MT6589 thl quad-core version phone evaluation

July 04 [Thu], 2013, 16:38
MT6589 thl quad-core version phone evaluation
Last year, 360 union all domestic smart THL W9 manufacturers have whipped up a

360 special for the machine's boom, while main cost-effective 360

Special for the machine is also welcomed by many consumers. One of the most hot, the

most popular is the flagship students, priced at only $ 999 360

Special for the machine thl, and this $ 999 dual-core machine was the first dual-core

mobile phone less than a thousand dollars, regardless of the shape and configuration

are available

Cycle points. Today, thl will bring its new quad-core upgrade thl Quad came evaluation

room, go to the following detailed

Fine understanding thl quad-core version of it.

thl is a main cost models, popularity is very high, and also to the domestic

manufacturers with various smart phone

To a lot of pressure, what big V-Quad Amoi thl than what upgrade it, we can look at

the hardware parameters compared
From the comparison of these parameters can know the big V-Quad and Amoi thl what

different. In the models, thl Quad

Is , and thl is N820, N821 (progressive version). thl equipped with a quad-core

MediaTek MT6589 latest quad-core

Heart processors, frequency of 1.2GHz, compared thl THL W100 has a very big upgrade. But

unfortunately thl quad-core or the continuation of

1GB +4 GB of RAM and ROM combination, camera, batteries, etc., and also to maintain a

consistent thl. Another big difference is the summer

New Big V equipped with a quad-core is now the latest Android 4.2.1 system, is to

force, the same support for GSM / WCDMA dual-mode dual standby.

Appearance is not very different

First, let's take a look thl quad-core package, as this is received thl quad-core

engineering prototype version, so the box

Not too much on the information presented, but the appearance of the packaging, design

style and thl is very similar.

Because the engineering prototype, so the THL W11 is also not too much stuff, only data

cable and charger, and no headphones, I believe positive

Type listed versions of accessories will be more complete.

At first glance, Amoi thl Quad and the difference is really big V little big V Amoi

basically follows the design, but the texture on

thl ratio increased. thl quad-core in appearance and thl can be said that the two

brothers, the same sleek slender physique, while

And the body size is also very similar, but thl quad-core design style is obviously

restrained a lot.

In thl quad-core phone on the front are the front-facing camera, pixel and Amoi big V

is the same as 300 million pixels, next

A sensor in the middle is a large V Quad Amoi handset parts. thl quad-core handset a

lot of well-designed, thl's

Is embedded, but not eye-catching. The Big V Quad Amoi handset design is very eye-

catching metallic strip type handset, flat

Shop at the top of the screen, a lot of quality is also high. Unfortunately, the big

V-Quad Amoi thl and also not equipped with the same finger

Lamp, use is still some inconvenience.

In the bottom of the fuselage are three touch buttons, button style from the point of

view, and thl to maintain a consistent, the operation will light white

Colored background lights.

thl quad-core settings are also top of the fuselage and maintain a consistent thl,

respectively, set the phone's 3.5 mm headphone jack, a few

According to the interface after the lock screen button.

In the bottom of the fuselage, then with the call microphone and open the back cover

of the gap, position thl almost. But thl

Quad microphone set on the bottom, while the setting thl bottom of the screen.

thl in the left side of the fuselage quad, set the volume control buttons. Notably,

thl keys are all the body

And the back cover is integrated, and thl quad-core is redesigned, the body set up in

all the keys at the fuselage, and the phase

Compared thl, thl quad keys are used metallic handle, feel, enhance the perception is

very obvious.

2 quad-core evaluation thl: back detail, battery life Top

Cover design

Big V Amoi thl-Quad and back cover design is similar, but the big V-Quad Amoi change

back even tend to tide now

Stream aesthetic. thl quad-core cover more than generous thl and less rough feeling,

and the use of matte plastic

Material, compared thl matte back cover, feels smoother.

thl quad-core upper back with a 800-megapixel camera and flash, from a round to a

square, and add

A silver ring edging, texture has been some improvement, the bottom is the speaker

phone, a lot of design seems fine.

Open the back cover you can see the big V-Quad Amoi inside thl quad-core internal and

thl is not much different, a

Sample is neat and orderly, but work to significantly better than thl.

And Big V as Amoi, thl quad-core support dual card dual standby, using a standard SIM

card, SIM card slot is also double as set

Meter, next to the Micro SD card expansion slot, up to 32GB of memory card expansion.

Battery capacity, thl remained at the same quad-core 2050 mAh. Many people are worried

about quad-core processors Amoi

Big V quad-core, endurance will drop it? In fact, compared to the processor using 28nm

process processor using 40nm process, the phase

Work under the same frequency, the power consumption of the former better control, so

Big V quad core and dual-core real power basically the same.

After several days of evaluation use, thl quad-core performance 2050 mAh battery is

quite reliable, full power, normal power

SMS use words, you can spend a little more than two days, if on the Internet, or

gaming entertainment, then what can one day and a half, I believe

Heavy use, you can also spend a day with satisfactory performance.

3 thl quad-core evaluation: MT6589 quad-core processors introduced, running sub Top

4.5 inch IPS screen

Screen, Big V Quad and Amoi thl-progress version to maintain a consistent, using a

4.5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of

960x540 pixels, screen, although not made obvious upgrade, but if you used both, then

you can obviously feel Amoi

Big V quad screen is a lot of good.

Big V Amoi thl Quad and progressive version of essentially the same between the two

screens, but thl quad screen performance degree, but better. Positive

Side view, then, the color is very strong, a bit like Super AMOLED screen with high

contrast and brightness is also very full, it is more

Please people's eye. In the viewing angle, thl quad-core performance is also very

good, almost no obvious color cast, while table

Now is to force.

Processors, running sub-

thl is equipped with quad-core MediaTek MT6589 latest quad-core processor, with regard

to this processor, the author briefly introduced

Look. MT6589 as a quad-core processor, compared to the dual-core MT6577 enhance the

rate is relatively large. MT6589 uses

1.0 ~ 1.2GHz main frequency, using the Cortex-A7 architecture and the latest 28nm

process technology. Also equipped with a dual-core Power VR

SGX544MP graphics processor, the fifth generation PowerVR products, up to 13 million

camera and 1080P video recording, also supports

Support 1080P video decoding, and support HDMI 3D output.

From the above hardware to run sub situation, thl Fengyun quad-core processor

performance is still very strong. In Bunny and Lu Ann

Masters can easily run points in breaking million, while in the Web performance test

and graphics tests also achieved very good results, run a large tour

Show that there was no pressure.

4 thl quad-core evaluation: Android 4.2 system introduced Top

The latest Android 4.2 system

thl quad-core in the system can be described under the foot up. thl quad-core equipped

with the latest Android 4.2 system now

System version, built 360 desktop and a variety of software, with quad-core processor

and Android 4.2 system, thl quad-core system

System operation is very smooth, this carefree operation feeling attractive.
Since thl quad-core is equipped with the latest Android 4.2 system, then the lock

screen interface on the very personality. And its

His 4.2 system phones, thl Quad about the state of the lock screen slide the screen to

quickly view text messages and e-mail, etc., can also be

Custom shortcut launcher.

In the video, equipped with quad-core processor MT6589 thl quad-core support full HD

1080 video playback, so

1080P video playback is also no pressure, smooth viewing experience is also very good.

5 thl quad-core evaluation: photographs, evaluation summary Top

Ability to take pictures

In the photo, thl-Quad is equipped with a 800-megapixel, front 3-megapixel camera with

LED flash,

Parameters and to maintain a consistent thl, but made a better picture optimization.

thl quad-core support for HDR, landscaping, panorama mode

Photographs, audio support zero-latency, smile shutter and face recognition, the use

of the latest 4.2 system, taking pictures right on the sliding interface

You can quickly enter the picture library. Video, also supports 1080P video recording.
thl quad camera interface

From the above photo proofs, although the argument is not much improvement, but it is

made in the photo optimization relatively large upgrade.

thl Quad excellent ability to take pictures in the outdoor sunny circumstances, be

able to capture sharp pictures and scenery color

Expressivity is very good, rich color performance, the scene is also in place to


Evaluation Summary

Big V Quad Amoi thl can be like as big selling, popular, largely depends on their city

limits of not upgrading between

Obvious. In addition to hardware upgrades, user experience, the actual operation

should have a better performance in order to ensure special for the machine to the


Position. From the above evaluation, thl quad-core can be said to do. Amoi Big V Quad

before a change in the various deficiencies thl

, And to be optimized, making thl quad-core overall high quality a lot, if the price

can be maintained so close to the people thl

Then thl a quad-core will become the new hot 360 special for the machine....
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