Luohu district, Shenzhen campus all-star project started outside coated hands-on teaching

November 12 [Tue], 2013, 17:25
Crest high school physical education teacher Mo talked about why can football on campus than any other district, Luohu district, when better considered that: mostly in small player selection, we pay more attention to, primary school for each year of the League, we will organize the coaching staff to watch the game, pick out some good prospects for centralized training. Second, gives us considerable support for the work of leaders at all levels, on the enrolment of both football and is still usually take the player out of the game, from leadership to the school has attached considerable importance to the leadership, and will try to meet our requirements. Chen Jianning says as football focus soccer school, Crest high school football initiatives also got special attention of leaders at all levels, whether it is financial support also was on the training of coaches, has given us a lot of support. Schools keep students ' cultural achievements in the first place, after all, they have to participate in senior high school entrance examination, the college entrance examination. While football team of students out training, and game, certainly in culture learning Shang will some effects, but if in exam zhiqian out training, and game, we will arrangements the section teacher put related of information even is papers through mailbox of way issued they, let they in training, and game zhiyu for learning, if usually out training, and game, they back Hou we also will arrangements teacher to they for remedial.

Duan Likui specifically mentioned: road, Luohu district, the campus soccer atmosphere very well, favourite my children in this atmosphere, play and learn. Like September for tours Asia-less game start training camp until 10 back, the child has missed a month of cultural courses, but the President attaches great importance to,nike kobe 8 for sale and asked the teacher must arrange time for these kids to play catch-up, and also arranged some of the better students helped these children to play catch-up. Two weeks later, I asked my son, he said before falling course has cured. It is worth mentioning that, as a student, and is now the team's main striker, Duan Liuyu naturally concerned by many professional clubs recently, there are many career coaches looking for parents of Duan Liuyu, hoping to make Duan Liuyu entered the Echelon of professional clubs. Duan Likui said myself strongly disagree with now, Echelon, and talk with your kids about agreed at least to finish high school. Professional teams as a direction, if given the chance in the future I hope that he can play professional teams, but must now reconcile their cultural classes. So we must constantly urge him, first of all in the training must work harder, or after its professional team must keep up with other people. Next: learn cultural lessons, if play is rarely a professional team, you want him to be able to get a good University so that is good.

Shanghai shenxin is representative of small clubs in the League, "I think constant won development advantages and disadvantages for Chinese football, favourable place is to enhance the status of Chinese football, let the world know where more Chinese Club also gives more attention to Chinese football, also will let more kids aspire to football in this campaign. Good lies, evergrande's win was the result of a single large, it and the level of development of the National Football League has a lot of different, evergrande has always been dominant in these few years, which led to a lot of other clubs formed a gap between them. "Qin 蘋 Club, says that," evergrande under many big-name players, while high prices bring in foreign aid, very often to the disadvantage of other clubs in the development is definitely. Domestic player price high and constant, excessive foreign aid worth both have a certain relationship, now the Chinese market there is no small issue. ”