Once again... 

November 01 [Sat], 2008, 16:28
I am moving over to



October 24 [Fri], 2008, 20:56
ahahahaha! 2nd week of school had ended! And guess what. Our new timetable is really KILLING me.

nbcb.From tuesday to friday we had to start school at 8am. Which means I had to wake up at freaking 5 in the morning! MADNESS!

and I cut my hair again. Guess my dream for perming at Dec is totally demolish. IS LIKE A ARMY BOY BOY CREW CUT LEH! albeit with fringe on. But still is freaking short! I really can't get to see myself in short hair!

Yet my parents and lecturers is saying I look, slimmer,younger,cuter,more handsome in short hair.

Why adults think like that one ar? I ask u all.TSK leh.

I wan long hair! Dont care. I must fly to bangkok now and pray for the 4-faced goddess that my hair will become a bush this coming December. BEFORE XMAS.


My goddam bloody toric lens is still on delay. Been 3weeks already. Plus even tho if the order is sent out. I still need to wait bloody 3weeks for it to arrive. AND one more day for in to post to my house.


Cheapskate,cheap thrill. Life is fair i belief...

Anyway I somehow ace my haircutting test. But score fuck shit for my hair coloring. Oh well. I must really start doing good deed before bad karma falls upon me...

I just kiss ants as and when i saw them now..(I use to kill them be pressing them,semi-press which means somehow they twitch and struggle and continue to crawl its worthless life away before I use a tissue or whatever I got in my hand going down full force to it.I got a killer instinct.)

Buy tissue when I saw old/poor/sick/handicapped lady/men selling tissue.

Take flyers when ppl is distributing.

Smile to people that people look/stare at me.( I use to return this evil glare that can make a adult pee in his pants. Or curse him/her repeatedly in my heart that his/her entire clan shall be perish in my hand ONE day.)


Karma very scary one leh...later suay suay tml I kena car bang or what. Admit to hospital for 6months sia.

Lagi suay is later the hospital is besides our school only...


touch bloody wood.

And I din know I type so much today.

I must be crazy.

jia lat. 

October 12 [Sun], 2008, 2:35
Wah I am so going to hell man. I just dig out my sister diary and somehow read through! And found some little secrets. Well not really though cuz she had told me most of it.

Anyway I just bought 1 pair of Geo-black1 tori lens! Very cheap leh $15.24 in total only.

My Maxi one cost bloodily 28bucks la can. Heng one month already planning to throw away soon.

Anyway this will probably be my last post for this weekend.

Cuz sadly school is reopening and I gonna face another chapter of life....

Like I always said you won't know what's happening next..

So long folks thanks for viewing this few weeks, this blog gonna go in hibernation once again soon.

Thanks and tata!

Aiyer. tak-glam. 

October 10 [Fri], 2008, 23:09
Omg. What do you call people that think too much? There must be a term right? Wait wait I go search.


Ok la so actually I search already. Is called paranoia la. And this type of people takes depressed, sad, hopeless, discouraged into another brand new level. I don't know how they do it lor!

Just like 1+1 can let them think until some fomula or something.Normally when I met such people I seriously don't know how to deal with them leh!

All I can do is just talk to them. When I said talk I meant it literally. Just like what they ask me I will reply them positive answer(Not like behind those answer is negatively la but still..) cuz I really don't know if I will said something stupid or rather had a hard impact on them and thus creating a brand new chapter for them to start thinking and go into a delusion or something lor! Scary leh this type of people.

Later penknife become their bestfriend how? Wah kao. Jia lat lor I tell you.

okok a simple example for paranoia is that they don't dare to board a plan cuz they fear that the pilot is an alcoholic and thus the plane will crash.

Jia lat anot you tell me. Paranoid until like that.

Well this actually happen to one of my friend...

I really don't know what shes thinking lor.

Just hope everything will be better for her la.

On a lighter note. SCHOOL IS REOPENING!

I am terribly slow already for not finding a virgin hair model lor. Confirm kei miss ang ma de.

Ta ma de.

Anyway gonna end here and tata!!

Jia lat~ 

September 27 [Sat], 2008, 20:31
I might have diagnose with diabetes! Oh shit.

So gonna go for a check up on Tuesday. ccb ccb.

Gonna stay away from all those sweet stuffs. Shiat.


Gonna look on the brighter side. Dont eat, will have low blood sugar, eat also don't what to eat.

na bey. be vegetarian better.then everyday go workout. NOW I NOE WHY IS THERE SO MANY VEGETARIAN..

Ok. Lets try be a vegetarian then.

LETS TRY. Or maybe cut down in food intake. like

Eat normal for breakfast, little for lunch and dont eat dinner.

Avoid soft drinks. Drinkwater.


Should I be sooo touched? 

September 20 [Sat], 2008, 19:55
BEST of friends? I seriously hope so.

"A stranger stabs you in the front; a friend stabs you in the back; a boyfriend stabs you in the heart, but best friends only poke each other with finger nails."

Well guess what ALVIN Lee.That totally so suits you! You talk shit about other singer behind their back when is not even true(unless you can prove to me what they done is real) you talk shit about your friends that they can't be trusted(How great) yes you love ur boyfriend so much that you make him remember you for life. But you dont FUCKING poke people with finger nails as ur besfriends.

Recall abit DOES ANYONE in UH0801A love ur poking? HELL NO. If yes they must be obsessed with ya poking.

I can true fully tell you.

Alvin Zhang don't enjoy it at all.
So does me.
Chin Ting

All those u have either scratch poke or whatever before.

We care for you, thats why we don't fucking scold you right in your face. Or in other words don't let you lose face. And when we said STOP in a very nice manner you are continuing giving that reluctant face and continue poking us.Never? Think about it.

Yes we all know that you are a good friends to us. Making us laugh with ya joke about other singer (when we fully know what you said is obviously a lied,but still funny).

What secret you told me, I kept it. How bout what I told you? You spread it like a wild fire. I've already forgive and forget. And we all know that you had a great obsession on Ayumi. We all know that. But c'mon people have different opinions. You don't take a knife and force them to have the same feelings with you towards ya great idol right?And opinions is suppose to be voice out. Well you don't like it and you can accept it as a fact you can always ignore it!

What if Mr Woo have the same thoughts as me? Don't tell me you will hate him as your teacher forever?

Quote it from your blog

"but after hearing that kind of comments from him... that it, I know i need to cool down... and just now someone gave mi a call & told mi that he even blog about it... Fine!!! if that's the kind of path he wants to take our frienship to... by all means..."

Whos taking that kind of path to our friendship? What a great joke.

Unless you can tell me what you talk in the phone to jocelyn and wanting is not what you are saying. Then I will say sorry to you and remove that entry (I know that will never happen because you said it and you are making wanting to be the scapegoat)

So whos taking our friendship to this kind of path?

Me? You? or God?

You decide.

Anyway Sunday you will be leaving for Vietnam hope you enjoy your trip then.


I really cannot be bother ANYMORE after this entry.

After so bloody long. 

September 19 [Fri], 2008, 21:37
Finally, after like so bloodily long? I am able to sit down with my fuck ass and ramp my keyboard once again.


Anyway today is the last term of the 2nd terms. Which mark me closer to my graduation day. Didn't know 9months past sooo quickly.And also so many fuck things happen in 9 fucking short months.

Which I can only sum up the entire issue as, childish(me included),backstabber will never extinct and arrogant people ended up in the losing end.

Maybe lets just seriously wrap things up in a quick way.

Just before I start, I know this post will maybe offend some people or even FLAME some of them.No intention was applied. Because what I am blogging later on is base on facts. So if you are not pleaseeeee with my post. Kindly come to up with ya FACTS before smashing your own keyboard in anger blogging how great are you and how stupid I can be. Because facts prove everything. C'mon wanna play? Play it fair.

And also I don't wish this entries will damage ANY of our friendship( or even as an aqquantise) in the coming way. So ya, here it goes.

Incident 1
Girl A and B told me that they really hate girl C and won't want girl C to tag along with them so I listen and play along. Teasing girl A that girl C was her good sister. And girl C is completely unaware. So after a few weeks. Somehow girl C know that we are avoiding her she join girl D and E. And time goes as per normal.

Incident 2
Had a misunderstanding with girl A B D E F and Z with me girl 1 2 and 3 and girl C was behind giving that fuck smirk. Not to forgot girl B cry and some of them is blaming me behind my back. Which I am fully aware of. And from then fate bought A B C D E F together and they become goood friends. Which is ok. What comes around goes around. Take things as a pinch of salt.(Also remember girl A and B say they don't like girl C? Yes, there you have it. (: ) And also they say put everything aside and we are friends again. Which I think is abit bull... -.-!But we still got talk but not that often anymore.

Incident 3
Out of a blue moon girl A misunderstood me saying her on MSN, so I clear things up with her and she also agreed everything is ok. And when school starts at Monday she ignore me. Which was fine. So I move on. Because I won't die without friends.But some how abit disappointed because I always thought girl A is a friend I can share problems with. But nevermind now I know her more.

Incident 4
Things goes pretty normal until, unisex tag along with me and girl 1 which we thought was ok to have an abnormal human with us.But didn't know unisex was a whore in actual with a dam filthy mouth. What we say, that whore spread around. But luckily was just some trivia stuffs nothing big. Until one fine day I decided to say that unisex goddess ayumi hamsaki SUX and that unisex decided to go in berserk mode and ignore me and telling everyone in class how bad I am saying that unisex idol.But there is one where unisex was talking on phone with girl C and girl F and unisex split out or can I say tell out loud to both of them that girl 1 like boy A.When unisex is fully aware that girl C like boy A BEFORE. Stupid fuck.

So with all this. I still can,

Do good in my exam which unisex obviously fall to me. 98 vs 91. OWN.
Doing good in my practical always for HCL but not ACT.
Going school everyday
Breathing the same good air everyday
And eating my fav fried fish noodles.

So in the end, who is the one truly affected? ME? I doubt so.

I am just blogging how I truly felt for this term. Somehow saddness and happiness come at the sametime and also let me reflect on myself too. And also at the samtime showing me the ugly side of people you love the most untill now you ignore the most.

Well like I said, you never know what will happen. Who knows? Maybe our lab will caught fire when school reopen? HAHA. ;D

Anyway today wanting was high so does Jervon and me. Didn't know that end up they will be the one that is beside me wrapping up this last day of school. Truly love every friends I had in UH0801A. Well, at least they should know I love them. SOME.


I am still alive 

August 31 [Sun], 2008, 20:29
Just for your benefit of doubt I am still around.




August 17 [Sun], 2008, 0:23
I seriously hope that this people get knock down by a car.

because they are just dust. contribute nothing but a layer of dust to the earth.

in the other hand. DONT ACT. Because you are not born an ACTOR/ACTRESS.

Anyway a dumb blonde jokes for you people.

On the first day of training for parachute jumping, a blonde listened intently to the instructor. He told them to start preparing for landing when they are at 300 feet.

The blonde asked, "How am I supposed to know when I'm at 300 feet?"

"That's a good question. When you get to 300 feet, you can recognize the faces of people on the ground."

After pondering his answer, she asked, "What happens if there's no one there I know?"



Epic moment. 

August 11 [Mon], 2008, 20:31
Whereby everything just come to a stop.



chau chee bye. I so wanna take a lou han and slap myself hard right at my face.


On the other hand. 80points for my M.A.G.F.S Progress Test. *flings*


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