September 12 [Fri], 2008, 10:56
ii kamloops now^^

i have to work har!!!


August 22 [Fri], 2008, 9:39
i retireed from Disneys restaurant.
It experience gave me a lot.
i learned a lot.
i got new friendes and i feel i dont wanna retire there.
but i have to retire for my dream.

ill go to CANADA Spetember 5th.
i have to do a lot from now on.

These days... 

August 14 [Thu], 2008, 23:05
First my Hp was finished!!!!
it ganna be a gerat one i think///lol

second im worried about him who gone to India....
wether he is alive or not everyone dont now....

third im going to Canada next month!!!
One of my dream will come ture!!!:)

and im coserned about why im so fat...lol
everyone say you are smart...
but i never think so.

im going to diet for 4 month in CANADA!!!
This is one of the my aim when im in CANADA.

im going to talk about my univ. 

April 18 [Fri], 2008, 18:09
I go to university in Tokyo. It takes 3 hours.
No I just want to tell you is the people around me.
I decided to go to college because I want to make my dreams come true.
So I am really looking forward to studying many kinds of class. Because my knowledge is increase more and more.
I think the people like me are so many at my college.

They have what they want, what they want to do.
They have bags with in brand.
And they are fashionable.

In my surprise, the first class of my spring term in Global learning class, I was looking forward to taking that class.
But all people in that class is laughing and talking a loud voice. So I couldn’t catch what a teacher saying.
I really don’t want to like that situation
I thought so the first time.
I really regret why I decided to go to that university..

i met her 

April 14 [Mon], 2008, 17:34
i met the people who was next to me at my dometory.
i really love her///
becasuse her always has her own idea about ecerything happen at this world and her life. and its has i indeed about that every day.
so im really respect her.
She has her meaning what she is in this world.
i think its waste that dont say eny thing of this world.
if you dont say any idea, you have no meaning about ths world.
its mean you not in here.

i dont wanna do that. really.


April 12 [Sat], 2008, 8:54
after my work at Dinsey land i was going to go to lalaport becasuse i want to buy bag like to climb the mountain tomorrow.
i thought that my schooraship will payed at 11.
but today i went to Chiba bank to bring some money/////
its no money in my bank!!!so i sarch every schooraship custom and the union.
then i read the line that is April will pay at day of 20.


my lover 

April 11 [Fri], 2008, 22:05
i met my lover at shinjyuku.
before that i workedat Disney land,i called him.
so i really didn't wanna go to Shinjyuku because im so tired.
i saied that i dont want to go to there becasuse i have to work tomorrow so i ll get up at 4:40am,,,
then he saied that you dont want to meet me?
so im broke...lol

i thought that Tokyou to Shinjyuku will take 45min but its 14 min.
so im surprise and i feel apporogaize him.

we went to saizeria and dotoru coffee.
we were looking forwored that some bowring space or some place which we can enjoy.
but we couldn't go somewhere becasuse he made a mistake to go there.
moreover That place wouldn't at Shinjyuku...lol

tomorrow i ll go to part-time-job.
and next day is my date with him.

you mean...the bill? 

April 10 [Thu], 2008, 19:34
i saied that to my customer today at my part-time-job.

smile is important..
and my area of ptj,,,
everyone say that are you angly?
Do you have some stomach?
but im fine.
its because my face;that is im seemes like im angly.
i think i enjoy my work.but everyone think that im not enjoy the job.
today im so sad;;

The woman who is the member of my new part time job saied today
that you looks pretty better than natural.
im little bit happy to here that,
and i decided to keep smiling all day at least in my part time-job.

These days... 

April 09 [Wed], 2008, 18:24
i have a lover now.
but i dont know about what i should do for him.
im conserned about it these days.
he saied that i wanna merry you.
but i couldn't believe that words.
oh my got............./////////////

and im now working at Disney land.
too hard job but its really fun time i have.

These days are changing very fast. 

December 14 [Fri], 2007, 23:40
became the important day for us...

we went to Izu to see the beautiful stars, and went to Odaiba which is the first date for us. there days i fall in love him day by day...

He is became the treasure for me.
i wanna please him all day all time.

today i back to my demitory so we couldn't meet today.

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