Who would have thought a few days, her husband on the Internet to send me a message

July 09 [Tue], 2013, 17:26

One day, the QQ found a heartbreaking group messages: Inner Mongolia region occlusion as a primary school, traffic behind, economically disadvantaged, since there are many children do not enter after the cold winter coat to wear, they yearn well-intentioned people in society contribute 400 - 10 years old clothes. Here are a few children dressed in tattered, leaning on the doors and windows on the photo. It Nike Huarache Free For Sale was two years about six-year-old girls, their clothes stained with grease, a large portion of the short pants, pockets Department has several obvious holes. Behind the dim land, a big gap on the windows like a voyeur's eyes as coldly watching these two young girls.

Poverty, stung my eyes. Remembered her family do not wear underwear small, so many pile, colorful, messy closet dissipate into the atmosphere at home, turned turned into chaos, piled piled on the old. After her daughter heard the news, happy jumped three feet high, gazing at her smile as bright little face with flowers, hearts sigh: half is really sympathize with those poor children, watching them as rags and seemed dispirited look, watching them and the oil hole and appears Nike Free Run Womens lackluster appearance, enough to live comfortably in her world there is no such strong visual and spiritual conflict, so she will not be required to wear the clothes donated to them; half of it? In my adult secular perspective view, partially handled she felt old clothes that make wardrobe is more spacious, but also for the next many months or even buy new clothes again proposes are well prepared, such organic reserves how worthy and necessary ah!

Thus, on the eve of the upcoming sleep, she ran to his front two grid wardrobe, looking through the left and right look, their seasons seasons according to the clothes of a simple classification, in my side assistance to help her The clothes were not screened. Little while later, the bed has two stacked pile of clothes. Skirts, pants, sweaters, down jackets ...... blue, green and white, colorful, colorful. She sincerely looked up: "Mom, those kids receive the clothes will be very glad dead, right? They never had so many nice clothes Oh!" Pigtail I touched her, love to say: "Yes, ah, we made a meaningful thing too! "she dutifully went to bed, not much for a while, then a slight snoring. Light, scarred her little blush, mascara thrill, like most Nike Free Run Womens Sale of the Butterfly. If you have a dream, her dream must be Rose-colored bar.

Who would have thought a few days, her husband on the Internet to send me a message: After verification, of depression is an ordinary teacher, this post has been sent in a few years ago, he had received all the students to wear enough clothes years. There is currently an improving economy, government support, students who already is not now look like the naked. This number has now become a voice of Taiwan charges hotline. I am extremely surprised, heart filled with inexplicable. He told me that three days before the fight depression Chancellor of the phone has been unable to connect, deeply skeptical. Our thin lines across the same care for silence, and finally reached a consensus agreement: daughter confidential. Such as the right opportunity to bring the clothes on the sofa home country to require children Nike Kukini Free Sale to wear. I can not imagine when she learned that he worked so hard to prepare, full of hope hope, the last is a fraud, then what would be the reaction?

Sincere love is touching, Nike Free Run Mens Sale love lies is embarrassing. Children, I can give you, is possible innocence.

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