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Thus Ar-Pharazфn, King of the Land custom nfl jerseys of the Star,uirtd23 grew to the mightiest tyrant that had yet been in the world since custom nfl jerseys the reign of Morgoth, though in truth Sauron ruled all from behind the throne. But the years passed, and the King felt the shadow of death approach, as his days lengthened; and he was filled with fear and wrath. Now came the hour that Sauron had prepared and long had awaited. And Sauron spoke to the King, saying that his strength was now so great that he might think to have his will in all things, and be subject to no command or ban.

And he said: 'The Valar have custom nfl jersey possessed themselves of the land where there is no death; and they lie to you concerning it, hiding it as best they may, because of their custom nfl jerseys avarice, and their fear lest the Kings of Men should wrest from them the deathless realm and rule the world in their stead. And though, doubtless, the gift of life unending is not for all, but only for such as are worthy, being men of might and pride and great lineage, yet against all Justice is it done that this gift, which is his due, should be withheld from the King of Bangs, Ar-Pharazфn, mightiest of the sons of Earth, to whom Manwл alone can be compared, if even he. But great kings do not brook denials, and take what is their due.'

Then Ar-Pharazфn, being besotted, nfl jerseys custom and custom nfl jerseys walking under the shadow of death, for his span was drawing towards its end, hearkened to Sauron; and he began to ponder in his heart how he might make war upon the Valar. He was long preparing this design, and he spoke not openly of it, yet it could not be hidden from all. And Amandil, becoming aware of the purposes of the King, was dismayed and filled with a great dread, for he knew that Men could not vanquish the Valar in war, and that ruin must come upon the world, if this war were not stayed. Therefore he called his son, Elendil, and he said to him:

The days are dark, and there is no customized nfl jerseys hope for Men, for the Faithful are few. Therefore I am minded to try that counsel custom nfl jerseys which our forefather Eдrendil took of old, to sail into the West, be there ban or no, and to speak to the Valar, even to Manwл himself, if may be, and beseech his aid ere all is lost.'

And Sauron came. Even from his

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mighty tower of Barad-dыr he came, and made no offer of battle. For he perceived that the power and majesty of the Kings of the Sea surpassed all rumour of them, so that he could not trust even the greatest of his servants to withstand them; and he saw not his time yet to work his will with the Dъcustom nfl jerseys nedain. And he was crafty, well skilled to gain what he would by subtlety when force might not avail. Therefore he humbled himself before Ar-Pharazфn and smoothed his tongue; and men wondered, for all that he said seemed fair and wise.