to lay down their arms and are

April 02 [Tue], 2013, 12:44
> Camp row of soldiers soon came from the railway meters of irrigation ditches,> together to pick up a root logs ran railway logs side by side cross placed on the railway, and then was quickly wired the two dozen logs tied together, like a big raft on the railroad tracks on the general. wWw, qUAnBEn, CoM other forces, almost everyone carrying sacks packed sand to the designated area, class row units, quickly spread out in the field ditches, and hide in the darkness. Commanding officers of various units, inspection checks everywhere, also return to their home. At this point the night soon return to the quiet. More than 5:00, the sky before dawn, pulled the the hsun Ministry of Munitions supplies train was breathing heavily, braved thick white smoke, Mercedes-Benz from. The train in front after four passenger cars, and then twelve wagon full of supplies, the last one passenger. Twelve freight cars in the top of the cargo soldier strapped to machine guns in the alert. Put the sections of the raft just for a gentle slope of the bottom of the far off train drivers can not see in the distance the raft,Oakley Flak jacket, at a distance of the raft two hundred meters outside the train driver finally found the presence of the raft,Oakley Dispatch Sale, emergency wind up braking one hundred meters away from the raft, a train huge inertia driven wheel and rail friction issued Heartbreakers strident voice, slowly stopped. The Northwest army officers in front of the guard, the two first test the waters surrounded by the brain to view, and then jumped out of the car, a ran a front view, a run to the back of the passenger compartment. Back and ran to the situation reported that Northwest Army officers are shouting to open the car door, inadvertently looked up and looked to the rear of the vehicle, immediately stunned stunned, I saw in the rear behind farmland 200 meters away, the sudden appearance of many dressed in grass green uniformed military personnel, more than a dozen people in a group, together carrying the thick logs trot ran railway logs into the tracks, and some dozen sacks thrown logs middle soon dozen huge logs piled embankment on the railroad tracks. The bewildered officer immediately understand how it is, and cried with a loud voice, "the enemy attack. Hand pulled the door and wanted to get on to escape, look at the soldiers being inside his car door, surprised the whole big mouth looked behind him from afar. The officer looked back, saw in place 00 meters from the railway had just also silent field, I do not know when and where to pop up many of the same soldier wearing a grass green uniforms quickly seedlings from farm carry the one packed sandbags, as well as quick and deft action piled of a sandbag fortifications easy, and above it from the machine gun, almost in this moment, intensive burst of rifle fire rang up a The officers only felt chest cold,Jordan Flight 9 Outlet, red car first on top of a fall compared to the bodies of the soldiers hit the ground, lost consciousness forever. Banging sound with the rifle, the machine gun on the inside of the Northwest Army also rang up, but only a very few Ting in echoing gunshots, but are also of just shot a dozen rounds of ammunition, it came to an end. After a brief panic on the inside of the Northern Army people pushed volt machine-gun shooter's body next to a machine gun, ready to fight back, are just one outcrop was shot in both directions of the north and east to more than a dozen rounds of ammunition killed, and even some soldiers body in more than a dozen guns. The door has been opened to the Northern Army soldiers jumped out of the car, it is already too late to attempt to expand the forces under the car, each car door is the number of machine guns fire live alighted northwest soldiers firmly blocked, without exception land intensive machine-gun bullets **** in followed by of Maxie dull sound of shooting densely rang, Maxie shooting is not the door, but the passenger window bursts with the windows the sound of glass fragmentation inside the car came waves of screams of pain. Maxie heavy machine guns strike in time is very short. Only lasted less than a minute. And then. With the passenger car no longer has the northwest military and civilian soldiers out red. Blocked the door to light machine guns stopped firing. Only 38 unique places sound still ringing off. Accurate shooting with any dare to be exposed in the carriage of people voted to try to fight back. Machine gun just stopped firing. Someone would immediately from the shelves out machine guns to fight back in the window. Door at another soldier rushed out. But they are to move immediately provoke more violently than just machine-gun fire. The most obvious is that Maxie shoots sound obvious intensive up. The compartment simply hardwood thick-walled injection places the hail of bullets can not stop one hundred meters away Maxie. The passenger compartment to the outer wall is playing like a hornet's nest. Compartment in front of the ground floor quickly piled up a layer of corpses. 1C0 m field camp headquarters. A Deputy Head of Mission, Wang Liang, is holding a pair of binoculars watching fighting. Seeing. Sigh around a battalion commander, said: "This Northwest Army can be really aggressive manner. Die ah!" A battalion commander also put down the telescope, said: "They are comparable nineteen military solemnly Ministry more. Deputy regimental long I see is not the propaganda? "in no hurry. somehow and so they did not dare to break out." Wang Liang and his binoculars to observe. To give up soon carriage rushed to get off the idea, but from time to time to fight back in the window a few shots, but each of the windows will retaliate immediately being outside the bursts of light machine guns, a few minutes later, the car's northwest The military as long as they do not fight back, the outside of the machine gun will stop strafing. Will have a guarantee their safety, and found that this phenomenon, the car no one outside shot. In the shelter where Wang Liang, put down the telescope may be propaganda, "a battalion commander of the schematic, and so a staff officer in the next immediately picked up a microphone loudly shouted words:" car of a battalion commander, said: Northwest Army brothers Listen, we are the fourth Army troops, you have surrounded us, and do not add unnecessary casualties, we command you to lay down their arms and surrender immediately repeat, immediately lay down their arms and surrender. "etc. one will see cars northwest Army did not respond, Wang Liang took the microphone in the hands of the General Staff, directed at the train shouted: "Northwest Army brethren car listening, we in the civil war, to lay down their arms and are a and invasion of a foreign enemy combat, not only to you, any conscience Chinese people must fight to the death not fall now, your car must have a lot of brothers was wounded, an urgent need for medical treatment, you have to lay down their arms, we can save them as early as one minute surrender brothers injured a little more chance of surviving. "waited for a while to see the car or reaction, Wang Liang, a battalion commander, said:" If I want you to 82 mortar firing cannon even the position away from the railway, you are not sure to play accurate? "battalion commander laugh: deputy head, you worry, this shooting mils yesterday measured If allowed to play, peacetime training played those shells is what they eat. "Wang highlights of nodded and said:" Well, you command centralize all 82 mortars, bombarded 30 meters away from the railway by law salvo, even the 82 mortar cannon give they applied some pressure. "Fast received the order to do a good job to prepare the cannon company commander gave the order, and 12 rounds of 82 mortar shells roared flying out of the gun barrels accurately exploding, according to railway 30 meters, loud explosions shook the windows on broken glass splinters are falling down, launched into shrapnel and knocked on the inside of the metal parts jingling. Wang Liang holding a microphone <
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