A day in the life of Yumiko 

2005年06月26日(日) 15時40分
She e-mailed it with her friend into the night and overslept.
Because she seemed to be late for the first class,she ran hastily to a station nearby.
She takes 2 hours by a train from a station nearby to her university.
She was in time for the first class,but she slept half of the class.
She bought rice balls as lunch after the second class in a convenience store and ate with her friends.
She worked part-time at a restaurant from afternoon.
She gets 900 yen a hour and works 12 hours a week.
She works tobuy clothes and does not work to buy books for study.
She goes to a library when she needs these.
She can borrow books from 2 weeks.
If she is fourth grade student,she can borrow books for 1 month.
She returned to her house(She lives with her family.) after having finished a part-time job.
She has slept immediately when she returned to her house because she was tired.

A day in the life of Yuki (groupA) 

2005年06月24日(金) 11時03分
She gets up at 7:00.

She goes to university by bus.

She sleeps during a class.
It's O.k.
The teacher ignore that.
But when she starts to chat, the teacher often scolds her.
Because chat interferes with a class, but sleeping is not.

After university, she works part-time.

After that she goes to drinking with her friends.

That's why she lacks sleeping time.

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A day in the life of Kyoko 

2005年06月24日(金) 10時33分
She get up at 8:00.
And she watches the news on TV while eating breakfast.

She go to university by train and bicycle.Her class begins at 10:40.

She takes economics.There are 30 people.
It is oneway teaching.So students listen teacher and write notes.

Afternoon, she has lunch with friends on school cofe.
She allways spend about 400yen.She likes noodle.

After the lunch time, She takes politics.
Then, her friends send email massage ask her

'Where do you go to after the class?'

She return email.

'Let's go to Kichijoji bar.'

to be continue・・
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