 5 minutes, only to hit a ball, Allen hit three-pointers, Rondo and Pierce scored separately, the Celtics played 100 score. Carter and Nelson four penalties in four, three-point play Rondo, Allen layup inside the first half heroics Howard leading the Celtics 5140

Howard finally played the second half, he scored twice in the paint also fouled four penalties, while opening Garnett contributed 6 points in a row, Nelson's jumper to help the Magic chase into 5157. Rondo hit three-pointers, Carter's heroics consecutive six points, Lewis contributed 5 points, Carter again in the third ball, Howard and Nelson scored separately, the Magic played 193 score, they made 7060's lead. Tony Allen hit two free throws, Lewis and Williams scored six points, leading the Celtics three quarters risk reversal Magic 7662

Finally a Pietrus and Barnes were hit three-pointers, House and Daniels get 5 points, Howard hit two free throws. Allen and House were scored, the Celtics are still lagging behind 13 points. Reddick hit two free throws, Davis three-point play, Pietrus pointers to help the Magic in 7 minutes and 11 seconds 8974 lead. Garnett scored five points heroics, Howard four penalties, Rondo hit three-pointers. Nelson hit two free throws, Pierce got four consecutive points, Allen and Kevin Garnett four penalties in the final 43 seconds, the Magic chase into 8994. Last 18 seconds Lewis shots to help the Magic win.