Custom Superman and Superwoman Bobblehead

September 22 [Sun], 2013, 0:07

If you also like to make a superman bobble head for your beloved or the real hero on your life, you can go to a reputable bobblehead vendor like Topbobble to have one. Remember to pick a clear photo, so that the artist will be able to capture more facial features and make your bobblehead more detailed. It’s a common phenomenon that the kids regard their father’s as a superman. It’s not only common in the world of kids, but also to the adult women. Women also take their beloved as a superman in their life. When we are children, our father is the super hero in our childhood. He knows everything in the world; he is always the head when we play games, he can repair the machines in the house, can tough the things over his head. It’s the same to the girls when they meet the one in her life. He is the one who would be aside her when troubles happen; he is the one brings happiness to you; he is the one say sweet dreams at night. When the birthday of our father or beloved comes, it’s a brilliant gift idea to make a personalized superman bobblehead to them. Such a superman bobble head not only looks fun when the head wobbles anxiously, but also meaningful because it convey the message that “you are the super hero in my life”. Following are some superhero bobble heads order by our customers. You might be able to get some special perspectives from this superman or super lady bobbleheads and put it into your own gift to the hero in your life.

This father and son super man bobbleheads are a gift ordered by a lady customer to her little kid and loving husband. When she required us to make a custom, superman boblehead to her son and her husband individually, we proposed to make them standing on the same base. This way, they will look like superman father and son naturally. When it comes to the stance, the father was made standing confidently, clenching his fists at the side, while the baby is lifting his right hand over head and getting reading to elevate. The cape of the father super man bobblehead is made on the back when the kid does not have a cape. It make both of the superman bobble head bodies looked like father and son. When the she shown the personalized superman figurines to her little boy and honey, they are hugely surprised by such a unique father’s day bobbleheads gift and kelp them on the cupboard in the living room.

Super hero is not only character for men but also for the brave or bright girls. That’s the reason many customers make personalized super hero bobbleheads for their female friends or little girls. Following are two examples of the super girl bobbleheads made for a lovely kid and a super sales lady. This super girl bobblehead are made in It was ordered by an Australian customer for his daughter. When she was figuring what type of bobble heads should be made for a comic loving girl, she browsed the funny bobbleheads in internet and finally found this super hero girl bobblehead model. In stead of making the “S” shield on the chest, he required the artist to make it on the back of the cape. If you have a daughter or relative who loves super hero characters, this customized super girl bobblehead will make a stunning gift to surprise her.This personalized super girl bobblehead was made by the artist Ryan Cook, it make for the manual sales in an American company. Initially, the sales manager intended to make an office lady for the super sales. By getting ideas from the artist, the manager change his mind to make a super hero girl for the sales lady. By making her name and company logo on the back of the cape, it become a one and only award for the manual best sales in the company. As it got a bunch of positive feedbacks, the company ordered 50 for each salesman and saleslady in the sales team. If you have a super sales, super house wife or super mom in your life, this super hero bobblehead will be perfect to make a unique personalized gift to impress her.

Before ordering a good quality personalized bobblehead with great likeness, be sure to find a vendor with skilled artists team. You can read the reviews in the internet or ask your friends who have ordered bobbleheads online to get info about the good vendors. Hopefully, this passage gives you ideas of making a nice bobble head for the one your hold dear.