What are the reasons big-name luxury goods out of the Argentine market

October 19 [Fri], 2012, 12:17
What are the reasons big-name luxury goods out of the Argentine market
louis vuitton outletThe luxury fashion circles, the big and small is never a lack of news value to the world's top luxury designer brands did not comply with the Government's new stringent economic constraints, and then choose to give up the Argentine market, in this not long ago and there are tourists flocked to the place, leaving the capital's stylish Alvear Avenue just empty shops and hangers.Kenzo brand, recently announced the launch of the Argentine market, government trade restrictions makes Kenzo they can not be on line the latest series of spring and summer clothing. So, Kenzo select stores operating at the end of October 10.Yet not been introduced into the market big in Argentina also have the same intention. Including: Giorgio Armani, YSL, Escada, CK underwear, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Cartier Asia.In fact, the fundamental cause of this phenomenon is that these brands when the government introduced to encourage their products and measures to support the poor with more wealth for them has become a kind of indirect damage.

louis vuitton outlet storeFor the majority of Argentines, this change will not cause a big difference, because President Cristina Fernandez like Louis Vuitton handbag for a workers' families to spend their month's wages to buy. But at the same time this will lead to a lot of people are unemployed, critics said that this is a symptom of the problem of economic stagnation. Luxury flat industry veteran that Argentina did not like New York's Fifth Avenue, this brand would harm national prospects gathered.In Ramiro Castineira, an economic consultant from Buenos Aires, economists say, Argentina's most basic problem is that its currency is overvalued. 4.7 pesos for one U.S. dollar, he believes Argentina imports than domestic production more profitable. Such as the Argentine government has done, what will drive or regression of the country's economic, can only wait and see.Recently, Singapore industry report noted, in the next five years, China will surpass France, Britain, Italy and Japan to become the second largest luxury market behind the United States. The consumer research group Euromonitor International (Euromonitor) said that developed countries will still control the entire share of the luxury market, but the emerging middle class to relieve stress, but the reduction in the level of consumption brought about by the economic downturn was inevitable phenomenon . Precisely because when consumers began to buy brand-name bags, clothing, jewelry, watches, wine, champagne and spirits from developing countries, the global luxury sales this year reached $ 302 billion, more than 2011 last year, an increase of 4 percentage points.

louis vuitton outlet online storeEuromonitor International, said: "China's luxury consumer market sales continue to rise due to the rapid rise of the middle class and online shopping makes. Japan also maintain the position of the second largest luxury goods consumer market, but its market share with the advent of the country's economic problems are continually shrinking. Europe rising prices and increasingly insecure work and pension insurance makes Western and Japanese markets, demand for luxury goods this year in a stagnant point. However, by the BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India and China, led by the emerging markets is make up this difference. BRIC will account for 11% of the share of total sales, total retail sales of over 33 billion U.S. dollars, compared to 2007, accounting for 4% growth. Expected 2017 annual sales will reach $ 59 billion, the total share of 16 per cent. 'The report said four of the world's largest market - the U.S., Japan, Italy and France - accounted for almost half of the sales. However China's position in the luxury market in recent years continue to soar, you can see that from the rising demand. China will soon become the second largest luxury goods market after the United States.