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April 05 [Fri], 2013, 15:28
> Call, cold Zhuo long breath,Air Jordan 2012 UK, open four images and Tianluo Ding, large tracts of colorful light of the formation of a pink clouds flying, Ding finally Granville, which is the second batch of poly silver bullets cold Zhuo refining , quantity was enough to have as many as thirty, and a poly panacea cohesion Ministry of spiritual power is high, reaching above the third grade. Of WWW QUANbEn, com poly panacea with unusual immortality, the unusual of immortality need to use a variety of herbs to refining, access to day material treasure concise jīng the the Hua Chengdan, poly panacea is completely based on Warcraft Spirit of nuclear King, compatibility, supplemented with spiritual power, almost entirely for the body to absorb Dan is stable and less volatile spiritual power of the Spirit of nuclear practicing Wei. Spirit of nuclear kind of thing, the cold hands of Cho really a lot, mostly looted from the swamp barbarian tribes from order bits are not high, three, four order-based, but just be used to refine poly-Ling Dan. Poly panacea level is the level determined in accordance with the spirit of nuclear level, course, the refining process,Nike Air Jordan 2012, it may be the loss of spiritual power, so order goods decline, but it can not be refining the spirit of nuclear levels higher poly silver bullets. And estimated the cold Zhuo, a Mishina poly panacea all absorbed enough to make a psychic apprentice promoted to the level of the psychic, but the problem is, this is theoretically value, in fact, but amounted to less than, after all, the psychic apprentice to absorb the initial spiritual power is very slow,Coach Bags Sale, but also to face the soul of the beast look of this stage of spiritual power increase there will be a bottleneck. In the pass they reveal is not completed before looking type, incense under the high-end poly panacea not only no benefit, but a lot of drawbacks, best take is looking type, of course, after that, the spiritual power absorption is not smooth sailing, after all, the spiritual power in the body will radiate the silver bullets usually sway in the a acetabular night in a clean, you can absorb the number of how many, if not absorbed, and more spiritual power back to distribute. So this also depends on the talent of everyone, of course, cold Zhuo refining some of the second-order poly panacea, a low-level psychic to help increase its strength, after all, cold Zhuo summoned the generals brought soldiers, and now has mostly psychic, requires a lot of low-level poly silver bullets to increase its strength. But the only problem is that the cavalry of Warcraft the most critical is the horse, the horse looking difficulties, through hope they reveal type naturally be delayed, so the demand for low-level poly panacea is not so urgent, on the contrary, cold Zhuo arm touches a lot to break through the the Earthen bottleneck generals. Such as Li Guang, Dole, cattle Feng Liu et al have an urgent need to enhance the strength to break through to the realm of the Spirit, break through to the realm of the Spirit, poly silver bullets can also be helped to a solid soul nuclear accelerate the spiritual power of the body aggregation greatly improved strength. Remove thirty poly panacea, but unfortunately the third and fourth order poly panacea to apply only to the top-order psychic as well as to a guru in elementary best use of effects at this stage, while the high-end of Hope, at least a sixth-order above poly panacea to play a role, he estimated, would like to impact from the land spirits Tian Ling, and at least seven bands poly panacea, of course, eight bands poly panacea it is full, but the higher the grade, poly panacea refining has become increasingly is not easy, and the materials are also hard to find. Out of the room, summoned a maid, let it ready for a hot, alchemy, cold Zhuo but not move, systemic jīng gas God are highly concentrated, and this summer, so a few days, cold Zhuo who almost odorless out. Bathed, Liang Hongyu ministry, to put a dry clothes: "out of generals back it, how to outpost!" General Xiang Yu, Li generals have not heard from, the Dorgon generals with the General Han Xin Even though I did come back, but has been in contact with, they have to merge with the General Zhao Yun, hiding in the the outpost north qianweitang within two armies and divisions seem to be prepared to a ruthless barbarian outside to be a hit! "Oh, we are now under the command of the number of troops!" cold Zhuo asked, could not help. "The number of troops and horses can be used in the outpost nearly three thousand, side forces his soldiers about 600, nearly two thousand those Guards origin soldiers, there are some 400 or so willing to surrender, the effectiveness of our barbarian Han Xin, Dole, Zhao Yun three generals under the command of military forces, almost 1,200 people, mostly imperial guards, but there are some barbarian! "how could it have barbarian?" cold Zhuo slight frown Road, this is at the foot Burgundy barbarian war, but actually have five or six hundred men Hu Bing, this time to how it is more like J Liang Hongyu smile, said: "These barbarians are taken at your general force drink blood for the oath, declared allegiance to the The Ministry of General Zhebie selection is first-class archery, in addition to some beast riding soldiers, mostly selected the General Duoergun side the barbarian jīng sharp, have skills! cold Zhuo nodded his head, and said: "That is the moment we can over 4000 horses myself!" Well! "It seems that the results have been outstanding 06, 4,000 people have been enough to set off some storms on the prairie , at least not one to be reckoned with: "Yes, the night side of the Army chief?" taking the Lord's less small dan injury most, and now has been able to move around, in addition to the use of force can not , it almost does not hurt! "" That's why I put so folded his men, he has not responded to what? "Liang Hongyu shook his head," the night Army chief since I woke up, rarely out of the room, there is no surface seen unless a close entourage anyone other than cold touches Miss night came less Lord several times, but I have been turned down. "Well, I know, to help me summoned several army, division chief of staff over!" Road, Zhuo thought. "Your honor, you shut out!" Sub L MANSON come to mine, clear eyes and a bit of promise. "Well, exit, and promised to give your poly panacea, hope to help the hole the aides broke open Earthen environment!" "Thank you, Your honor!" Kongming Chen gifted, never forget that it can, specializes in seeking count, but His one regret is final in the top of the Necromancer, always one step but that threshold to, say, this threshold, some people inadvertently passed, but some into even resorted to thousands of nothing, is to make life difficult for this is the life. Originally Kongming Chen have to accept their fate, even Viagra can not Soul, with his mind, according to 1rì can be blowing hot and cold, playing with the world in the applause, but this is a pimple, and the poly panacea to actually come up with cold Zhuo has helped three break open to the realm of the Spirit, the other two failed, but also faint break open to the realm of the Spirit, can imagine the precious poly panacea. "Well, three sit down before I can be considered to understand a bit about the situation in detail to say what you think! By the Kongming Chen jīng on calculus, but not good at war, so no opening , Jia Xu, laughing loudly and said: "ovary!" Zhang Liang did not Tuiju, put down the cup, Zhuo into the cold channel: "Let the good lord give talk about the current situation in "" before ten rì, Yuanba General row southern sky fortress, and finally attracted the other master shot, the Yuanba general Homelessness fled to, but also attracted the attention of the sky fortress, plus you general passage of a series on the prairie kill Hu Ji, news leaked inevitably, attracted more and more Hu lunged toward our side! "" In addition, according to some intelligence, barbarian some of the main has westward, but swamp the barbarian a divide-and-three, part of the western part relieve the sky fortress, part of the swamp soldiers back to the swamp, mud swamp thing has been brought to light in the swamp side, brought together many yù to take revenge swamp barbarian! "east of the swamp barbarian almost more than three or four thousand of all the and grassland direction, there are already more than riding, and some master sits, these rì of our several generals is tentative several times, there should be an equivalent days of spiritual master class sits There are more than a hundred of Hope beast riding warriors, but think about it, they do not understand our war! "but wanted to come , Do not be long, hard-fought is inevitable, eighty-eighth outpost solid defense can be regarded as a foothold, but not a long-long-term places, especially the little master now has thousands of troops and horses, this little outpost fit, but it is a new foothold forward and attack, retreat! "Oh, Seven Star Island there is not a good choice for you!" cold Zhuo Road pondered a moment. "Seven Star Island is located in the qianweitang sea, shaded xìng, but out of inconvenience, not suitable for a large number of soldiers and horses action, where as our forage storage, logistics base is acceptable, but not for less next main development! "according to the meaning of the military counselor?" soldiers to fight the whole war by war, hoarding food, fodder, our strength! "Zhang Liang smiled and spit out the following words. Cold Zhuo pondered a moment, the following words is not difficult to understand: "outpost to give up?" Outpost to say is cold Zhuo live in a small part of the year, and to make no March, just give really give up a little. "We plan to swallow more than 10,000 west of Hu Ji, to break the blockade, only abandoned outpost, after all, now this area throughout the barbarian, this outpost has a death! Really should not stay!" "Well!" cold Zhuo nodded: "barbarian who want to gulp down outside, what strategies it!" pincer attack from both inside and outside, surrounded by flowering, discipline them steal sheep! "kill off roughly the whereabouts of! "According to Zhang Liang mean the future is in the grasslands guerrilla, it seems the next period of time can have it rough. "A, the General Duoergun back the message, the 8000 Guards soldiers captured by the last war being held in the north-west five hundred years of civil Walled kill off, we went straight to here, and then reorganized the 8,000 soldiers in the two-pronged, a North the Southern Dynasties West motorized sweeping about it, and then rotary secret, and fought against the sky fortress. "to attack the the sky fortress?" cold Zhuo stared, saying that this is a little more difficult! Empire two hundred thousand troops and horses onslaught number rì have all failed, even though they can pull all the way, Cheng Si a twenty thousand people can gather even good! (<
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