Business promotions and packaging.

December 16 [Mon], 2013, 15:04
Business promotions and packaging.
Today, business promotion is an integral part of any business's success, as it is through promotion that a business expands its customer/client base and opens new windows of opportunity. There are many ways to promote a business, and each varies in regards to time, labor and costs. Many business plans use a combination of methods, based on individual needs and circumstances. Here are suggestions for how to promote your business.

Promotion, which includes public relations, advertising and marketing, will attract new customers and minimize quiet periods ensuring that your business thrives.In today's competitive business environment, no other factor probably matters as much as customer service does. You simply can't afford to annoy your customers. In modern society, there are many different avenues open to entrepreneurs looking to get the word out about what their business offers. From traditional print media to the internet, there is enormous scope to use public relations to get journalists to provide independent coverage of what is going on in your business email, the internet and SMS messaging have opened up a whole new range of ways to market your business beyond direct mail.

Customers are people instead of numbers, it is important that you put consideration and effort into building personal relationships with them. For example,send surprise free samples, people love free, period. Consider sending free samples as a surprise in your customers’ orders. Maybe you could include a note with each sample telling them, this not only drives feedback and gives your current customers exposure to more of your products, it makes your customers fall in love with you.every business owner still needs to put some work into regular and ongoing promotion to attract customers.

Packaging aims at avoiding breakage, damage, destruction, etc., of the goods during transit and storage. Packaging facilitates handling, lifting, conveying of the goods. Many a time, customers demand goods in different quantities. It necessitates special packaging. Packing material includes bottles, canister, plastic bags, tin or wooden boxes, jute bags etc.
Label is a slip which is found on the product itself or on the package providing all the information regarding the product and its producer. This can either be in the form of a cover or a seal. For example, the name of the product on its PP woven bags or PP bags along with the manufacturer’s name, the date of manufacturing, expiry date, batch no., origin etc., are printed on the slip thereby giving all the information regarding the product to the consumer. The slip carrying all these is details called Label and the process of preparing it as Labelling.
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