December 24 [Fri], 2010, 2:18
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I am very into gruesome things.
edgar allan poe ♥
I am Brutally honest, i am straight-forward.
"<1+2" <--Yes, i DID invent that.
{うんこ} I don't lie, there's honestly no use in lying at all, white lie or not, i'd much rather know the cruel truth than to be lied to, and you should want the same thing unless you're some pathetic fuck that wants to know the false side of things to get pleasures from it.
{うんこ} I have trust issues.
{うんこ}I hate labels with a burning passion.
{うんこ} I love attending shows/concerts, but only if they're bands i approve of.
{うんこ} I was tested on alot as a child, because they say i have "a.d.h.d.", they fucked with my head, they used me as a lab-rat, like they do to a million of others. I never fell for it, i knew what they were doing to me, i was forced to take these pills, these dangerous pills, for a disorder that was planned, a disorder that isn't even real. Those who make the plan to rule all one day, to destroy all, and those who have this so called "a.d.h.d.", they are afraid that we will plan against them, with intelligent plans, that will surely defeat them. But that's enough, before i go on and on, it is not real. Basically, my mind is just too much, my imagination is too wide, too unique, they are afraid, and all of the others that they lied to and fed drugs, they were too much, i made it through, i still have this mind of mine.
(Long story)

{うんこ} I scare people.
{うんこ} I am a major POTTY MOUTH.
{うんこ} Emile Pandolfi and Yiruma.
{うんこ} I am very perverted, but only with words, i am not anywhere near a "slut" that goes around touching random shlongs.
{うんこ}I like to stare at people while they sleep.
{うんこ}I am extremely open minded.
{うんこ} I enjoy the German and the Russian language.
{うんこ} I Don't like Hollister, Abercrombie and fitch, aeropostal, ect. Those preppy brands, NO THANK YOU.
{うんこ} I snort when i laugh.
{うんこ} I dislike sexists.
{うんこ} I am an asshole.
{うんこ} I am nocturnal.
{うんこ}Things that i find funny would most likely freak you the fuck out.
{うんこ} I am mental in the brain, i am insane.
{うんこ} I enjoy horror films, but i'm pretty sure you can already tell.
{うんこ} I'm agnostic. I believe in my own theory.
{うんこ} Corney/lovey-dovey conversations make me want to barf.
{うんこ} I like to sit back, and watch people make mistakes, chuckle a bit.
{うんこ} I LOVE babies.
{うんこ} Stupid people piss me off, but at the same time, they amuse me.
{うんこ} I love the winter.
{うんこ} I have many sayings/wise words/poems i make myself, but i decide not to put them anywere public, because i don;t want anyone stealing my shit.
{うんこ} I love white roses.
{うんこ} I am NOT human.
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