As the saying goes

December 06 [Tue], 2011, 10:29
Love, have a good variety, I personally feel, Mens MBT Shoes the more successful if we, the more unique, more sincere, more intelligent, we want to match the other half get the chance will be smaller, but this is not that we lower the standard, to give up spirituality excuse. No matter how morals change, the spirit of love must dominate the world's sympathy. Moreover, no so-called standards because the standards are the source of all our self from our inner world of construction, we are heading in a better and more complete their marching, we also agree that we have virtually left some of the people, but close another group of people.

As the saying goes, there is a saying: not a person, not into a door. Popular but thorough, in fact, the feelings of that simple. We are looking for the mirror, then the unique and similar to another parallel world I am. If I were to sum up a good love in the words, I would probably say: giving, spirituality, pastoral responsibilities it.

True love must be giving, in order to make your him or her happy, we become more pure and simple. Always wanted to be, interest, exchange of feelings, is not sustainable; and spirituality, is to ensure long-lasting love a recipe. Two people embraced the spirit of the world to, and this shine is not static, static, but dynamic, common progress and improvement. The spiritual world are poor, only dim light ablaze, and two rich and powerful mind, sun and the moon will be matched by the courage Zhenghui light; shepherd, my understanding is that the same purport, MBT Shoes close to the soul together two people planting the garden, harvest is jointly owned by two rice. Left two people of any one of which will be barren piece garden, a person growing up, it will only pull down another person, two people have to be the common farming, will shepherd the soul the spirit of the wheat; responsibility a chains to prevent the carried away when making regret. Good love, responsibility for staying behind the scenes, because there is love, there are warm enough to sustain two people. We are all prisoners of exquisite dancing, dancing feet of the chains will not remember, only tired, down, stop and rest, the only feeling that bound. But do not think this is a kind of bondage, discipline, because freedom is not just an indulgence, there is no dance chains are not perfect.

Liu Yu said: do not look at the life experience, not worth it to spend. About, is not mature enough to own, can not have a more sweet and warm love it.

"I did not want to live the life! Me how to live the life how!MBT Baridi I really want to change, but can not!"
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