OMG I'm stalked by Pelipper!

March 03 [Sun], 2013, 13:20
This marks our 15th article!
It's been for a while now... have you liked our article?
If so, thanks a bunch!

We started our rescue team the day after my Caterpillow... well Caterpie left.
I wondered if Caterpie reached his mother safe and sound, but he never came back, so maybe it's alright.

Each day when I leave home, a Pelipper would turn up and deliver me several letters.
Why can Pelipper appear EXACTLY the moment I go out?
He must be stalking me!
Or I'm haunted by something! Eeeeeek!

Today I received a letter from Magnemite, saying that its friends are stuck in the depth of Thunderwave Cave.
Hmm... just curious... I never went to Thunderwave Cave...
I'm getting tired of Tiny Woods recently...
But a brand new dungeon could be dangerous...
And what is the dungeon's name?
Thunderwave Cave?
It says Thunder!
Don't you know that I, now the form of a Totodile, have a weakness to Thunder-type?
Are you serious Magnemite... YOU could do better in this thunderous cave or whatever...

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Human or Pokemon? Fork in the Road

February 17 [Sun], 2013, 16:34
This is our 14th article!
So it's been over fortnight we've been through this... amazing!

Caterpie left...
But it couldn't be helped.
I'm glad Butterfree won't be chasing after me anymore...
So what are you planning on doing from now on?

Until Chikorita asked me, I never realised I was actually at a loss what to do.
I know I used to be a human, but I really feel as if I'd been this Totodile all the way... it's weird.
And I can't remember anything about being a human?
Who was I? How old was I? What did I do everyday?
It's such a nonsense to lose your memory like this.
It's terrible.

If you don't have anything up to you, why don't you join my rescue team?

Chikorita asked me.
So it's a rescue team... it sounds to be good to be rescued... I wish somebody comes to rescue me from this deadly Pokemonic world... my salvation to human world...
Hang on, a rescue team? Would I be the one to rescue, not to be rescued?

With you I can form my own rescue team!
And this house could be our team base!
There've been a lot of disasters lately, so I always wanted to help other Pokemon!

Hmm... this could be a crucial decision to me... wait a sec... maybe a night until I can make up my mind...

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Cheerio Caterpie

February 13 [Wed], 2013, 17:28
This is our 13th article...
So it's 13th! It's Friday today! No it isn't!

After sleeping with a Caterpillow, I woke up and went out of the hut.
There was Chikorita!

Um... so hello, you know what?
Butterfree... she tried to banish me after she washed me this morning!
What's become of Butterfree?
Why was I sleeping at Bufferfree's house?
She's literally gonna do this... unless... unless Caterpie is found...

Well Caterpie has been my pillow last night, so don't worry.
You won't be troubled to find him as he is in this hut you generously provided me.

I simply told Chikorita what took place in Tiny Woods yesterday.

What? So Butterfree took me for HER SON, CATERPIE?
I mean, it's Caterpie! That legless larva!
I'd in no way look like Caterpie however grimy I was!
Butterfree must've been blind... oh yeah, so she was so worried about her son that she was crying when we met, so perhaps she didn't have enough sight to tell me from that louse!

I'm no louse, I'm a proud Caterpie!

Caterpie called from behind, looking rather rugged from a night being used as a pillow.

Thanks for letting a bug stay at your house.
This is goodbye.

Caterpie set off, leaving speechless Chikorita and me at the doorway.

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Bye-Bye Butterfree

February 09 [Sat], 2013, 21:10
This is our eleventh article!
Metapod is the 11th Pokemon in Pokedex! Did you know that?

Thank you ever so much for saving my son's life.
This is for your trouble.
Please take it.

Butterfree thanked me and handed me an Oran Berry.
Wow it looks juicy... my mouth is watering... I never felt like this before I became a Pokemon...
But you wait! You're still holding Chikorita!
Hey Chikorita, say something!

Um... Mum?
It's... Chikorita you're holding, your son is me, over here.

Caterpie broke the silence.

Huh? Who are you?
I think I saw you somewhere... yes, you do look familiar... maybe you are a friend of my son?
But please, no kidding.
I'm tired of waiting for my dear son for all day!

Butterfree left, still holding Chikorita tight.
Oh no, Chikorita must have fainted again... what would become of Chikorita and Butterfree when she wakes up?

Caterpie seemed puzzled.
He stood frozen to the spot, and suddenly began to cry.

Oh... my mum must have been so angry... she actually threw me away... where should I go... I'm nothing more than a worm... I need protection...

Yeah you are a worm.
But I think she can't have thrown you away while she was so desperately waiting for your return.
I think the problem is you and Chikorita being to much alike... the great shepherdess must have duplicated you!
That's that!

Butterfree and Chikorita were now gone, and I was left in sunset with Caterpie.

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Two Worms from Tiny Woods

February 08 [Fri], 2013, 11:38
This is finally our tenth article!
Thank you for your reading! Bless you, ha!

So Caterpie was actually playing around...
We took all this trouble to rescue Caterpie...
And look at Chikorita! She fainted!
You insolent, pesky worm!

Caterpie looked somewhat sorry.

Okay, I'm going back to mum.
Mum must've been worried... I shouldn't've kept her waiting so long, anyway.
It was so fun playing with Pidgeys in this Tiny Woods, so I lost sense of time.

Good, so we're going back.
Chikorita! You lumpy caterpillar, stand up, we're leaving!

Caterpie showed us the way to return to the entrance of Tiny Woods.
So he could go home alone!
We were totally unneeded!

At the entrance, Caterpie's mother, Butterfree was waiting impatiently.

Gosh my son! It's my son Caterpie! He's alive! I knew it!

The moment Butterfree saw three of us, she started to cry and... held Chikorita tight.

My son... you became this thin... must've been famished? Mum is just so happy to see you alive again... ooh...

Hey, it's Chikorita.
It's not your fault to take Chikorita for Caterpie, they are both so muddy and grimy and... anyway they look almost the same in the first place!
Yet... your son is here, standing right here beside me...
But Butterfree wasn't listening.

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