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Chapter 427 which was the purpose of the 'evil'! God descendant of the Descendants of the Dragon ...... ...... "After listening to the explanation of Shen Feng Su Father actually on Leng Leng stay there, his mouth muttering read the Road. Shen Feng proud face looked Su Father Hell, is powerful brother, is cow B! What's up? Silly B up? Hey ...... do not worship brother oh brother is really just a legend. "Grandpa, you all right?" Zhesi gall pretending to be gentle, loaded B installed pure toward Su Father asked, concerned. "I did all right, grandfather just ......" Su Father heavy sigh a sigh of relief, Shen peak before moving slightly envy said: "hey, no wonder your kid will be so powerful, powerful with a evildoer feelings get the heritage of the Dragon, this ... this luck really is not generally good, good life. "amount, Shajiao good life, right? Nice life, it will fall to the hero to save the United States, was stabbed to death in the end? You always thought I would like to be stabbing? Shen Feng secretly depressed I thought, God knows the day Dragon was passing through, and happened to see a hero to save the beautiful scene, I was selected to become the next lucky, otherwise ...... I kept thinking, Shen peak without hearts while scared to know was stabbed no joke drops, so he secretly Road in the heart of one: their luck Intuit lucky point ...... "watching the Shen Feng daze forward, Su Zhesi Father did not know what they thought, had continued: small peak, now things have been beyond the scope of the ability of the grandfather, is beyond the grandfather did not know how much imagination, so Grandpa do not know that something, or you require something, but the grandfather or would like to know the face of such a major responsibility, how do you intend to turn is to think about how to do it? "Su the Father look carefully watching Shen peak, although such things are already beyond the scope of his ability, and even no exaggeration to say, the fact that just like a fairy tale, like the bizarre and outrageous! Father hearts or not will not bring them to their own granddaughter and fearful, worried, on behalf of the people of the world feel the frustrations and worried behalf of the safety of the Earth! Feeling Su Father's in the heart, deep concern and worry, even a, if a person's life in exchange for the safety of the world common people, the safety of the earth, then I would not have hesitated, flew to sacrifice themselves ambition feelings! The righteous cause of this, I will Ling natural mood! Dauntless spirit! The Shen Feng slight sigh a sigh. After a lot of resolution could not bear to deceive said: "From ancient times, people call heroic figure, will be the order to the world Jing Ping, to Lebanon the common people, for national security, the well-being of the order to the common people and selfless devotion. made a huge contribution to the big heroes, big guy! And as long as the average normal person would want when a hero, let the world have revered and respected personalities, big hero! Unfortunately, I Shen Feng not an ordinary person, not a person you want to be a hero. "Ling days to help the rise of this is one of my ambitions, I want to Ling days should Lingyun world, the people of the world are trampled underfoot, let the world have reverence I worship me! woman followed me, they put a lifetime of wealth and status, the worship of the world and I enjoy together, become the supreme and noble goddess generally enjoy the whole life, my brothers followed me, and I stand to the world the summit of all the common people and even contempt for the world! "hear Shen Feng said Su Father's eyes flashed a golden, although some are not very satisfied, but was secretly praise the cry:" an ambition man! believe this ambition and ambition alone, already another most people study his life will not be very dare not think. "yes, so grand and powerful aspirations and ambitions, this world will There are a few people have it,Air Max 24-7? More is to have a few people succeed in it? Even then unified the seven countries of the emperor, from Shenyang peak requirements are also far worse ... woman to enjoy the cult of the world! And his brothers stand together at the top of the world! More contempt for the world all the common people! So extravagant ambition! So arrogant ambition! Behind, and that is how the difficulties and obstacles? What the killing bloody! More how tyrannical strength? ! Su Father is more and more convinced that the brain blood! Blooded body up! More if he seems back to when he was young, that knife-wielding swords knife hacked seventy-eight r the devils scenes, just excited normalized excited, but he did not say anything, because Shen peak continues her. "Oh, but a few days ago, I suddenly found my thoughts are wrong and wrong, simply wrong and outrageous," said here, Shen Feng seem to be self-deprecating smile ,canada goose sale. "I am of the world, in fact, can be done dismissive! The common people, in fact, I can do no feelings! I want only freedom, the strength of its own way, no one can be constrained! Sit on the world, proud of the Red, this I Shen Feng evil 'peak'! "hiss" Su Father can not help but suck down an air-conditioning! Obviously more shocking Zhesi now! Non-vegetated, how can he be truly ruthless no intention? There is no trace of emotion? There is money, power this and so the temptation? It really can become not a cold-blooded state of nothingness? Not to mention the need to be dismissive of the world! No feelings of common people! Sit on the world, the pride of the Red! It also said that as an ambition? This has been a horrifying realm! Su Father incredible eyes, Shen peak according tone spoke very plain: "mountain of gold and silver for me, can freely dispose of wealth and status equivalent to junk look! The Tianxiadiyi strong reputation since ancient times brilliant title, not in my eyes, even more important powers of other people,Canada Goose Bunting, the country, to the need to give up when I will resolutely give up! would not have any hesitation, and will not a trace of sadness! "Su Father has been completely dumbfounded, stunned, and hard to believe that in this world, can a person really can do this in extent, If we can really do this, that this world there may be emotional at all! Warm What can be said! Su classic was shocked to phenomenal men can answer only innocently asked the sentence: "That this world there will be something you care about?" Shen Feng slight smile, a smile that seemed to let the weight back on earth warm, ice and snow can also be a degree of melting of the sun. "I care about my family; my nostalgia, my lover and loved ones; I never throw Buxia, worried about my heart I'm in love with a woman!" Watching Shen Feng extremely sincere and full warm and gentle smile, Su Father confused with what ah? Both cold-blooded to relentless and warm to the affectionate? The can become nothingness saints, but back to reality mortals? Really do not understand the immediate juvenile, completely unable to understand the hearts of this young boy in the end what they thought. Might expect the Su Father will have this reaction, Shen peak just toward the faint smile, and very comfortable, simply said: "The so-called evil 'peak', that is, the purpose of which was 'evil'!"
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