WOW! Long time no blog 

2006年03月22日(水) 23時41分
I didn't realize I've abandoned the blog for so long!

Recently, I've been doing a lot of work and touristy activities.
For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been in work on Saturday mornings too. Pay rise? Of course not
I’ve been to the opera Romeo and Juliet (a little disappointed with fat old hairy Romeo) and lots of museum outings including Guggenheim and Neue Gallery.
St. Patrick’s day was a crazy one. I didn’t finish work till late and I joined my Irish friends who’ve been drinking since the morning. Due to my empty stomach, wanting to catch up on drinking and being Asian (lack of alcohol enzymes), I don’t remember a thing after five shots in half an hour. It’s very pathetic and I’m hoping not to repeat that for a while
I’m going to see another opera tonight called Mazeppa by Tchaikovsky It’s four hours long, so I surely am looking forward to that.

FYI: My supervisor’s not in this week

Pancake day in England 

2006年02月28日(火) 23時38分
Work is ridiculously busy at the moment because we are submitting a grant tomorrow Five-year grant is a lot of pressure, especially for a little 67-year old lady! So this month, I have been reading papers everyday and I haven't done any experiment!

Anyways, the Internet connection to my own computer got cut-off because my source (the lab next-door) got caught using unauthorized Internet service...

It snowed a little around New York last night and today's being very chilly

Confused early-twenties 

2006年02月12日(日) 15時12分
Yap I'm back in the damn lab on Sunday again

It's been snowing so much in NY According to Tomoko's weather news, it has accumulated about 20cm and it will continue to snow for some time. The snow flacks are huge, so I'm hoping we wont have to come into work tomorrow

For some crazy reason, I went shopping yesterday for sandals and currently, I'm listening to Bob Marley as I watch snow falling
I suppose I really want the summer to come now that I have my sandals They are pretty and I want to wear them outside my room

NY food deliveries have been very good to me this weekend and I've been having my lunch and dinner delivered since Friday night Mostly having sushi from Chinese-owned Japanese restaurants They are cheap, and some Japanese-owned Sushi places don't have Alaskan roll, so it works very well for me Indian or Mexican for dinner tonight. Mmm Food delivery...

Anyways, it looks like we'll be having a White Valentine's Day on Tuesday. Hope you love birds are planning a nice dinner Think of me getting food delivery again
A suggestion; Roses from Asaoka Rose would go perfectly on this special occasion


2006年02月05日(日) 17時35分
I'm back at work again co's I did sht all yesterday at work But Im not so depressed today co's I got to speak to a buddy before I came in.
I havent spoken to him for more than half a year and it was so nice of him to pick up the phone and immediately knew who I was when I said hello I would be like "Who the hell are you! Stop calling here!!" lol
Anyways, he is someone who I can really rely on with everything, and who I love going shopping with (I normally prefer to go on my own). If I bitch, he'll bitch with me if I spend too much, he'll make me feel better by spending a hundred times more and we have pretty similar taste in men, but we never had to fight over one
Anyways, thanks babe. I'll look forward to seeing you here xxx

Tomoko the fisherman 

2006年02月04日(土) 16時59分
We were invited to a club called "Frying pan" last night This club was built on a sunken ship and it was a little scary and dingy. The interior of the ship was pretty amazing It had big wheels, crusty beds and big pipes running through all over the place. The metal sloped floor was a bitch to dance with my heels but we had a great time here. A random night in a hidden club with cheap drinks are the way to go on Friday nights I wanna go back there again when the ship actually leave the dock on summer nights But then again, I don’t know if I will be comfortable staying all night in a sunken ship with weird wasted people with techno music
Im back at work today reading yotta (largest amount on my "Scale Table" with factor of 10^24) of papers Its not going well, so I’ll probably have to come back tomorrow too

Busy busy 

2006年02月02日(木) 11時51分
For crying out loud!
I was at work yesterday for 12 hours with total 20 minutes break
Fingers crossed today will be a chilled day

A quicky 

2006年01月27日(金) 16時35分
Already Friday afternoon!? I can't believe how quick this week went by! I still remember very clearly whining to my friends about beginning of the week on Sunday night and I just realized it's over already! The funny thing is, I don’t really remember what I did this week (not because I've been drinking everyday, but because it went by so quick). Hope I’ve done enough work this week
Plans for tonight? Yes indeed on a Friday especially when we got paid! We are going to a fish and chip shop for din dins and to a proper club because my underage room-mate is not coming out with us tonight. Sorry gal, but sometimes, we need to do some serious boogying

January is over already!? 

2006年01月25日(水) 23時12分
Sorry for not updating for awhile boys and girls. I’ve been very busy both at and outside work. So here is a quick catch-up.
We went to Atlantic City in middle of the month and I won $25 Casino gambling is illegal in NY so I was a first-timer gambling on the East coast. We all took advantage of free drinks too (my friend lost over $150, so we were drinking like crazy to make up for his loss).
It got cold again in NY so I watched a lot of movies over the week. Fargo by Coen Brothers and King Kong were the best out of hundreds of movies we watched. Currently, I’m very determined to find myself a big gorilla (and make it fall in love with me) so I can sit on its palm
I did Yoga for the first time a few days back That was pretty good, but $15 for an hour session!? No way. I rather see a film next time thanks.
The winter sale is still on, so we are window shopping most of the weekend
Mmm… It doesn’t sound like I’ve done a lot in a couple of days, but I can’t write any longer. I have to run and do an experiment

Oh my! Time flies! 

2006年01月11日(水) 6時36分
It’s already middle of the week! Hope everyone’s week has been pretty good
I went to the gym on Monday for the first time this year. I haven’t been power walking for awhile so it was great to sweat like a pig again
During the weekend, I went to a very funky Japanese pub (Izakaya) in St Mark’s place. My friend really enjoyed it, especially the candy floss machine where she made her own candy floss (there was more candy floss in her hair than on the stick). I also brought very pretty heart navel jewelry from the piercing place I got it done. I have to go back in a month because I only had it for four months and Mike (the Russian manager) said he won’t change it for another month. Oh well... a good excuse to go back to Izakaya again! Don’t forget to ask me to show you the pretty heart navel piercing when you see me next!
Last night, we went to a Korean restaurant in Korean town so we are pretty stinky today. Yum Yum Bibimbap


2006年01月04日(水) 18時56分
Last night, I've reached my threshold while listening to The Darkness and eating curry so I bitched about English people to my three closest friends in NY, who happened to be all English
Two guys thought it was hilarious, but my flatmate was shocked and she was not impressed at all. It was great for me though because now, I know can complain about English people to the guys and won't be so stressed out

Gonna go to an Ethiopian restaurant tonight Fingers crossed co's we have no idea what Yebeg Alicha or Yasbeh Gomen are!
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