February 28 [Thu], 2013, 11:37
Cle. The lawgiver, if he asks my opinion, Men Toms Shoes will certainly legislatein the form which you advise.
Ath. I think that you are right, Cleinias, in affirming that alllaws have preambles, and that throughout the whole of this work oflegislation every single law should have a suitable preamble at thebeginning; for that which is to follow is most important, and it makesall the difference whether we clearly remember the preambles or not.Yet we should be wrong in requiring that all laws, small and greatalike, should have preambles of the same kind, any more than all songsor speeches; although they may be natural to all, they are notalways necessary, and whether they are to be employed or not has ineach case to be left toms shoes outlet to the judgment of the speaker or the musician,or, in the present instance, of the lawgiver.
Cle. That I think is most true. And now, Stranger, without delay letus return to the argument, and, as people say in play, make a secondand better beginning, if you please, with the principles which we havebeen laying down, which we never thought of regarding as a preamblebefore, but of which we may now make a preamble, and not merelyconsider them to be chance topics of discourse. Let us acknowledge,then, that we have a preamble. About the honour of the Gods and therespect of parents, enough has been already said; and we may proceedto the topics which follow next in order, until the preamble is deemedby you to be complete; and after that you shall go through the lawsthemselves.
Ath. I understand you to mean that we have made a sufficientpreamble about Gods and demi-gods, and about parents living or dead;and now you would have us bring the rest of the subject into the lightof day?
Cle. Exactly.
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