Practice walking with right posture as wearing nike heels shoes

November 30 [Fri], 2012, 16:07
Even if you mastered the skills, nike heels you can't wear high-heeled shoes also as casual as wear the flat bottom shoe, you must always remember how heel on your feet is high and more fine. Walk down step by step, try to make the sole intermediate part first touch down, may be because the heel is too high, and the way to do that is almost impossible, heel will be always the first to touch the ground, but must try to do so, always want to have such a step landing trend, this feeling is very important, such steps land,and trampling down is the most stable, as long as you feel right, even if a fine heel to land, homeopathy trampling down can also make feet step on the center of gravity, unless shoes quality have a problem and appear step instability, and then immediately shift forward my center of gravity to toe, the body's natural move forward, in order to maintain stability, then knee can slightly curved, heel son on after stability quickly unbend, nike heels support another leg again take go to, round and round.

Feet landed feeling is very important, remember not to have with heel or tiptoe touchdown, center of gravity swing results is very easy to create the foot sprain. When moving, the upper part of the body to keep standing posture, back must keep natural stand firm, receive an abdomen to hold out a bosom, center of gravity by, visual ahead, don't bend down. Each step, are used to twist the waist hip power drive thigh forward step, legs and feet are natural relaxed with out, the foot fall in front of must find a smooth feeling is the most important. This move will make walking legs on produce pressure to reduce a lot of, nature will keep your lightsome and elegant, heel to high all not afraid, nike heels taller jump over swaying posture was born.

Instead of tenseness thigh strength in go, that is not dead tired, how is it that light had to get up? And this is also the necessary characteristics in heels, let tall fine heel tread generated that peculiar sound, rhythm and lively, the pleasant-sounding, become beauty comes a necessary component, connect oneself appreciate up all is a kind of enjoyment. When practicing pay attention at any time to that as stepping the focus of the upper body is to maintain in the middle of the two legs. Can with a mirror, the reflection of the window or ask friends to help look, so can effectively examine whether your body have forward or backward wrong posture. Also, two feet across the interaction, they do not have to in a straight line, also can be a little cross, as long as nike heels foot can be going on naturally.