How to dominate at the back even if you’re not powerful

March 17 [Fri], 2017, 10:34

  Okay, so John Stones didn’t have the best of seasons with Everton last year.

But has there been a classier English centre-back since Rio Ferdinand? If there has we can’t name them.

Weighing in at around 11 stone and standing at just under 6ft 2in he’s by no means the most physically intimidating defender,buy fifa 17 coins so how does he dominate week-in-week out?

1 Communication is key

Ideally you want to be paired up with a gnarled veteran who wants to head the living daylights out of anything and everything that moves.

Whoever you are playing alongside communication is vital. Ensure you talk through who’s going to win the ball and who’s covering, especially if you’re likely to be beaten in the air a lot.

Talk like your life depends on it, even if your lungs are bursting and your voice box cracking.

2 Get your midfield to double up

Don’t let your midfield slack while watching you get bullied by the opposition’s 20 stone forward.

Get one of them, ideally the more defensive minded, to double up on the striker and keep him from causing carnage.

You want to get in a position where the striker is kept with their back to goal and the midfielder can nick the ball, as Gareth Barry and James McCarthy do to great effect at Everton.

3 Work on your reading of the game

This is where the best centre-backs earn their money, regardless of their size.

If you are able to read the pass to the striker and intercept then it completely negates their physicality.

But you can’t be reckless. If you misjudge the pass and get there too late, or the striker rolls you, you’ll be out of position chasing back to your own goal, and no defender wants that.

4 Stay on your feet

When faced with a powerful striker it’s tempting to go to ground and try to chop them down to size.

Ignore this temptation unless there’s no other option. Stand up and use your body angle to move the opposition where you want.

If they’re stronger on their right foot close off the avenues and forced them onto their left, and vice versa.

5 Pick your battles

Don’t let your ego talk you into slugging it out with their biggest player all game.

Be sensible. If there’s one big striker and one small striker, and you’re the least dominant of the two centre-backs, then go bully the little guy.

Otherwise you might end up living the recurring nightmare that Nemanja Vidic went through every time he faced Fernando Torres.

6 Play through the lines

The reason why Pep Guardiola is so keen to get John Stones on board is his ability to play through the lines from the back.

So, rather than smashing the ball in the general direction of your striker when you have the ball,buy fifa coins get your head up and look for a midfielder.

Look at Italy in Euro 2016. The lack of a natural playmaker didn’t hurt the squad because they had Leonardo Bonucci spraying passes from the back. Bonucci is good. Be like Bonucci.