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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult- fall ,hands with broken glass ,Xiao morning ,waving tear space to be !Fu Yunqi changed colour ,although did not know what had happened ,but his heart is endless moment had disturbed the many restrictions ,no knowledge of God ,being broken out ,locking Xiao morning breath ,figure is as a streamer is towering and go !Progenitor City ,yuan road .
Several monks follow the crowd into the city ,watching the towering City ,bustling streets ,face to hide . Progenitor City, this is the progenitor City ,granny ,feeling that is not the same as with other places ,breath all feel comfortable ,is worthy of our roots of the terran ! Wang Hu hey hey laugh with exaggerated color .
Ha ha ha ha ! Rock Canada Goose Calgary Outlet,Jinshang ,blue autumn et al neat laughing ,look at this guy with a clown mind is really excited ,after months of travel ,they finally came to the ancestral city .
Well, don shame conspicuous, and never seen the world of the old turtle ,we take a rest Canada Goose Lodge Vest Clearance,then find someone to ask directions ,to find Xiao Chen . Rock smile opening .Wang Hu Wenyan suddenly turned up her eyes , rock the boss, you can call a man in front of us ,whether or not to see Xiao Chen to turn against you .
We are brothers of the original understanding of when and how ,after or how ,Xiao Chen brother is not the kind of powerful man . The rock is helpless shakes his head ,said in a low voice reprimand openings Canada Goose Expedition Parka, despite Xiao Chen brother in the don ,he now is my Terran Khai Li Ya population peak ,you must be respectful and polite, or fall in the eyes of others must have damaged Xiao Chen wilson .
All I remember ,later privately with Xiao Chen brother how to have good ,but in the presence of others must be respectful and polite ,or I won you . Wang Hu touched his head ,a pair of see light suddenly appearance, thumbs up opening , or boss to profound ,line ,then we will do, people to earn enough to face Xiao Chen .
Now hurry up and find someone the way ,think of today to see Xiao Chen brother I is unable to hold oneself back . Blue autumn pursed her lips ,revealing a beautiful smile .Rock nodded ,holding temperature and three soft waist ,two people walked in front of ,behind blue ,autumn Jinshang et al to follow ,choose a restaurant slightly to rest ,but also for people to ask Xiao palace .
Some good tea ,while the second tea time, rock out ten backhand block in Lingshi ,said: our brothers and several people beginning to progenitor City ,some things are not very clear, I don ask a ? The second hand watch rock Lingshi ,eyes bright nodded , the guests want to ask ?Small though become weak ,but in this restaurant in the Jiuliurenwu contact is no longer a few ,message is informed .
Rock smiled , we brothers want to know ,do not know should how to Xiao Fu ? The second I scratched his head , the city numerous guest father ,to say the least clear host identity ,or small and there is no way to determine what are the A ,how could this way .
Xiao Fu ,nature is the progenitor of city reputation within one of the largest ,Xiao Chen adult sites ! Wang Hu head ,face pride Jin , quite clearly not ,we will go to that house, quickly tell us how to get to .
The second made a face, then the mouth feel some bitter, tunnel several uncles to ask ask ask ,why is this ,but still in their restaurant .Yuen Building ,is a city in and the like ,progenitor of the preceding days together ,raise a Babel of criticism of Xiao Fu demonstrations throughout the progenitor city well known restaurants inside ,daily gathered numerous anger and monk ,condemn both in speech and in writing to let Xiao Fu the retrogression .
Now things have managed to calm ,but Xiao Fu Yuen Building is still taboo words ,which will be up ,otherwise will be a public hostility and monk . Your guests ,it if you want to ask ,or change a place here ,we can say .
This second to face there was worry colour, be careful to rock played a wink .Rock heart fretting ,now hemmed ,waved his hand to stop Wang Hu the goods be ablaze with anger open inquiry ,they leave Lingshi ,is to take a few people left .
Although I do not know what happened ,but joined the progenitor City ,he doesn trouble ,otherwise might incriminate Xiao morning man ,so they choose to retire, but now the rock et al to go, but was not willing to .
Xiao Fu ?Don want to Xiao Fu have what thing ? Sardonic sound moment came, heaven realm breath moments ,moments to diffuse throughout the restaurant .Wearing a sweater middle-aged monk from Confucianism restaurant tip up, looking slightly cold , answered the seat inquiries ,otherwise you can leave today from restaurants .
The periphery of the Confucianism and Taoism ,and neatly turned ,mouth sneer unceasingly, tunnel this several people cool gas ,he met jade palace where the Lord Dong Yun, progenitor city who do not know the Lord to Xiao Chen shame academy ,the Confucianism a friar the loudest noise is the jade palace palace the friar ,today it seems not good ,even if nothing less eat the hard way .
As for the restaurant waiter, although have informed the dispensers ,but in the face of the jade palace where the day entry adults ,they can stop ,now face smile obsequiously station on one side, can only hope that things will not make much good .
Days foreign monks !Rock heart in a surprised ,be gas machine lock nature did not dare to move ,then turned to open ,respectful , report back the adults ,juniors and adults hear Xiao Chen fame, now came here specially to progenitor City ,not him .
To rock the mind ,easy to be aware of things strange today ,not the truth opening ,but fabricated an excuse, but also justified .Dong Yunmei head wrinkle ,mouth a somewhat sneer , what I am afraid not so simple ,you just from opening ,and that Xiao Chen should be on the base of understanding ,should not wrong ! The verbal aggressiveness ,chill threatening .
Rock frown, even if it heaven exit monks ,but now after all is the progenitor of within the city ,he also does not believe each other to free yourself, when following color micro cold ,: that what meaning ,juniors cannot understand ,if nothing else, the younger adults ,and others will be left .
Want to go? Dong Yun was a heavy, light path: do you not hear the seat before the opening ,if not explain things clearly ,don leave here . Say ,you ask Xiao Fu ,is it right? That Xiao Chen and some relationships ? He set out deliberately ,the rock face also becomes quite embarrassed ,but he did not dare to open repair because of fear ,but Wang Hu could not many ,yelled: yes, we really know brother Xiao morning adults ,with his address each other as brothers relations are extremely close, now to the ancestral city is to take refuge in him .
,to tell the adults ,not know our brother go ! Rock frowned ,but did not prevent the Wang Hu open, now maybe tell Xiao Chenzhi name can let the foreign monks have fear, can also remove a lot of trouble .
Dong Yun eyes look rock et al a look, look more gloomy down ,sneered : it was the seat of the guess, you and that Xiao Chen relation is not simple ,since it is the seat of met ,will not get away easily .
Since the Xiao Chen did not appear turtle ,from you recover some interest ,let him know that dares to my lord irreverent ,will have to pay a high price ! His voice fell, peripheral and monk thought Xiao morning arrogance arrogance ,sudden anger from the heart up .
Well ,that Xiao Chen faceless ,let him pay the friar ! These people know our and Xiao Fu relationship, now also dare to this ,probably you will be receiving the Xiao morning inspired to this provocation .
Well, if it is so ,absolutely can not spare them, must be a good lesson ! To suppress them, into a shallow lake ,answer blows with blows ! A lot of Confucianism and Taoism ,Yuen Building frenzy .
But at the moment ,but there was suddenly a slightly sharp sound , ,this a few people inside, next is recognized one of them . When speaking to a slightly thin ,pale blackish monk stood out, Dong Yungong would like to salute ,a pointing down temperature Sanniang ,it at the opening , you probably don this woman ,this woman named Sanniang ,temperature ,is famous both in Dongling County courtesan ,gamine ,dance appearance beautiful ,never know how many gamble at high stakes to do that night serve as adviser to sb .
Hey ,in not just, used to push aside all obstacles and difficulties at the expense of grab a late night red ,taste nature than you ,know, but what I won admit . in the next said is correct ,Home Wen darling ? The Confucianism and Taoism ,hey laugh openings ,surface without satisfaction .
Confucianism and Taoism ,as people own arty is normal ,but no one here because he ridiculed, but all eyes fall on the rock and other personal . Ha ha ha ha !These monks are good will enjoy, fear of loneliness on time ,was specially package the flower maiden to ,but that 5 male 1 female Xiu share ,also do not know how to allocate .
This is what the eyes ,do not see houses timberland boots for cheap,there is another woman ,looking at the pure form Timberland Fur Lined Boots. first ,but it is also an experienced beauty ,but I do not know how to price ,if there is a chance to also want to see ah .
Really ,this 2 beauty really good, just do not know they are willing or not, the next also and have the same intention . Teahouse in Confucianism monk not see temperature Sanniang and rock between the close, and blue autumn be virgin fact ,but is intended to humiliate them ,opening nature does not have too many scruples .
Even if it is that Xiao Chen knew again how ,is so hard ,and with the whole and a confrontation not, really funny ! seventh ,this update is completed, you said tomorrow goodbye !Nonsense words, subscription is bleak ,miserable beg subscription ,and free vertical coin task ,only need to do 900 aspect coins can see whole month original chapters ,Taobao recharge is.
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