picked up a piece of sky

July 08 [Wed], 2015, 12:18
People really have the next life? Can you believe that? I naturally do not believe.

Wait for QingDeng kids keep reefs, beauty chi half ninghai withered. Life colorful and delicate, spent his life, the soul is will dissipate, or will it stay, there will always be my thoughts on life the persistent, butterfly is painful to see this bustling world, man is accompanied by the loud cries to say hello to the world. It will be discarded, the grass will hang down, and the determination, the city her honey haired snow, lost, is the color of life. Every corner in the spring of next year, and return to charm, picked up a piece of sky.

Person's life there are a few years? Happiness is temporary, the pain is temporary, don't know if I fall there whether after will meet to the picturesque scenery. Young hazy is a kind of beauty of youth, then what is the life time, is permeated with happiness and crazy. Looked at the wall clock in, but I have a cruel idea, I want to break it, thinking of the time can back again, those that I can't forget the past, how thick is missing. The sunset is the most beautiful scenery in the sky, two long and narrow form in the golden sunshine, beautiful but unable to move the line of sight, perhaps, in the sunset, this is the last of the most beautiful moment in life.

In fact, I want to make more happiness accompany me all my life, next life again with the one you love, acquaintance happened, can last forever, hope don't wait until that time, only 1: "who are you? How are you familiar?" But unfortunately, there is no if, isn't it? I don't believe there is next life, so, now I am pessimistic and optimistic, thinking of life is not a lifetime? Had no suffering, but at the same time happy had just finished. People always greedy, want to end this mistake when in pain, seek relief, but we all want to wrong, sadness with joy, this lifetime in his hand, just for a lifetime, but is still a life, just next life too crazy.

You believe it? Winter the spring would not be with you forever, won't always haunt you, so, think about your own life, next life, is a mystery.
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