the mulberry tillie bags mature process sometimes with the increase

November 03 [Thu], 2011, 23:02
Never know what is for relatives of the missing, but now I realized this feeling. Everyone's getting older and, at the same time, in constant mature, the mulberry tillie bags mature process sometimes with the increase of the experience, sometimes with the improvement of the emotion, and sometimes belongs to the awakening of the human nature. But I think maybe because I really grown up, I gradually formed an independent person, have their own way of life and the life philosophy, and I have improved my feelings, obtained the perfect character. At least after 20 DuoNian constant transformation, I can now call it an independent life of the soul, and the more I know themselves.

I gradually stripped of relatives in love, can bear some responsibility I gradually formed his own mental models, can dominate the course I my life the meaning of life increasingly feeling, can continue to search for the truth of life. My dear northwest to the earth, when can I come to you again. Not to see you DuoNian has not seen the scenery and looks, but to listen to tell you the story of those who cannot erase.

Laurel blossom, XiangYuan benefit clear, pure and fresh quietly elegant refreshing aroma refreshing. In such a sweet atmosphere of men and women meet quiet, hard to avoid can stop to each other, touch meditating on the scene, with each other, dark born affair. Feeling with humorous, love with joss-stick float. Two mulberry taylor bag people along the way, leave footprints is the distance and attachment to meet it. Pick a wisp of flowers, mutual v. fall fold a osmanthus flowers, send by love. Dejected. Can not exceed steps not malicious heart and would rather intoxicated in quiet fang filled with former dream, do not want to face the reality of the residual current with incense. People have move feeling when with the wind. In the most beautiful and good season by a unforgettable journey, the atmosphere of the sorry but to wave goodbye. Busy fall do, whiny acacia, only osmanthus fragrant across.

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