Side of the Lu Tao eyes

May 14 [Tue], 2013, 17:24
> A fierce look, by virtue of his day witch curse condense out the flames before than there is no difference, but a closer look not so simple. Www QUAnbEN Com On power, stronger than before on more than twice the color from the previous red red into some sparkling pink. The most important days Lin could clearly feel the spirituality of the flame, manipulate them more handy drive, such as arm! Lin days looking at the flame, his eyes slightly exposed trace of excitement, with ordinary real fire to call it seems to have some no longer appropriate, perhaps he should be called ... "witch fire. Day witch fire, wild ancient domain, only the big witch proficient witch fire road to master a secret operation, Lin days just the first glimpse of the way, but Lin days believe that one day his own day witch fire has witch fire psychic practice to the highest level. "Puchi Puchi" blink a couple of days Witch fire, mercilessly rushed stove top, thick-day witch fire instant bronze will fire burning into the copper-colored. Enormous spiritual power of the fire department is is filled entire Shitai around, if not around the a prohibition unknown, probably would have already spread to I do not know how far to go the. Again the concept of God immersed in the Yu-Jane carefully refining methods and procedures Happening Ge looked several times, and he did not want a small error in these areas. After a child's time, Lin determine the refining step remember correctly, the eyes will be parked in front of refining material. The stove has been burning day witch fire buzzing sound any alarm, I believe will not take long will these refining materials melt. Looking around other people around, most people have begun to melt mixing device materials, only a handful of people are still careful review of the Yu-Jane. Lin Tian slightly consider, and no longer hesitate to lift his hands, suddenly there are a few pieces of material very quickly into the furnace, the fraction of the effort in the furnace to melt into a few drops of thick liquid. The forest days there is no ambiguity, hands in the air pointing, a variety of materials to the hearth, flew, and then began slowly melting. To quantify these materials is very simple, but all of a sudden melting so much material, Lin also not the slightest careless, step by step, a little bit. Half-day time for a proficient in refining the technique of building the base refining division, just calm down, refining a Need for instruments used in more than enough, refining the two best instruments used on the slightly some of the urgent, so most of the The contestants are very careful, and strive once Happening Ge refined out. A little time in the past, and shortly past a small half-day, most of monks refining materials this step has been completed almost began to enter the next step, the forming stage. Lin days of this step is also very smooth, all refining materials are concentrated into a ball the size of a fist sparkling under his carefully refining solution. The forest days the hearts of not a little pleased,cheap jordan shoes, but is covered with a thick doubts the meaning of the large law enforcement is not very easy for you to say refining the instruments used, and how it seems everything is going smoothly like. Look not far from the look of excitement Happening large Ge concise monks, Lin Tian face heavy color and more concentrated. First, refining the most critical stages of refining the instruments used materials, forming grinding stage is the final stage reinforcement, including restraint in the above matrix method Rune. Seven Star League can not be without an increase in the assessment of a difficulty, does not seem to increase the difficulty of this stage in the refining and chemical materials, As for the final stages of the reinforcement is less likely, because as long as the instruments used in large-scale without any problems, the final The reinforcement phase will not be any big problem, most burning circle incantation when the arsenic. That Seven Star League difficulty sure it is in the second stage of forming the above. Lin Tian thought of this, the hearts but not in a hurry, did not enter the second refining stage, but his eyes piercing and looked, and finally very interested in looking to stay not far from the body of Lu Tao. Lu Tao seems to be aware of the strange eyes cast firmly in the forest days here stare, revealing a mockery of color. Seems to be showing off, cast in the hands of an unknown law formula, thick mass of blue flame in front of him suddenly burning up, refining the speed suddenly speed up a lot. See his refining faster and faster, the forest days deadpan, but his sarcastic sneer. Who touches forest day not far from the end of Dan Deacon, very interested looked Lin days glances. "Well, the name is Lin's that guy doing? Do next refining step forget? Wrong, unlikely to side to the cold side of the Lu Tao Lin days and looking at the the hearts Lengheng a Well, no matter so much, and quickly refining the instruments used, the time is right, he has not refining the instruments used, that his jokes may. ", I thought of while in turn their own hands increased firepower, Lu Tao in front of the mass of blue flame like a dragon, a swallow in front of the fire dragon, fire dragon and then emit a loud cry of Dragons, fast flying laps, the figure gradually become nothingness. That stove is covered with a blue flame, blue flame burning stove temperature is getting higher and higher, and shortly reached a most horrible Index. At this time, a sharp piercing sound came from the furnace, followed by a two-edged violet and gold, three feet long, the grotesque short-Ge Lu Tao stove before flying out, the shining bright Emmanuel, in front of Lu Tao flashing back and forth. Lu Tao emit light in the eyes, a look of excitement looked forward to Zhebing of short Ge non-stop, but he did not find a Yinmang suddenly low from the stove slowly up and expanded at breakneck speed off, blink of an eye covered the entire bottom of the stove,Coach Oline. Followed around the eye Pak Mong, all of a sudden will the blue flame coverage on the entire stove, see Landing Tao could not help surprised a moment of God, but then, his face immediately changed profoundly, because he suddenly felt the temperature on the stove to the extreme . Has not been waiting for him to understand what is going on, the patch of Pak Mong disappeared without a trace, seems to have never been the same, blue flame covered the entire stove again. The Lu Tao touches little effect, but for just Nabing forming Happening Ge, but it is another matter entirely, after one high and one low, two great disparity temperature difference, just forming Happening Ge on suddenly cracked a Road, cracks, and then into a pile of scrap metal out of the ground, bang bang bang. "How is this going?" The Lu Tao not see blindsided. Side of the forest day face nor by a change, "What is that thing?" "Drink, asshole, how is this going?" Some doubts when a road and is very angry voice sounded one after another day in the forest around,Coach Outlet Crossbody. Lin days quickly turned his head and looked in the other direction, I saw a Road silver light is dazzling emerge from a distant stove, followed by a two-edged handle end-of-life instruments used crashed landed on the stone platform . Looked away, looked at the stove in their own hands, Lin Tian's face gradually sink down, "Is Qixing League of difficulty in the stove body, it is no wonder that there are provisions must use Seven Star League = Ready Stove refining? "could not help but to look around around in a circle, Lin Tian head could not help up alone to see the failure of others is not possible to find out the real reason for the failure, must be in person but try to found that the experience of failure and turning it into a stepping stone to success. Failure is the mother of success, anyway, he failed again and have another chance. The hearts of the forest days to fiercely again, and then began to slowly refining the instruments used in the stove forming. Forest of process has been very careful, pay attention not only on the change of the method, more attention to pay attention to the changes in it on the stove. Not far from Lu Tao see Lin days this reaction, suddenly come to understand why the forest days just do not go mixing device, but has been stopped to look on him. "Infernal boys, even me as a guinea pig!" The Lu Tao hearts fiercely called one, but he also very smart, simply is not busy mixing device, but firmly fixed on the sky, Lin a non-stop. Slowly Happening Ge Lin days in the hands of refining a large shaped the forest days playing the twelfth spirit, because under normal circumstances, other competitors are at this point appears problem. Really start to solidify on in Happening Ge Lin days in the hands of time, the dazzling Yinmang quickly from the stove low smoke ... "Well, kid, I went to see you want to do?" Side of the Lu Tao eyes is also very good, the first time we can see the forest day low stove strange, hearts could not help but Lengheng soon. He can find, Lin can be found naturally, he had been well prepared, a finger of the right hand fast day witch fire of the moment becomes a fire lotus looks like, all of a sudden Happening Ge wrapped up, from the stove, flew to the air. Below the icy chill fleeting, stoves blink of an eye has returned to normal, day witch fire suddenly wrapped Happening Ge flew back to the stove. DZi Ge without incident, Lin hearts nor by a sigh of relief, just days witch fire wrapped Happening Ge from the stove looks very simple, but in reality very difficult, that moment, on the consumption of forest days a lot of really gas, though, to avoid this problem, this approach is feasible. "Damn, she was?" Side of the hearts of Lu Tao called a bitter, but then shines, he can do, why can not I? There are a lot of people see the forest days doorways, suddenly have to imitate a pass to ten, one hundred, it seems that what speed can not keep up with the speed of piracy · · · But this time the forest days still did not relax their vigilance, he did not The only problem that the Seven Star League ready · · · <
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