FIFA 18 News: FIFA 18 Common Operation Problems Summary

January 05 [Fri], 2018, 12:58
In FIFA 17 a lot of PC version players will encounter some problems such as open the game, it did not respond, black screen and some other issues, when running the game. Then how to solve it? fifa safest coin website would like to help you solve it because we may meet the same problems in FIFA 18.

1. Turn on the start interface, click start. If the game did not respond, the game can not come out.

Solution: This problem is ecause of basically the graphics card driver is too low. Just update to the latest graphics driver. The most important thing is in the graphics settings, the 17 program should be added to the high-performance graphics setting.

2, After the start of the game, the screen is black. A few seconds later, it automaticly exit from the game.

Solution: fifa 18 trusted coin sellers encountered many players meet the problem of black screen with occupancy rate of 90%. The specific reasons are not clear, then uninstall the anti-virus software automatically after the repair, and anti-virus software may conflict. The focus is that do not forget to restart the game after the uninstall.

3, The graphics driver has stopped responding, and automatically reply to problems.

Solution: This problem is particularly prominent when playing games with a notebook. We feel there are two reasons. First, the notebook architecture or built-in drive has a recommended system, the proposal is to install win7 for win7, win8 for win8. Second, most of the drivers are not be updated, directly install their own drive disk driver. The graphics card, because of the game requires, must be updated.

4, DirectX error problem

Solution: It paused when playing and then pop up the dialog box prompts this problem. The solution is very simple, from the control panel to change the language of the region into english (the United States) and then start the game with compatibility min7 with Additional administrator privileges.

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