Guo Ming's knowledge of God

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 12:02
Guo Ming felt the knowledge within his soul into the sea, a cold breath into his holy spirit, so that he can't help to a shiver.But Guo Ming is biting tooth stick, his hands were soon covered with a layer of ice, and the ice is more along his arm to his systemic spread.These changes to let Guo Ming eat one Jing, hurried to run the way of water, the surface soon emerged hazy liquid, then spread rapidly to slow down the speed, but still visible speed increase.Guo Ming's knowledge of God through the careful analysis of such material arm structure, a moment later, Guo Ming's right hand was completely covered with ice.Guo Ming's face is with shock color, want to take the right hand, is horrified to discover that his right hand was unable to move, and his body lost contact.Guo Ming soon thought of what, forced back, only to knock the PA, Guo Ming's arm as jade general, inch crushing, direct blowing in the air Women's Canada Goose Expedition.Guo Ming gasped, what on earth is it has so powerful?"Master, you play self-mutilation?"Behind the little bear's voice."You lift the seal?"Guo Ming held back pain, bared teeth asked."My not so quickly released, and in just the seal by the great disturbance, I want to be your touch Womens Ralph Lauren T-Shirts Sale, now all the seal to lift me up."The bear watched Brokeback Guo Ming, curious and asked."What the hell is this?How so?"Guo Ming pointed to the six root of the dark and cold chain, greatly in the heart afraid."If I guess correctly, this should be taken from the nine recesses of the Taiyi God iron, legend has it that he has great Vaillant, what specific capacity because of the time too long, I don't know.""Have you hold open the Taiyi God iron?"Some of Guo Ming's doubts."The God of iron I'm constantly but that doesn't mean I can't walk."Winnie confident, binocular explosion, spit out a sound to me.If the sound of thunder, shaking Guo Ming a stagger, was nearly deafened ears, a gushing blood."Your uncle, intentional ah."Guo Ming shout abuse, but then he felt the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, endless pools of Geogas lecture, upwelling, a strong air volume for the body of Guo Ming, took him to the above pull to.Guo Mingqian changeable theurgy instant start, the whole person into a wisp of water, in the deep end of the pool to swing freely, it can almost all destroyed in the riots will difficult for the Guo Ming effect causing a.Bang Bang bang.On six successive loud noise, God iron collided with the terrible sound through miles deep pools, flash bang bang, Guo Ming felt the emptiness is a nameless strength apart, which is included the world as the majesty of heaven and earth, shall not be infringed.Guo Ming with the water directly onto the thousands of feet of vanity, he quickly into a human Baby's Snowsuit, suspended in mid-air.He does not know under what happened, can intuitively feel bad.To really this spring burst forth, would be a huge disaster.Until ten minutes later, Guo Ming was not aware of the coming of the bear, movement, sound: "Winnie, how are you?""Alas, it is too strong, I can't open."From the tone of his voice heard in Guo Ming with the unwilling.In fact, understanding, what can people down, is to give him hope, then handed out hope, so the most that can destroy a person.God bear is this state.Guo Ming naturally can not leave alone, according to God's spirit and bear, Guo Ming soon came to God bear side, his right arm has been restored, quality reached the transfer period, have to reshape the body's ability to.Just need a real element is loss.Guo Ming operating the myriads of changes prowess, whole person suddenly emit cold breath, his right hand once again took the Taiyi God iron.The ice again over his body, Guo Ming's knowledge of God through the arm overwhelmingly detection, moments after Guo Ming on the ice is slowly receded.This let God bears a surprised: "how could, even I work hard or by virtue of, how could you let chill retreat?"Guo Ming did not answer, the person becomes cold and heartless, hold Taiyi God Iron Palm method is changed, then carry all before one of cold iron was quietly melted.
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