Last day 

June 25 [Thu], 2009, 6:40
This is the last day of mine in Swede this time.
In this country, time passes so fast. I think so...

In spite of my short stay for 3 weeks, some friends of mine
were kind to hold a small farewell party.
We were eating ice cream in the coffee time around 3 o'clock.
Some of them are from Iran, China, and of course Sweden.

Also, my boss here invited me for dinner tonight.

Everyone was so nice in this institute!
I have almost never been stressed or had any problem.
I want to express my gratitude for all of them.

I hope I can come back someday.

I will be in Japan in 28 hours.

Visiting a friend of mine 

June 24 [Wed], 2009, 5:37
I have to apologize that I have written such few articles this time in Sweden.
I expected that I would have plenty of time here, but time passes so fast, and three weeks were not so long here in Sweden. I could somehow finish to write a paper.
(Perhaps, it must be improved some more)

Today, I visited a friend of mine who is living in valvo, about 15 km away from the institute.
He used to be in the Ph.D course in this institute before, but he had to quit his job two years ago.
That's because, the economy was not so good at that moment. Since he was the last person hired in that time, he had to quit. That's the rule.
Now, he has found a new job, that's nice news.

So, it was really, nice for me that I could visit him today.

However, what I was really surprised was that he has got a disease named...
"Myasthenia gravis"
It's a very tough disease.
Now, he got pretty better, but he has to take care of himself in order not to get a cold.
Only to get a cold can make him much worse.

Since I have been here four years ago, he has been very kind to me, and really nice guy.
What is the best thing is that he can live in ordinary way.
He can work everyday, he can walk, he can see anything, unless he get a cold.

I really appreciate that I could have such nice friends in Sweden.
Perhaps, it can also mean that I'm getting older and older...

Go to Stockholm 

June 15 [Mon], 2009, 20:52
Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, I have been working in spite of weekend.
Instead, I go to Stockholm today on Monday and stay there for one night.
That's because, a colleague of mine is now in Stockholm to attend the conference.
I have a promise to go to the bar with him in the night.

Perhaps I can show you some pictures two or days later.
However, we have no plan where to go and what to do so far.
It can also be a fun to walk around a city looking for somewhere interesting.

Some works on going here 

June 09 [Tue], 2009, 1:24
Sorry, I will write about work today.
It will be very boring for some people reading this blog.

Here, in Gavle, I newly met some students.
Some of them are Ph.D student and others are between Ph.D and Master's student.

One of them is working for PIV measurement of the Jet from the wall.
He had some difficulty for that measurement.
Since I have experience of PIV, I think I can help his work,
but it is always difficult to find the best setting for PIV.

I also met a girl from China and a guy from Spain.
Both of them are working for Impinging jet ventilation separately.
Today, she tried to visualize the flow impinging on the floor.
I tried to upload the photos I took, but it seems difficult now.

I think this kind of ventilation is relatively new system in the world.
I don't know if it's better than displacement ventilation.
Anyhow, it's quite interesting work for me.

Back to Sweden 

June 06 [Sat], 2009, 0:46
Now, I've been back to Sweden.

When I arrived in Gavle yesterday, it was horribly cold, rainy, and also windy.
I hear the whether will be improved this weekend. I hope so...

This time I will be here for 3 weeks.
The objective is to present the outcome of my Ph.D work, to write a Journal paper, and to help some measurement.

Since there is no empty room left in this institute now, I am working in the wind tunnel lab...
However, my flat is quite good, though there is no internet connection.

I intend to show you some picture later.
Please have a look if you are interested.


July 28 [Mon], 2008, 8:08
Now, I'm in my flat, writing this blog.

This is my last day here in Sweden this time.
I've finished all the works I had to do here.
Thanks to all of you, my work could go well here.
Today, in the early morning, I'll leave Sweden.
I'll be in Japan in 24 hours.

My time has passed very fast here in Gävle. That's too fast.

It is always very hard that we have to leave somewhere
we lived for some while. It's quite strange feeling. I'm glad to be
able to go back to Japan, but I don't want to leave here.

It was really nice for me to be able to come here again.
I don't think it is only my effort that made my staying here possible.
I was supported by quite many people.
My supervisors in Japan and Sweden, my colleagues and friends here
and In Japan, and of course my family.

I really want to be grateful for all of them.

Dear My supervisors in Japan,
I really appreciate you for giving me such a nice opportunity again.

Dear My supervisor and colleagues in Sweden,
I liked to be here among you, and thank you for inviting me again!

Dear My colleagues in Japan,
Thanks a lot for supporting me.

Dear my family,
I can really do nothing but say thank you for your never ending
patience and support.

Dear all... all of you,

Tack så mycket!

This is where my office was. I was here.
From the end of August, a professor from U.S. will be here.


July 27 [Sun], 2008, 21:19
This weekend, I visited a friend of mine living in Valbo, suburb of Gavle.
He was working in our institute, but he had to leave in this April.
Anyway, he was very kind to invite me for lunch before I leave Sweden.
Fortunately, the weather was very nice and very warm.

This is the village where he and his family live.
It's a small village in the forest.

His house was one-storey house and he is re-building it to two-storey house.
A yard is also provided, it's nice for their kids to play around like this.

After lunch, we went to beach, not so far from Center of Gavle.
Many people could be seen there swimming, playing a sport, just enjoying a sum.
I and my friend didn't swim, but his wife and kids did.

Although I can't speak Swedish at all, I could play with kids.
Yes, It's always possible somehow.
Perhaps, that's just because I haven't grown up?

Anyhow, I'm going back to Japan tomorrow.
I have to be ready for hot summer in Japan.

Some improvement 

July 20 [Sun], 2008, 3:15
Sorry, It has been a long time since I wrote before.

I've been working for another kind of measurement.
Since it's not gone well, I was anxious if I could obtain good results
and finish that work. Now, it was improved and became acceptable.
It was very 48th trial of that measurement... I could optimize all setting.
So, it was nice some improvement could be seen.

I was also revising my paper for some International Journal.
It's against the second round review. Again, I got a lot of comments.
I have to manage those things before I leave here, but the calculation
is still running now.

Anyhow, I have almost only one week here in Sweden.
It has been tough, but made my life here quite worthwhile.


July 08 [Tue], 2008, 7:10
Last weekend, in the lab, a colleague of mine spoke to me.
"Do you like whiskey?"

Actually, I'm not strong at all, but I was interested.
They have not had the whiskey of Swedish brand.

I heard a student wondered why they don't have their
original whiskey in Sweden. Then, he went to Scotland to learn
how to produce whiskey. Of course he visited the company
or factory of Scotch whiskey. To be surprising, scotch people
were really pleased with he came to them to learn whiskey.
Then, they showed the way.

Now, he has established Swedish brand.
I'm not sure, but I heard so.
I think that's true to some extent.

Now, it is produced in a suburb of Gävle (not so far from IKEA Valvo).
It's still a little bit difficult to buy. We have to order and wait.

Anyhow, my colleague suggested to drink it together.
It can be nice souvenir, but still sounds pretty expensive.


June 30 [Mon], 2008, 7:14
Today, I visited a house of my colleague, because he invited me.
He has children of twin. We played a game with them, and eat
dinner with another guest also.

The main purpose of his invitation was to watch football game.
Yes, it's the final of Euro.
Although I don't know so much about football, it is great interest
of them, and I also get to be interested.

Anyhow, it was over, and from now on, the town will become more silent.
I have some more thing to do here. I hope I can finish it in time.
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