Longest Rivers in the World 

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There are many factors that make measuring the entire length of a river extremely difficult to do. The river length between the source, where the river actually begins, and the mouth, where the river meets the sea can sometimes be nearly impossible to locate and therefore; one is forced to estimate the actual length of a river. In order to determine the approximate length of any river, one must also consider the tributaries, as they may make the river much longer than originally thought. Throughout time, scientist, ecologist and even countries have argued over what are considered to be the longest rivers in the world. This article will give you a brief overview of the top ten most widely recognized and agreed upon rivers in the world, starting with the shortest.

10. Amur–Argun 2,763 miles
The Amur-Argun river forms the border between Russia Far East and Northeastern China. For much of this river's length it flows south, south east and eventually flows into the Sea of Okhotsk. The Amur-Argun primarily flows through some of the most remote locations with few inhabitants, most whom have had little to no contact with the rest of the world.

9. Congo 2,922 miles
The Congo River is the second largest for the amount of water dispelled. If one could harness the power of the Congo River, it is believed that the electricity needs it could meet could cover all of sub-Saharan Africa.

8. Paraná – Río de la Plata 3,030 miles
It continues to flow through several countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay where it forms a border for these countries and eventually reaches the Atlantic Ocean. The Parana River is important for transportation and fishing but also for hydroelectric power as it has become an exporter due to two dam projects on the river.

7. Ob–Irtysh 3,364 miles
This Siberian river, which achieves it length due to its Chinese tributary the Irtysh. This river is important for irrigation and shipping.

6. Yellow River 3,395 miles
The Yellow River flows mostly through China and has played an important role in China's history, as well as being responsible for some natural disasters.

We are halfway through our list of the top ten longest rivers in the world. Next we find the fifth largest and perhaps the most frigid river among all on our list.

5. Yenisei–Angara–Selenge 3,445 miles
This river drains much of Siberia to the Kara Sea. It is important due to several hydroelectric dams.

4. Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson 3,902
The Mississippi flows through several states within the United States. Since early American history it has been an essential part of trading and transportation.

3. Yangtze 3,917 miles
The Yangtze is China's longest river flowing from East to West. It is also the hot spot for a heavy debate on the building of the Three Gorges Dam which significantly changed the ecosystem of the river.

2. Amazon 3,976 miles
This river lies within the rainforest and is a major part of the worlds ecosystem. It also holds the larges volume of water of any other river.

Finally, we reach the end of our list of the longest rivers in the world. While the actual precise size is unknown due to tributaries, it has been determined that only one famous river can hold the title of the longest.

1. Nile 4,132 miles
The Nile river in addition to being the longest, is perhaps the most well known river in the world. It flows through several African countries and eventually into Egypt where it has been the major hub of Egyptian life for thousands of years.

All 10 rivers, beautiful and unique in their own ways has found a spot within our list of the top ten longest rivers in the world. Each one, a fantastic example of how nature can create various, majestic beauties regardless of climate, or continental boundaries.

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